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9:30 pm
December 23, 2016
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December 25, 2016


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Saturday - Rappelling course.
Sunday - Rappelling in waterfall.
Yes, this is a family friendly trip. Children can also participate. Even if you don't want to rappel, there is a lot being offered for everyone.
More details :
What's included?
1) Transportation from Bangalore
2) Mile high camping. We will be camping on a hill that is 5000 ft high (1 mile) from Sea Level. Cottage rooms will be provided to those who don't want to camp.
3) Offroad driving in 4WD to the top of the hill
4) Food and Non-alcoholic beverages
5) Rappelling course (Will be rappelling 3-4 times)
6) Waterfall rappelling (ONLY for graduates of the course)
7) Zipline across a 500 ft wide lake
8) Boat ride
Fees :
Registration/ Payment Link :
Registration Closes : Dec 15th
Own Transportation : 2999 (reach Kalpetta, Wayanad in own transportation. We will provide Jeep from Wayanad)
With transportation : 4999 (We will provide transportation from Bangalore) Discounts
1) If you can reach Wayanad on your own, you get a discount of 2000
2) Early Bird : Reserve before Dec 6th, you get 500 off. Use code EARLYBIRD
Photos from Previous trip :
Amazing Zipline Video from last time :
10:00 PM : Start From Bangalore
05:00 AM : Reach forest entry point. Wait till gate opens.
06:00 AM : Gate opens. Drive through forest. Look for animal sighting (if lucky)
08:00 AM : Stop at Kalpetta for Breakfast.
09:30 AM : Reach Vythiri hills in Wayanad
10:00 AM : 4WD ride to the top of the hill
01:00 PM : Rappelling
05:00 PM : Rappelling completes
06:00 PM : Tea / Coffee / Snacks
08:00 PM : Campfire, games etc.
11:00 PM : Good night!!!
07:00 AM : Breakfast
08:00 AM : Rappel in waterfalls
12:30 PM : Lunch
01:30 PM : Drive towards "Zipline over water"
05:00 PM : Start driving back to Bangalore
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