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  • There is threat from insurgency in Indonesia. Stay updated by keeping in touch with local authorities at all times.
  • Refrain from being a part of political marches and demonstrations.
  • Urban areas are most at risk from the threat of theft such as pick-pocketing. Be careful with your belongings.
  • Con-artists pose ordinary cars as taxis to loot people. To save yourself from this, book your taxis from a well-known hotel or reputed taxi company.
  • Credit card fraud is prevalent. Refrain from using credit cards and use cash instead. Remember to be very careful with your pin code as some places are known to make unlawful purchases using your card.

Emergency contact numbers in Indonesia:

  • Police contact number in Indonesia: 110
  • Ambulance number in Indonesia: 118
  • Fire brigade number in Indonesia: 113

NOTE: Please refer to trusted sources of news in Indonesia and consult travel agents for latest and updated information before visiting Indonesia.

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