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December 23, 2017
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December 28, 2017

Trip description

When did you last went out for a long road trip by bike ?..... when did you last spent some quality time with your friends and loved ones? Well, here is your chance.lets take a few days out of our busy schedule and ride into nature's paradise.
We are planning a 5 days tour to Goa(currently under planning).
we know 5 days are a bit hard to squeeze out,but, we will be covering a lot of places in between.
A rough sketch of the stretch would look something like this....
Day 1.- Starting early morning we will head towards mumbai highway 48 and from Devangere towards Jog Falls. a Night stay is planned at jog falls which will give us enough time to admire the beauty of spectacular falls of it.
Day 2.- jog falls to Gokarna beach and stay a 2 night in gokarna.
Day 4-. Gokarna to Goa via Dudhsagar falls,stay at Goa for a night or 2.(unplanned)
Day 5.-head towords mumbai highway and via hubbali back to bangalore.
Couples are welcomed to join us too.
P.S.- Stay at GOA will drill a hole into our pockets, suggestions are welcomed.
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