What is the etiquette for meeting in Russia?

  • People shake hands extremely hard with direct gaze at the person. Alongside, greeting according to the period of the day should be given.
  • The handshake should not be as hard while greeting a woman.
  • In case of women, three kisses starting from the left cheek have to be offered.
  • In case of men, there is just a pat on the back along with an embrace.

What is the proper etiquette for gift giving in Russia?

  • If you get the opportunity to be invited to a local Russian’s house, it is polite to bring along a gift.
  • Bringing flowers is appropriate if you are a man. However, remember not to gift yellow-coloured ones.
  • Do not buy gifts for the child when it has not taken birth yet.
  • Out of humility, the Russians may not accept your gift but keep denying. In such cases, just say that it is nothing much and proceed to give it again.

What is the proper etiquette for eating in Russia?

  • Arrive on time and make sure that you aren’t more than fifteen minutes late.
  • Remove footwear outside the house. There may be a separate pair waiting for you in the house.
  • Clothe yourself preferably in formal clothes.
  • Lots of respect and generosity will be shown to you by your Russian counterparts.
  • Offer to lend a hand in the preparation of the meal or the cleaning of the kitchen. the host may refuse but ask once more and they may agree.
  • The table manners are not very stringent.
  • Like global etiquettes, the fork is handled with the left hand while the knife, the right.
  • The senior-most or the most important person in the room will be given food first.
  • Initiate eating only after the host indicates you too.
  • Be careful not to place your elbows on the table. Your hands must be seen at all times.
  • Out of generosity, they will persuade you to take second helpings.
  • If you feel the sauce or the curry is more than you desire, you may soak it up with a piece of bread.
  • Usually, women will get be served beverages or drinks by the men sitting next to them.
  • Leave a small morsel of food uneaten in your plate. It will signify that you are satisfied with their hospitality.
  • Do not get up from your meal unless you are told to. Usually, the most honoured guest is asked to get up first.

Things you should know before going to Russia?

  • The Russians are very proud of their nationality. Thus, it would be unwise to demean their country in any way.
  • Foster good relations with your Russian counterparts. There are many divisions in the society and one group may be enemies with the other. Thus, maintain good relation so that they think of you as one of them.
  • Svoiji or close people are treated very differently than Chuzijhe or Outsiders. The former category can be approached for personal social as well as monetary problems while the latter is not trusted in such matters.
  • There is a certain power positioning in the society and people are expected to treat each other according to that.
  • The work culture of Russia appreciates the discourse of ideas and elaborate discussions. One should be prepared with the details as well before getting into such conversations.

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