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  • In earlier times, Turkey was quite calm and secure. However, there have been bomb blasts at crowded place recently.
  • Be conscious of your surroundings and maintain a low profile.
  • Demonstrations are very common in Turkey due to different political issues. Though such demonstrations are meant to be calm, they turn violent sometimes. Thus, avoid places where such events are taking place.
  • Petty crimes such as pick-pocketing and theft are prevalent. Take care of important documents such as Passports and Visa, and leave the passport in the hotel itself if possible.
  • If unknown people offer to exchange money, or try to sell any commodity, do not comply. It is probably a trick to rob you off your money.


Emergency contact numbers in Turkey:

  • Police contact number in Turkey: 155
  • Ambulance number in Turkey: 112
  • Fire brigade number in Turkey: 110

NOTE: Please refer to trusted sources of news in Turkey and consult travel agents for latest and updated information before visiting Turkey.

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