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May 13, 2017
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May 14, 2017

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We all have been overly addicted to our digital life for the past few years. The work has been so challenging that we can’t afford to be away from the virtual world even for a minute. Do we ever leave our phone at home; go outside and appreciate that how blue is the sky today? Even when we go out with our closest friends, we continuously tend to keep an eye on our mobile phones. Don’t you sometimes feel that indescribable uneasiness with this obsession?

Let’s take a short break from this virtual world and soak ourselves in the magnificence of natural world. Loosen up yourself in a peaceful Himalayan village where you would love to break up with your digital life. Let’s spend some meaningful time in the real world, appreciate the richness of nature, understand a new culture, eat scrumptious organic meals, and get involved in countless fun activities. Let’s take a small step towards restoring a balance between online and offline!

Rural Odyssey, in collaboration with Digital Defynd and Nirogam, brings you an unforgettable digital detoxification retreat to a Himalayan village named Alchauna, near Bhimtal. The homestay is a 100-year-old Bungalow, which is a part of an exquisite 100-acre estate, set amidst the lush green mountains. With Kalsa river flowing down along with estate makes it a perfect place to enjoy both the mountains tops and the valley. It’s one of those perfect places where you can rejuvenate yourself near natural clear water pools, gaze at majestic mountains, get lost in forests, visit a rose farm, or play with village kids, while getting a taste of timeless village life in lower Kumaon hills.


1Experience Sharing: We will sit with the whole group and talk about some experiences of our lives with each other to inspire, get inspired and spread some positive vibes. 

2. Team Building Activities: Let’s have some more activities that will help us in knowing each other in the beginning. 

3. Open Air Cooking: We will cook our lunch together while learning some secret pahadi recipes from our hosts. 

4. Colonial Stay: The homestays are a part of a 100-acre old colonial bungalow. The face of the bungalow is completely plastered with stone as are all the exterior walls, which create a magnificent set of nature around. All the rooms are well-crafted and designed to make your stay a memorable one.

5. Bee Keeping: Observe the sophisticated structure of bee civilization. From the guards at the hive entry to the nurses tending the little, to the “energetic females” and “lazy males,” to the glaring elusive queen, each bee has a place inside this complex community. Not to mention that you will taste the freshest honey from the hive.

6. Organic Farming: Experience the fine art of organic farming; know why the world should move to this and its other benefits. We encourage you to get your hands dirty and learn a skill or two for your terrace garden.

7. Nature Walk: Walk the prosperous pine and oak forests, experience the rich varieties of wildflowers & plants along with eye-catching landscape. If we are lucky and quiet, we may even happen to see some rare birds and lots of nests. We will also visit some hidden crystal clear water pools.

8. Village Walk: Walk through the village, interact with the locals, learn and understand the “pahaadi” lifestyle. Look for the local inventions. Sometimes it’s our farmers in the villages who design something interesting to make their day to day life little easy.

9. Traditional Folklore and Trek: Listen to the traditional folklore of Karkotak, a snake. Also, hike to the hilltop to the Karkotak temple listening to some amazing folklores. Not to mention that view of Bhimtaal is just spectacular from Karkotak peak. 


From  Haldwani/Kathgodam – Rs. 4,900/- (Till April 5, 2017) 
After April 5, 2017, the regular tariff of 5500 INR is applicable.

[Note – Transportation from/to Delhi can be arranged in Uttarakhand Transport Corporation Volvo bus/ train (subject to availability) service at actual cost.] 

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Chandni Aggarwal (+91-9999749677) 

Kush Sharma (+91-9999471927)

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