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Meghalaya - literally meaning ‘the abode of clouds!’. The hills predominantly inhabited by Garo, Khasi and Jaintia tribes is so green and beautiful that it was called by the name ‘Scotland of the East’ by the British. Some say ‘It’s always raining in Meghalaya! That’s why it’s so beautiful’. The natural geography of the hills, soft limestone, and millions of years of rainfall has made way for the hidden gorges, wormhole caverns and plunging cliffs. Second to no other place on Earth, the hills are full of deep culture and traditions. One such tradition is weaving ‘living bridges’ from the aerial roots giant jungle fig trees.
Have you ever heard of Nongkhnum River Island? Well, it’s the second largest river island of Asia with mesmerising landscapes and waterfalls. Khasi community from the Nonglwai village has opened up their houses for us. We will be spending some quality time with them, eating, singing, dancing and learning the Khasi way of living. There are over 180 different varieties of wild Orchids here. Mawlyngbna is a village whose exact location you won’t be able to find on Google. The locals believe the village has emerged out of water as one can see fossils embedded in the rocks around the village.
Join us to explore some of the hidden corners of the Khasi hills of the Meghalaya where people of the Khasi tribe are awaiting us to show their land and heaven on Earth! Let’s deep dive into a culture that follows the matrilineal tradition, with wealth and names passed from mother to daughter, and men live with their maternal in-laws after marriage.
Let’s learn together from this beautiful place and people!
Mawphanlur Village – Nestled on a hilltop, the village has as many as more than 15 naturally occurring Lakes on it. It won’t be wrong to call it a heaven on earth. One can kayak, SUP, swim, angle and just enjoy the calm of forests. There is something for everyone here!
Nonkhnum River Island –is the largest river island in Meghalaya and second largest in Asia, after Majuli. One can have a leisure time with nature in this Island, guarded by two water falls- Thum Falls on the right and Weinia Falls on the left. One can visit Strawberry farms and have the luxury of plucking it with one’s own hand.
Nonglwai Village – A village with all the potential to become a model village in the near future in all its sense. A village where Nonglwai Orchid Preservation Society, which received the Plant Genome Saviour Community from the Government of India for the tireless effort to preserve as many as 180 plus varieties of Orchids from the wild. The women in this village also run a successful SHG providing fresh vegetables to Nongstoin town.
Mawlyngbna Village – A village that seems to emerge out of Bangladesh stands tall with bountiful nature. One can explore caves, water falls, Umkhakoi water Reservoir for kayaking and angling, natural springs and community owned forest, and a trek on a rocks that seem to have been trotted by animals and hence the appearance of numerous footprints of animals on the rocks. One can see fossils embedded on rocks too, as it is believed that this place was once under the water.
Nongriat Village / Living root bridges – Nongriat need no description. It is famous for its double root bridges, natural beauty and pristine natural aqua colored pools.
Shnongpdeng Village – is situated close to the India-Bangladesh border on the banks of Dawki river. The village is rarely explored as most travellers throng to Dawki. It is far better version of Dawki with river being more crystal clear here.
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INR 40,000 per person from Guwahati to Guwahati
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