1. Hampi Group of Monuments- One of the most famous historical site to visit in Karnataka are the Hampi Group of Monuments. This site has mostly ruins but still, depicts the rich architecture of Indian Heritage.

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2. Bidar Fort- This fort is a large fort built by Adil Shah and contains many other structure within it like Jama Masjid, Rangin Mahal and loads more.

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3. Aihole Historic Temples, Bagalkot- Bagalkot district has rich collection of temples and other acrhitectural structure and also the 125 temples from the period of Chalukyan.

4. Badami Cave Temples, Badami- These temples are one of the most beautiful rock cut temples in India surrounded by an artificial lake which makes it even more beautiful.

5. Gol Gombaz, Bijapur- This monument is a beautiful example of Islamic architecture and it is said that this was the place where Muhammad Adil Shah rested for the last time.