How to dress for a business meeting in Indonesia?

  • Clothe yourself in a conservative manner.
  • In case of women, you must be totally covered. Avoid wearing skin-hugging dresses.
  • Opt to wear light cotton clothes as the temperature is high.

How to greet or address a professional in Indonesia?

  • Handshakes are not very firm, but lengthy.
  • In case you are a woman, wait for the other person to initiate shaking hands. Otherwise, a bow is acceptable.
  • Out of respect, make sure that the senior-most person greets and exchanges cards first.
  • Titles are very important. Thus, pay attention to their titles and address them using those.
  • Some Indonesians have a single name.
  • Chinese persons use their surnames before their first names.

What is the etiquette for a business meeting in Indonesia?

  • The initial meetings may be used to gain knowledge about each other. Let the other party start talking about work.
  • The other party will enter the room according to hierarchy. Out of respect, you may do this too.
  • Decisions will not be made swiftly. They will require thorough deliberation.
  • Timetables and deadlines are not given much prominence. Above this, patience, and buildings relations will help.
  • Do not pressurize your counterparts in any way during negotiation.

What is the proper way to communicate in Indonesia?

  • Indonesians are very indirect in their speech. You will have to possess knowledge about the background of the information to comprehend everything. They may even be indirect in order to avoid embarrassing anyone.
  • While communicating information to others, Indonesians take their own time and use a story-telling type of approach.
  • Do not ask questions with definite answers. This way, they will refrain from answering if it’s something negative.
  • Double check the approval of anyone by observing non-verbal cues.
  • Do not speak negative to anyone in public. Do so personally to avoid embarrassing the other.
  • Silence in conversations is alright. Don’t talk endlessly. Pause before and after anyone speaks.

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