How to dress for a business meeting in Bangladesh?

How to greet or address a professional in Bangladesh?

  • Handshakes are common among men upon arriving to the place and also during leaving.
  • Persons of the opposite gender avoid teaching each other at the workplace. Thus, don’t go forward to shake a woman’s hands unless she does so herself. In case she doesn’t, smiling at her and nodding will do.
  • If you are meeting a businessman, give him the title ‘Bahadur’, which means ‘Sir’. In case it is a businesswoman, you can address her by saying ‘Begum’.
  • Refrain from using the first name of a person to call him or her unless he or she indicates you to.
  • Try to learn the various forms of greeting used by the local. Doing this will prove helpful in your business as it will demonstrate your willingness to work locally.

What is the etiquette for a business meeting in Bangladesh?

  • Meetings in this country are scarcely used for deciding something. Instead, decisions are made beforehand, and the meeting is used to let the others know about it.
  • The individual who is the senior-most in the organisation will dominate and decide about the agenda and other important aspects such as the content of the meeting and also how things will be progressing.
  • The schedule of the meeting isn’t very rigid. The agenda along with the time of the meeting will be made known to you beforehand but will not be strictly followed.
  • The Bangladeshis work quite hard and continue to discuss agendas until a solution is decided upon. An end time will be stated, but it depends merely on the completion of the task.
  • The start of the first meeting may be introductory in nature.
  • One should talk in a formal manner at such places. Seniors of the company, especially government officials should be shown deference and given respect.
  • Though you should be relaxed during meetings, a certain formal behaviour is expected according to protocol.
  • Avoid displaying strong emotions in public such as anger because it will lead to embarrassment.
  • Bangladeshis try to avoid being embarrassed themselves. They never say ‘no’ bluntly even if they mean it. They may beat around the bush with phrases such as ‘We will try’ or ‘We will have to give it some thought.’ Use of such sentences may imply ‘no’.
  • The nationals of Bangladesh also do not smile very often. This, far from being unfriendly, indicates maturity according to them.

What is the proper way to communicate in Bangladesh?

  • People of the country are not very direct communicators. They fabricate long sentences which say something and mean something completely different. They will only make sense when related to their body language.
  • Initially, it may seem that the people are arrogant and don’t part with enough information about something you asked. However, this is not the case. They are just habituated to talk in a certain way.
  • The idea of personal space is not very prominent. Men while talking, will often stand close and come in contact with their male counterparts.
  • On the other hand, you must maintain a certain distance while speaking to women.


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