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September 21, 2019
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September 21, 2019


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Call/WhatsApp Muddie Trails on 8123812329, 9827032009 to book your slot for an offbeat and refreshing weekend.
Haelo Pune and Mumbai!
Let's trek to the Lohgad fort (Easy trek) and see one of the most beautiful valleys of lower Sahyadris with beautiful Pawna lake as a backdrop. There are many interesting things to explore on top of this Scorpion shaped fort. It's a huge fort that will easily take 2 hours to just explore at the top.
There is a tomb, temple, and some ruins above. There are many different ponds which used to be water supply to the people back then.
Lohgad also has thick ridge walk that will lead trekkers to punishment point - a cliff of the hill (that you see on the event image)
Let's #GetMuddie at Lohgad Fort!
✔ Total slots for the trip: Usually 20 or more
✔ Food: 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch (Veg),
✔ Hike difficulty: Moderate (good for beginners)
✔ By Train from Pune and Mumbai to Lonavala
Train timings for Pune participants:
✔ Lonavala Local Train
✔ 06:30 Pune
✔ 06:35 Shivaji Nagar
✔ 07:50 Lonavala
Train timings for Mumbai participants:
✔ Indrayani Express
✔ 05:40 CSMT
✔ 05:51 Dadar
✔ 06:14 Thane
✔ 06:33 Kalyan
✔ 07:58 Lonavala
✔ Kohgad Fort Trekking
✔ Jeep ride
✔ Stunning views of Pawna lake and other Forts
✔ Reach Lonavala railway station and meet Trek Lead at the exit gate
✔ Get on the Jeep and head towards base of Lohgad fort
✔ Fuel up for the trek with nice breakfast
✔ Start hiking up the fort that has well laid 300+ stairs initially.
✔ Along the way we get to see beautiful Pawna lake in the backdrop of lower Sahyadirs
✔ Reach the top and explore a tomb, temple and other ruins
✔ Finally we will head to the thick ridge that is special to this fort, the corner of which is used to punish people committing crimes.
✔ Take rest for some time looking at the magical views
✔ We shall start descending after this and reach the base late afternoon
✔ Have Lunch at a restaurant
✔ Head back towards Lonavala railway station and board your respective trains
✔ Reach home by late evening and share your small little Lohgad Fort weekend getaway trek experience with friends and family :)
Cost: 900/-
✔ Travel by Jeep
✔ 1 Breakfast
✔ 1 Lunch
✔ Trek Lead
✔ Hell lot of entertainment!!!
✔ Train tickets from your City to Lonavala
✔ Any misc. expenses not mentioned above
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What's next after booking tickets:
✔ A Whatsapp group will be created for all the registered folks a day before the event
✔ Information like things to pack, Organizer details, etc will be shared in the group
Call/WhatsApp Muddie Trails on 8123812329, 9827032009 to book your slot for an offbeat and refreshing weekend.
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