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December 2, 2019
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Assam,  India

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Trip description

What to Expect ?
Hornbill festival is a massive international occasion celebrated annually (Dec 1-10) in Kisama village, Kohima. Before anything is said about this celebration, one must know that Nagaland is a land of eccentric cultural festivals. These festivals are held
year-round among the varied tribes in their respective towns and villages. The fundamental theme of these activities (in a nutshell) is to bring back to life the age-old tradition of the ancestors for a brief moment as a matter of identification and to showcase an element of a long lost culture to the contemporary generation. Once the celebration is set off, all the people present in the event has the liberty to indulge themselves in the traditional luxury of delicacies, drinks, arts, crafts, music, attire, folklores, equipment, paintings, muses and etcetera at the costs ranging from free to extravagant.
Apart from indulging ourselves in the festive celebration, we are going to stay in few of the warmest homestays, hop villages from the first green village of India to a village where the digital age is yet to come, we are also going to trek to the mighty Dzukou valley, a night of camping in the wild and make many many new friends.
Looking forward to hosting you in our home!
Trip Highlights:
- Learn about the 16 tribes of culturally rich and diverse Nagaland during the Hornbill Festival.
- Indulge in the local delicacies and push your taste buds to try the exotic indigenous cuisines/meats.
- Explore the local Arts & Crafts of Nagaland and maybe learn a craft or two from the local artisans.
- Trek to the mighty Dzukou Valley.
- Visit Asia's 1st Green Village.
- Village hopping.
- Spend a day in the terraced rice paddy fields.
- Stay in one of the cutest Angami Homestays.
When? :
2nd - 7th December 2019
6th - 11th December 2019
Where? : Kohima district, Nagaland
Cost: INR 23,500 per person
Trip duration: 6 Days 5 Nights
Group Size : 8 - 10
Experiences :
- Rich cultural experience,
- Culinary experience,
- Trekking,
- Camping,
- Alternate accommodations,
- Village walks & tribal tours and more.
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