Kirti agarwal
Dhanbad is a city in Jharkhand which is a popular commercial place and is famous for its coal industries.
Some of the best places to visit here are:
1. Jharia- As we all know Dhanbad is famous for its coal mine one of the must visit place here is Jharia which is the largest coal mine in Jharkhand. The place will give a deep knowledge of everything related to coal and metallurgy.
2. Maithon Dam- This is a famous picnic spot among friends and families in Dhanbad because of the weather along the riverside and also for the amazing sunset view one gets to see from here.
3. Kalyaneshwar Mandir- This temple contains the deity of Goddess Shakti and is a must visit temple in Dhanbad.
4. Bhatinda Falls- This place provide beautiful scenic views and the falls cascade down the huge rocks. This is an ideal place for nature lovers.