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11:00 am
July 30, 2016
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August 1, 2016


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Alchauna village, near Bhimtal

Trip description

Rural Odyssey brings to you an amazing story wrapped in time, a story whose roots dates back to 400 years ago when a family migrated from their village in search of water and livelihood.
This journey is about the Upreti family who escaped from village Kheti to village Alchauna as a result of the invasion by the Nepal Kingdom and in search of livelihood. Earlier, Alchauna belonged to the Alchaunis (Rajputs), and Upretis settled in the village as priests to Alchaunis to carry out the holy rituals. Over generations, family evolved as nomadic farmers and later on built a colonial house to settle in. Listen to the nomadic adventures of the family over snacks and bonfire. You will be thrilled to see how they survived some harsh conditions while they were migrating from their original village.
The homestay is a 100-year-old Bungalow, which is a part of an exquisite 100-acre estate, set amidst the lush green mountains. With Kalsa river flowing down along with estate makes it a perfect place to enjoy both the mountains tops and the valley. It's one of those perfect places to unwind yourself where you can rejuvenate yourself near natural clear water pools, gaze at majestic mountains, visit a rose farm, or play with village kids, while getting a taste of timeless village life in lower Kumaon hills.
Trip Highlights
Colonial Stay – The homestays are a part of a 100-acre old colonial bungalow. The face of the bungalow is completely plastered with stone as are all the exterior walls, which creates a magnificent set of nature around. All the rooms are well-crafted and designed to make your stay a memorable one.
Bee Keeping – Observe the sophisticated structure of bee civilization. From the guards at the hive entry to the nurses tending the little, to the “energetic females” and “lazy males,” to the glaring elusive queen, each bee has a place inside this complex community. Not to mention that you will be tasting the freshest honey from the hive.
Organic Farming – Experience the fine art of organic farming, know why the world should move to organic farming, and it’s other benefits. We encourage you to get your hands dirty and learn a skill or two for your terrace garden.
Nature Walk – Walk the prosperous pine and oak forests, experience the rich varieties of wildflowers & plants along with eye-catching landscape. If we are lucky and quiet, we may even happen to see some rare birds and lots of nests. We will also visit some hidden crystal clear water pools.
Village Walk – Walk through the village, interact with the locals, learn and understand the “pahaadi” lifestyle. Look for the local inventions. Sometimes it's our farmers in the villages who design something interesting to make their day to day life little easy.
Dairy Farming – Dairy farming is one of the primary livelihoods in the community. Understand the aspects of dairy farming: milk collection, fodder for livestock, testing parameters, packaging, etc.
Traditional Folklore and Trek – Listen to the traditional folklore of Karkotak, a snake. Also, hike to the hilltop to the Karkotak temple listening to some amazing folklores. Not to mention that view of Bhimtaal is just spectacular from Karkotak peak.
Bhimtal Boating: : It is believed that staying close to water bodies works as a natural healer. We will spend some time in relaxing with nature while boating in the pristine Bhimtal Lake, which is the largest lake in Kumaon region, known as the "lake district of India".
Day 1 (Saturday):
We will assemble at Haldwani/Kathgodam at 6 am on Saturday morning and start our journey to the destination in a traveler van. This 90 minutes long journey goes through the picturesque villages of the lower Himalayas crossing the mesmerizing Bhimtal.
We will be welcomed by our hospitable hosts and owners of this fantastic colonial estate at an altitude of 1500m, surrounded by beautiful landscape. To revitalize you, we have arranged for twin sharing rooms with clean, fresh linen and duvets. All the rooms are comfortable and quiet with beautiful views.
After freshening up, we will start the day with introductions over breakfast. Later, we will walk around the nearby farms to understand and observe the traditional farming techniques of the local communities, and how people have hooked on to them to grow in abundance without the use of any chemicals. From there we will continue our walk in the lap of nature along the river while exploring some secret pristine swimming spots.
After the lunch, it's time to go for a hands-on experience with the bee-keeping art. Get your hands at the beehive, understand their life cycle, learn how to care for bees, benefits of honey and making of some excellent products from wax and honey. Get a memorable experience to “suit up” in a beekeeping suit, and to get as up close and intimate with the bees.
In the evening, we will go for a walk in the village and experience a glimpse of old Kumaoni lifestyle.
Afterward, we will settle around a bonfire with some games, conversations, music and good food. Depending on everyone's interest, we will also listen to an interesting story of our hosts’ family chain.
Day 2 (Sunday):
We will spend the day leisurely with nature and hike to the top of Karkotak peak with packed lunch, roughly 3 Km. Karkotak is a small peak at an altitude of 1800m with a small temple on the top. Locals believe, Karkotak is a snake mentioned in “Purana” and “Mahabharata” and protects the village from natural disasters. There’s more to the story which we will listen when we are at the top.
The trail goes through the rich forests of pine and oak trees, with the river in the distance and few villages to soothe our eyes. Locals use this trail to get the fodder for the livestock and to collect mud for floor plastering. En-route, we will observe and talk about the richness of our forests, their importance, threats faced by them and how they are managed by the Village Panchayats to maintain their abundance.
After our lunch and some thought provoking discussions on various travel practices such as Responsible Tourism and Sustainable Development, we will descend to Bhimtal and go for a boat ride. We will head back to our stay via a different route. After tea and packing our bags, we will bid adieu to our fantastic hosts and depart to Haldwani.
Destination: Village Alchuna near Bhimtal
Group Size: 12 Guests + 2 organizers
Cost Per head ( All Inclusive Haldwani to Haldwani):
5500 INR (Regular Cost)
Please note we can assist you with transport from Delhi (or any other starting city) on request.
For any enquiries/ bookings,
1. Contact +919999471927/ +919999749677 (Call/ SMS/ WhatsApp).
2. Email at ruralodyssey@gmail.com
2. Inbox on FB page of Rural Odyssey
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