Goa is one of the most visited tourist destination in India with so many beautiful beaches. The weather of the place is pleasant throughout the year but the peak season when the tourist is high in Goa is from October to January. As it is the peak season so obviously the prices of hotels and other things are also high. But the beauty of the place is best to see during the month of June to September and this time is also the most affordable one unlike peak seasons and party seasons. During the monsoon season so many parties are held in Goa to welcome the pleasant rains. You can enjoy fully and enjoy the lush greenery of the place.  But if you want to enjoy the most famous sunburn festival then visit Goa in the month of December. The prices to visit Goa during December is maximum due to the famous new year celebrations that take place in the month of December. Avoid visiting Goa from March to May because during this time the sea becomes rough and weather becomes humid though the prices are slashed down during this time.