1. Agatti Island- Agatti Island is a sheer beauty with crystal clear beaches and beautiful coral reefs. It was also visited by Traveller from Arab, Ibn Batuta.

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ravpix/8326464946/in...

2. Kadmat- This island is very famous for its lagoon and is situated on a reef. There are perfect silvery clean beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing.

Photo Credits: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sankaracs/4421309839/in/photolist-7JGhT4-7JGw6B-7JGmoP-7JGgbp-7JGfEK-7JGvoa-ck7T4-7JGnnZ-7JLkc5-ck7Xa-7JLjco-7JGtdV-ua9BB-7JGrdP-7JGnXV-7JGqa4-7JL7QG-7JLjFJ-7JGcvZ-7JLhuW-7JLffh-7JLeeL-7JGtQ6-7JGgEk-7JGkdr-7JLcX7-7JLo7N-7JLa3S-7JGkTz-7JLaRE-7JGrPa-7JL9rN-7JLmhm-7JGuF6-7JL7kw-7JGd4X/

3. Minicoy Island- This island resembles Maldives not only in appearance but also in cuisine and culture. Enjoy some calm and serene time amidst nature at its best.

4. Kalpeni Island- This is an untouched island as it is not inhabited by people. You can enjoy tranquillity here and can relax and sunbath. If you are an adventurous person you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling here.

5. Kavaratti Island- This island has a beautiful palm tree coastline with beautiful white and sandy beaches. You can enjoy water sports here.

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