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Backpacking documentary as we attempt to hike the Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. Subscribe here:
In May 2016 Karl & Chris returned to Nepal to attempt the Everest Base Camp Trek.
The 12 day trek is a round trip of 124km, reaching an altitude of 5,545 metres or 18,192 feet.
The problem however is that 18 months beforehand, Karl & Chris tried to reach the Tibetan Everest Base Camp only for Chris to be hospitalised for 3 nights with severe altitude sickness.
After failing to reach Everest on that trip they returned to Nepal to complete their Quest.
This is the epic finale to their Quest For Everest trilogy featuring a brand new score created by Jack Nicholson.
Watch the first 2 parts of the trilogy here:
Ep1 - China & Tibet:
Ep 2- Nepal:
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Title music by Jack Nicholson
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