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How about exploring the land of Marwaris for your next vacation? Are you ready to be amazed by vibrant Marwari culture? Have you ever given a thought to the hidden facts about this land? Do you know the most interesting stories about Bishnoi community and their sacrifices for forest conservation?
Rural Odyssey brings you a rich cultural experience in a small village, a few miles away from Jodhpur, where sweet smiles and warm hospitality of Marwaris is bound to win your heart. Pay a visit to Bishnoi village to know how this community has laid their lives to protect trees and what principles Bishnoi follow (mind you, they are very strict). We will also be exploring the rich wildlife hidden in desert where you can see a black buck as closely as you want. This region is also known for producing beautiful pottery and block printed sheets.
Be ready to be amazed by the artistic taste of Marwaris as their classical music is highly cultivated, and songs are amusing. Feel like an insider for sometime as you will dress like Marwaris and have a relaxing fun cultural evening with local artists, who are also going to play Ravanahatha (an ancient bowed violin) for you. Are you ready to learn some distinct dance steps as well? We all know that any cultural experience is incomplete without experiencing its cuisine. We aren’t just going to treat your taste buds with rich Marwari vegetarian delicacies, but have also arranged a cooking class session with the local ladies so that you bring some scrumptious memories back home.
1. Marwari Homestay: Stay in authentic round huts with thatched straw roots and mud walls, which have beautiful tribal paintings made by the host family itself. Mud keeps them warm in winter and comfortably cold in summer. Don't worry; these cottages have attached western toilets. The homestay is so spacious that one can sit under Banyan tree or hang out in their courtyard too.
2. Bishnoi Village Safari: Bishnois are highly dedicated towards conserving trees and wild animals. In the past, they have even laid their lives to protect trees. Unlike other Hindu communities, they cremate their dead, instead of burning them, to save wood.
3. Block Printing & Pottery: We will have a chance to try our hands at pottery and block printing, and closely interact with the artisans. It is so remarkable to see that even 30 years old blocks are flawlessly used to print the vibrant bed sheets and dress materials.
4. Wildlife: We will get to watch some wild animals while playing/ relaxing in their natural habitats during the safari. Many species of desert animals inhabit this region such as Antelopes, Gazelle, Dumessille Crane, Rabbits, Blue Bulls, Migrated Birds, Peacocks, etc.
5. Traditional Dressing: Cultural experiences are all about feeling like a native, right? Wear the traditional Marwari dress and jewelry to look like a native! We bet that you would not want to change your outfit after that.
6. Cooking Class: We know that you will love Indian food. How about taking some cooking skills back home? Get a cooking class from our brilliant Marwari ladies.
7. Marwari Folk Music & Dance: Nothing can be melodious to your ears & soul than listening to artists playing Rawanhatta, which is an ancient bowed violin. Once prevalent in many parts of India, these days Rawanhatta is played only by Marwaris and Mewads.
8. Sunrise/ Sunset Trek: The village has so many spots from where you can see the breathtaking sunrise and sunset. These are going to be really short treks which will involve hiking a small hill (~ 1km) to see the breathtaking views.
Detailed Itinerary
Day 1: Relaxing in Marwari Homestay
We will start from Jodhpur railway station at around 10 am and reach our homestay by 11 am. Get fresh, have tea and unwind yourself. You can lay down in sunshine or hang-out in the house. It's a huge space with beautiful huts, huge courtyard, and a banyan tree. Treat your taste buds to authentic Marwari lunch. Listen to family's story that how King of Jodhpur helped them to start the responsible tourism project and how it brings livelihood to them. Take a traditional cooking class on open fire. Mind you, these ladies make amazing food and are good teachers too. After that, we will head for a small village tour and watch the sunset from a beautiful temple followed by dinner.
Overnight Stay in an Authentic Marwari Home
Day 2: Bishnoi Village Safari and Cultural Evening
Wake up at early in the morning to leave for the sunrise trek. Come back home, get ready, have breakfast and leave for Bishnoi Village Safari (around 9 am).
Bishnoi Village Safari is an excellent way to get a glimpse of the culture and wildlife of Marwaris. During the safari, we will visit the villages of shepherds, block printers and potters. We will also interact closely with some Bishnoi families.
We come back to homestay for lunch. Take some rest for a while. Spend time with family and kids. This evening is going to be terrific. We will be dressed in the striking traditional Marwari dress and have henna painting followed by a little Rajasthani folk music and dance along with tea and snacks. Post that, have dinner and go to sleep.
Overnight Stay in an Authentic Marwari Home
Day 3: Exploring Weaving and Departure
Today, after breakfast, we will see weaving and try our hands on it. Some of the families in the village have been weaving since decades and even used to supply their products to royal families. After this, we will leave for some shopping in local market. You can buy all the fancy and vibrant Rajasthani Jewelry you have ever seen in movies or pictures.
We will have lunch after shopping followed by our departure to Jodhpur to catch our evening train.
 All travel from Jodhpur railway station/airport to Jodhpur railway station/airport.  Accommodation in simple and comfortable homestays on twin-sharing basis. If someone is in a group of 3, all the three can be accommodated in a same homestay, but this must be conveyed to us while booking. Couples will be accommodated in the same homestay.
 All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in the village except for breakfast on January 26 and dinner on January 28.
 Expenses of guides during our stay in the village.
 Travel from your native city to Jodhpur.
 Any items/services which are personal in nature like toiletries, sun protection creams, chips, soft drinks, laundry, STD calls, etc.
 Any extra expenses due to delays arising from bad weather and unforeseen circumstances.
 Any medical expenses.
 Any other expenses of any nature not included in the INCLUSIONS section.
Rs. 6,500/- from Jodhpur to Jodhpur
Please note that regular price of this trip is 7200 INR.
Discounted price is till January 10 only.
Payment Details
A/C Name - Rural Odyssey Private Limited, Noida
A/C NO - 628405017936
IFSC - ICIC0006284
ICICI Bank Pvt. Ltd., Sector – 50
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