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5:00 pm
January 26, 2019
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January 26, 2019


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Hungry Travellers Cafe

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DATE: 26th Jan 2019
TIME: 5:00 PM
VENUE: Hungry Travellers Cafe
Fee: 100/- (exclusive of GST)
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Plan the Unplanned is excited to present to you another chapter of Unplanned stories - a celebration of experiences, memories and cherishing journeys that changed lives and bring smiles, both to the listener and the speaker.
Speaker 1: Manav: Captain Neptune
We are happy to present to you our Speaker #1: Manav
Our first speaker for the evening is Manav or Captain Neptune, as his Instagram profile says! Manav is a sailor by profession and has extensively traveled to most of the eastern hemisphere. He’s a passionate photographer as well, and captures all that comes his way during his journey! Join us to meet this ‘sailor, traveler, photographer’ – who’ll definitely inspire you to move out of your comfort zone!
You can find his work here :
Speaker 2: Chandana Rao
Our second speaker is Chandana Rao
Our next speaker is a fierceful lady from Narayanpura, a remote village in Kolar District, who had the courage to break free from the shackles of a middle-class Indian family and dream of a bigger life to explore! After a corporate career of 4 years, Chandana Rao decided to quit her job and follow her passion for traveling. She collaborated with a team of travelers for a Travel show "Adventures of Arjuna and Bheema", which was her first international trip to her dream place 'Cambodia' to witness the World's Largest Temple Complex, and then again to Taiwan.
Chandana's adventures have been featured on Yourstory, Edex, Woovely and many more. She is setting an example for all those who wish to go for budget trips, by exploring Tamil Nadu with 1800 INR for 10 days and Gujarat for 12 days in 2343 INR. Gear up to hear more about her adventures with us!
You can find her work here :
Speaker 3: Tejaswi Chittar
Our next speaker for this evening is Tejaswi Chittar - a die-hard biker who has an amazing 1,50,000 km of Highway experience in 12 years! Stunned, right?! After working as a Tax Analyst at EY for 3 years, this biker quit his job to travel far and wide, and his best ride till date is covering a stretch of 7300 km along the Golden Quadrilateral of India in 26 days. Talking about his dream ride, he mentioned that he wants to travel from Bangalore to Indonesia by road.
Tejaswi surely has inherited this adventurous soul from his family, as he mentioned, "I would also hear my dad talk about how he would take his bike all the way from Shimoga to Madikeri in Coorg just to see my mom. Long distance motorbiking has always been in my family." So let's hear it out from the rider himself - join us for the next chapter of Unplanned Stories and get inspired!
You can find his work here :
We are excited to have you watch Manav, Chandana and Tejaswi - inspiring travelers speak about how travel has transformed their lives and hope to see you at Hungr Travellers Cafe, Koramangala on 26th January 2019, 5:00pm onwards.
Note: The event is free for people who have Plan The Unplanned Membership.
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