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How to dress for a business meeting in Taiwan?

How to greet or address a professional in Taiwan?

  • Like many countries, handshakes are the formal way of greeting. However, they are not as firm as in other countries. Also, wait for a woman to make a move before you shake hands with her.
  • While greeting, the Taiwanese will look towards the ground, which only signifies respect.
  • The person on the highest hierarchal position will be introduced to you first. When you greet someone, start from the senior-most person and go on in order of their importance.
  • Address people by their surname prefixes with a suitable honorific title. If you are not sure about the qualifications of the person, you can use Mr., Ms., or Madame to address people. If you want to call them by their first names, wait for them to indicate so.
  • Like many other countries, business cards are offered here too. They are given using two hands.
  • Make sure that your card is printed in the traditional Chinese script too, along with English. Remember to present it in a way that the typeface faces the person.
  • Before you keep the card in your case, study the business card carefully. Never write anything on the card at least in the presence of the giver.
  • The way that you handle the business card of a person tells him or her how much you value your relationship.

What is the etiquette for a business meeting in Taiwan?

  • There is no proper structure to a business meeting. An agenda may be decided upon, but the discussion may waver to other topics related to the agenda.
  • Developing good relations with your business partners is as important as discussing work. Thus, there may be lots of light hearted talk not related to work.
  • The end time of the meeting is very uncertain as they will continue discussing the agenda till a solution is in place.
  • Learn to pick up indirect clues from the body language of the Taiwanese. If they have bad news or if they disagree with something, they will not directly say it or simply will remain silent. They do this in order to save their counterparts from embarrassment.

What is the proper way to communicate in Taiwan?

  • People from the country of Taiwan are very indirect communicators. They will never bluntly say ‘no’ to anything.
  • Frame your statements and questions in such a way that the other person does not face embarrassment. Doing so will also bring down your status.
  • Talking incessantly is seen as a form of immaturity. Thus, learn to remain silent at times.

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