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September 11, 2016
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September 12, 2016


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After an over night journey from the hustling bustling city you feel awestruck waking up in the misty morning at a village midst of green carpet majestic picturesque landscape views surrounded by few of the very famous trekking peaks in Maharasthra.
spend a day out in Bhandardara region, the paradise destination of Maharasthra in Ahmed Nagar district.
This event covers all the major attractions of Bhandaradara in a private vehicle from Mumbai and involves a little walk to see the fascinating points.
Please read the details of the event before RSVP!
No Cash or spot payment, Register your slots online and inform the organizer.
Attractions of this event:
• Picturesque paradise locations, scenic landscapes, mountains, waterfalls and green pastures everywhere.
• Randhe waterfalls.
• Kokankadas at samrad & Ghatghar.
• Bhandardara Lake.
• Ancient Amrutheshwar temple.
• Delicious food prepared on firewood.
• Wilson Dam.
Difficulty Level: Very Easy
• Start from Dadar at 1 a.m. to Samrad by a private mini bus ( 5 hours journey approx)
• Wakeup call at Samrad 7:00 a.m.
• Fresh up & breakfast - 7:00 - 8:00 a.m.
• Visit Kokankada, very rare place in Maharasthra where water splashes back from the waterfall.
• Amrutheswar temple, dates back to older than 10th Century.
• kokankada near Ghatghar dam, this lies in the border of thane & nagar district.
• Lunch at Samrad prepared on firewood.
• Reach Bhandardara, visit to the scenic arthur lake & wilson dam (entry to the dam is restricted)
• Visit Randhe waterfall, the famous waterfall in Bhandaradara region.
• Return journey from Randhe waterfall at 6:30 pm to Mumbai by private bus (hours approx. with one halt)
INR 900 per head - Inclusive of private mini bus journey from Mumbai - Bhandaradara - Mumbai, breakfast & lunch.
If we incur extra expense, it will be shared accordingly.
Online Payment link:
If using Paytm: send Money to 8080911557, Mention paradise in the Optional details.
What to Wear:
• comfortable footwear.
• Comfortable clothes (avoid jeans, casuals, trousers).
What to Bring:
Carry a single rucksack with the following things:
• Minimum 1 liter of water.
• Fluids, fruits, ready to eat food, chocolates, snacks.(e.g. Electral powder, Glucon D, tepla etc.)
• Raincoat/ waterproof jacket/ rain poncho/ umbrella.
• Cap/ Hat.
• Sunscreen lotion & Mosquito repellent cream (optional).
• Don't wear jewelry items and expensive accessories.
• Strictly no littering, carry extra bag for non biodegradable(plastic) wastage.
• Personal medicines if any.
• Extra set of clothes.
• optimistic mind and be a good team player :)
Instructions (Mandatory to read before RSVP to the event!!):
• participants should bring an ID Card for their own safety.
• Please do not cause delay for others and impact the schedule if you are not able to reach the pickup point on the said time.
• Below 18 must take the consent of the parents to participate.
• Participants will be notified in prior when itinerary is modified/ event get cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances.
• If there is an unexpected change in weather during the event, organizer have rights to withdraw/ retreat.
• Do not create any sort of inconvenience to the fellow participants or the event host.
• Participants should pay for the expenses that's not mentioned in the event.
• Event schedule may delay or advance due to unforeseen conditions so timings haven't mentioned except in the event start and end time.
• Alcohol consumption/ smoking tobacco/ weed is strictly prohibited. Will be expelled from the event If found with consumption .
• Please do not litter any plastic (biscuit pack covers, candy wrappers etc.). We commit to keep our events clean.
•Washroom facility is available for women at samrad village.
• Participants should coordinate, disciplined and align together as a team during the event.
• Please do not expect luxury facilities and appreciate being cooperative with fellow ramblers.
• Though we assure safety as a top priority, Event Organizers are not responsible for any severe injuries or fatal events.
• If participant cancel their registration on the day of the event, a refund of 90% is paid.
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