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September 8, 2018
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September 16, 2018


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Trip description

Today I will share another interesting story of Meghalaya and its people with you!
It's a story of an old woman in west Khasi hills who inherited a huge piece of land from her mother. Yes, Khasi community follow a matrilineal system and it's the women who inherits the land from their mother. Apparently, this land sits on a rich coal deposit and a lot of people have tried to offer this woman loads of money to buy/lease this land and then mine for the coal. The old lady has refused to do so every single time and will continue to do so till her last breath. This is what tribal wisdom is - the imperishable love for their land and forests!
Want to witness more such stories and explore Meghalaya like it has never been done before?
Some key highlights of the tour would be -
-> Hidden Waterfalls
-> Unheard short treks
-> Driving on the roads that eludes even Google Maps
-> Fossil walks
-> Exploring caves, don’t forget to bring your torches and be ready to get your feet and shoes wet
-> Orchid conservation
-> Living root bridges
-> An insight into Khasi food, practices, culture and their love for the land.
If you are the one who does not mind going an extra mile for the adventure, join us on our very exclusive trip to Meghalaya full of adventure, culture and loads of fun.
Tour Dates from Guwahati to Guwahati -
Sept 8 - Sept 16
Oct 13 - Oct 21
Nov 3 - Nov 11
Dec 22 - Dec 30
Want to explore Meghalaya like never before?
Reach out to us on -
Kush Sharma +919999471927 (SMS/Call/Whatsapp),
Or reply on this email.
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