1. Nature Zone Resort- This resort is built away from the city and thus gives you peace of mind in the lap of nature. It is a perfect place to stay for all the nature and fauna lovers.

2. Eco Tones Resort- Here you will experience living in mud houses, bird and butterfly watching, harvesting and loads more. This is a perfect place to get yourself some relaxation and peace of mind and body.

3. The Fog Munnar Resort- This resort is situated in the lush green valleys and mountains just perfect for kissing nature from close. It is also one of the most loved resorts in Munnar.

4. The Tall Trees Resort- This resort is located amidst a canopy of dense trees and lush green valleys. You can enjoy hiking here, bird-watching and loads more.

5. Parakkat Nature Hotels and Resort- This resort is situated in the misty place and is also one of the luxurious resorts in Munnar. It is a perfect blend of nature and luxurious setting.

6. Moselberg Riverside Cottages- These are six in number and are situated on the slope of river Muthirapuzha. These resorts are just like your home and provides comfort in lap of nature.

Lihos Unnavas
Rivulet Resort Munnar - There is a place nestled amidst the grandeur of Munnar with all of this and more. Every premium cottage room at Rivulet (24 in all) comes with an expansive living room space. Rivulet - now the best honeymoon luxury resort in munnar among resorts and hotels in Munnar. If the world was nature’s palette, then ours is your plate; painted with colors of cuisines made up of different cultures. At Rivulet, be guaranteed that the experience of fine dining alongside the majestic hills of Munnar is one far removed from those you get back in the city’s hotels. So be it a moment in the evening where you sulk into the comforts of nature with a book in hand and coffee on the table or a physically exhilarating morning when you paddle down rivers and climb up hills, Rivulet is the place to be at. And that’s because Rivulet is not just a resort. It is a concept.
Website: http://www.rivuletresort.com