How to dress for a business meeting in Philippines?

  • Clothe yourself in a conservative and appropriate manner as clothing leaves a good impression.
  • Men are supposed to clothe themselves in formal suits of darker shades. Women even have the option of wearing skirts, blouses, and dresses.
  • Women must refrain from wearing bright-coloured clothes unless they are of good quality.

How to greet or address a professional in Philippines?

  • Handshakes are common. However, wait for a woman to extend her hand first.
  • Eyebrows are also lifted along with the handshake.
  • Refrain from making use of the first name while addressing. You may let them know yours for addressing.
  • You must know the appropriate titles to be used. ‘Sir, or ‘Madam’, will also suffice.

What is the etiquette for a business meeting in Philippines?

  • Seek appointments at least a month before you want the meeting to take place. Confirm the meeting again a few days prior to the fixed date.
  • Refrain from scheduling meetings near Easter.
  • Never get late. The Philippine people will follow the same.
  • Talking in person is preferred to talking on the phone or via email.
  • Make sure that you send valuable information about the meeting beforehand for preparation.
  • The decisions may not be taken in the meeting itself as the top-most person may not be present at the meeting.
  • Do not state things that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Accept refreshments from others as refusal will lead to embarrassment.
  • At the end of the meeting, there will be a session of light-hearted talk.

What is the proper way to communicate in Philippines?

  • The Filipinos are indirect while speaking. Pay attention to context and other non-verbal signs while speaking.
  • Invest some time in light-hearted talk before discussing business.
  • The relations at the workplace and society juxtapose and you must maintain good relations by avoiding conflict with your Filipino counterpart.
  • The Filipinos can mean ‘no’ while actually saying ‘yes’. Watch the tone of the voice to determine the real feelings of the person.
  • They usually smile when they are unsatisfied; without saying it. Look for a deeper meaning.
  • You won’t get much private space while conversing with the Filipios as they stand close to each other.

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