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September 25, 2018
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October 10, 2018


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Bagmati,  Nepal
BRAG INC tours n travel , Survey No 22 , Parvati Goan
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Tour of Nepal 2018 ( Sept 25 - Oct 10 , 2018)
Stupa's and Temples
Kathmandu's medieval city squares.
Patan , Bhaktapur spiritual walk around centuries old stupa's such as Bodhnath and Swayambhunath.
Lumbini - Birth place of Lord Buddha.
Land of Mountains
800kms chain of peaks forming its northern boundary with Tibet
So you can imagine how many mountains we have to ride to get to some of the remote places .
Wandering the trekking shops, bakeries and pizzerias of Kathmandu's and Pokhara. Often termed as shoppers paradise Both places have range of stores from high end designer boutiques but bikers often look out for live music resto's and pub or bars to visit.
Nepal has vast stretches of jungles which we will be crossing and you won't be surprised to see deer's and jackals or wolves crossing on the vast highway's. Maybe elephants breaking tree's or yaks on the stunning mountain scenery.
( served cold and dry with untimely rains and lots of slush with a combination of gravel and sand when sunny n bright )
1) A temple situated deep in the mountains which you will never forget and say GETTING LEH'D is simple but GETTING HERE isn't.
2) A road to a LAKE which even Google can't find. Covered in forest and hard to find this lake is peaceful clam place surrounded by mountains and clear water you can drink directly.
Adrenaline Rush
3) So you feel like a King of Offroads after completing few of the dangerous off roads in the world...nahh don't be...
Step on to the highest bungie jump in the world and jump off without blinking. The rush is incomparable to anything when you plunge face down into a river in a valley shouting your heart out .
Sometimes it takes more than guts to earn the Bragging Rights.
Package Cost: Rs 35000/-
Non Refundable one week prior
Inclusive of:
- Accommodation
- Motorcycle Cargo Transportation 2 times
- Mechanic/Breakdown Assistance with Basic Spares.
- Stickers
- Emergency Oxygen Support
- First-Aid Kit
Exclusive of:
- Fuel
- Flight tickets
- Meals
- Transport in case of major breakdown
- Entry Permit Tickets at Checkposts.
- Safari or adventure sports tickets.
( Or Rs 60000/- All Inclusive )
Itinerary is subject to change as per weather conditions at Nepal.
Rooms will be on share basis.
Please carry all necessary Documents and Insurance copies .
Since this is an Adventure tour, suggests each Rider to behave , act and pack their Things responsibly and expect all extreme things and not a honeymoon ride.
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Thank you.
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