Here are top 5 reasons that make Phuket a kickass honeymoon destination:

1. Breathtaking Views- No doubt this place is gonna give you some of the most breathtaking views ever. The unusual rock cliffs, sunset views, crystal clear water everything about this place is so surreal.

2. Beaches- The beaches in Phuket are glittering with clean water and enchanting natural views. You can just relax, sunbathe and enjoy thrilling water sports here.

3. Amazing nightlife- The nightlife in Phuket is one of its kind. You can enjoy pubs, beach parties and loads more at night here.

4. Romantic Resorts- The resorts in Phuket provides you with an amazing experience as one gets to see amazing views from the resorts. The stays are comfortable ranging from both luxurious to affordable ones.

5. Other Islands- Phuket is an island itself, but you can go to various other beautiful islands near Phuket like Phi Phi islands, coral islands, Koh Khai islands and much more.

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