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8:59 am
March 30, 2019
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11:59 am
May 30, 2019


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Chaing Mai, Thailand / no address yet / could use assistance in checking out rentals. My preference is on outskirts of town.

Trip description

I want someone to go with me not because I am afraid, but because I walk with a cane -- and I'd like another female to come to share expenses. If I like it enough, I want to move there. I've seen many videos about the culture, the economy and much more. The weather is pleasant and I will go alone, if I don't find anyone like minded. I don't drink or smoke. I'd like to plan on going in March 2019, which will give me ample time to make all necessary arrangements and SAVE money for everything.
I am not new to international travel, but as I am older now, and do walk with a cane, it might be nice to have a travel companion to share expenses. Also, I thought it would be perfect if you could meet me in Chicago/ORD and we could leave from there. Alternatively, I am flying out of St. Louis to ORD.
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