• Terrorism is a social threat faced by the country of Vietnam. Thus, foreign nationals must be cautious of their surroundings, especially in crowded places such as marketplaces, tourist spots, restaurants, etc.
  • Demonstrations are not legally permitted in Vietnam. There could be severe punishments for people who take part in such political demonstrations. Thus, remember to stay away from such areas as much as possible.
  • Areas such as the borders of Vietnam shared by China, Laos and Cambodia, the central highlands of the country and military places should be avoided totally.
  • Very less privacy may be granted to you are your hotel room and other modes of electronic communication may be up for surveillance.
  • You may have to produce your passport for booking rooms in hotels. They may ask for possession of the passports until your stay. However, you must tactfully ask for it back once they enquire about you and register your name.
  • Theft is very common here, especially in major cities of Vietnam. It may take place in the form of snatching of belongings by motormen. For this purpose, be extremely vigilant and refrain from displaying valuable items in public.
  • Floods and typhoons are natural disasters faced by the country of Vietnam. The northern and Southern regions experience rainfall during the months from June to December. Central Vietnam receives rainfall in October and November.
  • Cities get flooded during the monsoons, especially cities which are fed by rivers. In such situations, most essential services come to a standstill. Even transport is suspended due to clogged roads and damaged bridges.
  • The months from June to December are susceptible to typhoons hitting the country. Thus, foreigners are advised to plan out their tours accordingly.

Emergency contact numbers in Vietnam:

  • Police contact number in Vietnam: 113
  • Ambulance number in Vietnam: 115
  • Fire brigade number in Vietnam: 114

NOTE: Please refer to trusted sources of news in Vietnam and consult travel agents for latest and updated information before visiting Vietnam.

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