Kirti agarwal
Some of the best weekend getawyas from Hyderabad are given below:
1. Kurnool- Kurnool is located at a distance of about 212 km from Hyderabd. There are many beautiful temples, ancient sites to explore here. There is also a famous car festival being held here every year during winters.
2. Warangal- Warangal is loacted at a distance of about 147 km from Hyderabad. This place is known for its beautiful Warangal fort, majestic temples and Ramappa Lake. I am sure you will spend some good time in this city.
3. Dandeli- Dandeli is about 564 km from Hyderabad and welcomes all the adventure freaks out there. There are many adventurous activities which you can enjoy at this calm and serene hill station like trekking, river rafting etc.
4. Badami- Badami is about 424 km from Hyderabad and will behold your senses for its mysterious caves excavated temples, Buddhists caves, and Badami Fort.
5. Anantagiri Hills- Anantagiri Hills is located at about 80.5 km from Hyderabad. You will surely enjoy your long drive through the hills and green valleys enjoying the misty breeze of the place.
6. Nagarjuna Sagar- This place is located at a distance of about 153 km from Hyderabad. One can enjoy the boating ride here or can admire the beauty of the Ethipothala Waterfalls.
7. Maredumilli & Rampachodavaram- These cascading waterfalls looks the best during the monsoons when the water level is really high and admirable.