Kirti agarwal
1. When you don't get a seat, never stand at the sides, always try to stand in front of people who are already sitting so that you can quickly get some space if they get down at the next station.
2. Keep your metro card at the back side of your mobile phone so that you don't have to take it out again and again.
3. Try to board the last coach- During the peak hours try to board the last or the second last coach as these coaches are less crowded.
4. Ask passengers to shift if you see little space- If you see some space gaps between people ask them to adjust a bit so that you can get some space to sit and once someone gets up you can acquire the proper space.
5. DMRC Wifi- Now this is something new as there is a wifi facility available at all the metro stations of the blue line. You can enjoy free wifi and save your mobile data.
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