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  • Iraq is a war prone country and thus travel to Iraq is not advisable unless it is extremely important.
  • Though the situation has transformed a lot in comparison to earlier, the country is still ridden by attacks without warning. Structures and buildings of foreign country use and even Iraqi government institutions are commonly targeted.
  • Travellers to Iraq should be aware of their surroundings at all times. Special care should be given immediately after the Friday afternoon prayers and during Christian or Muslim festivities as they could be attacked.
  • With a redundant security system in place, the crime rate is pretty high. Thefts, even during the day are common. Carjacking is also something that you should beware of.
  • There have been many instances of kidnapping for the sake of gaining money. Some hostages have been killed too.
  • Along with terrorist attacks, there have been many cases of insurgency as well as sectarian attacks here. Along the border, and also in other areas, there still exist active minefields.

Emergency contact numbers in Iraq:

  • Police contact number in Iraq: 110
  • Ambulance number in Iraq: 115
  • Fire brigade number in Iraq: 125

NOTE: Please refer to trusted sources of news in Iraq and consult travel agents for latest and updated information before visiting Iraq.

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