Kirti agarwal
1. Jwaladevi Temple- This temple has religious importance for Hindus as the Jwala in this temple never gets extinguished and it keeps on burning which attracts a lot of devotees every year to this temple.
2. Kareeri Lake- Kareri Lake offers a beautiful view of the landscape. It originates from the Dhauladhar ranges.
3. Chamunda Devi temple- This temple also has immense importance in Hinduism and attracts loads of devotees every year. The temple has an incarnation of Goddess Durga.
4. Indrahar Pass- Indrahar Pass trek is a picturesque one where one can encounter immense tranquillity amidst lush greenery and hills. It passes from Triund caves and Lahesh.
5. Masrur Rock Temple- Masrur temple is famous for its rock-cut architectural style.
6. Baijnath Temple- Baijnath Temple is a big temple with beautiful architecture which depicts the grand architectural style of India.
7. Kangra Fort- Being in Kangra this fort is a must visit place in Kangra as it has a lot of historical importance.