Kirti agarwal
1. Dhuandhar Falls- One of the most beautiful falls in Maharashtra, Dhuandhar falls are at a height of about 10 metres and are located on Narmada river. The entire area looks amazingly beautiful with the falls flowing through the big rocks.
2. Marble Rocks, Bhedaghat- This one is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Jabalpur as these are the natural rock formations which are bizarre in their own form.
3. Bhedaghat- Enjoy a boat ride from Panchvati ghat to Bhedaghat and enjoy the natural scenic beauty of this place.
4. Balancing Rocks- This is the bizarre phenomenon of one rock naturally balancing on the other. People believe that nothing even the earthquake was not capable enough to shatter the balance of these rocks.
5. Madan Mahal Fort- Situated on a hilltop, one gets a panoramic view of the whole of Jabalpur from this fort.