About Russia. Currency used in Russia: Russian ruble (RUB) (1 Ruble = 100 Kopeks) Languages used in Russia: Russian is the official language. Visa requirements to visit Russia: Click here to get complete and latest updated Russia visa information : Safety tips for travelling in Russia
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Some parts of the country of Russia are politically unstable and travelling to these parts is not advisable. These areas include Chechnya, North Caucasus, North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Stavropol, Karachayevo-Cherkessiya, and Kabardino-Balkariya. In the same areas, there have been kidnappings of foreigners for the purpose of money a lot. Within Russia, people working with NGOs and the press are usual targets. There was a threat from bombings in the past years. Such disastrous events occur in crowded places such as airports and markets and also during events of global importance. Be conscious of your surroundings at all times. Avoid using public vehicles. Travellers should avoid being parts of crowded groups such as political marches or even marketplaces. They should be careful while trading with or supporting popular restaurants or bars, etc. There exists discrimination and violence towards people belonging to the oppressed classes. Such people include populations from the Middle East and also the Caucasus region. Emergency contact numbers in Russia: Police contact number in Russia: 112 Ambulance number in Russia: 112 Fire brigade number in Russia: 112 NOTE: Please refer to trusted sources of news in Russia and consult travel agents for latest and updated information before visiting Russia. : Health tips to consider while visiting Russia
What are the mandatory vaccinations required to enter Russia? MMR- measles/mumps/rubella Poliovirus vaccines DPT- diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus NOTE: Tourists need to consult a travel agent for latest and updated information on required vaccination prior to their departure to visit Russia. Other optional but recommended Vaccination for Travellers visiting Russia: Typhoid Rabies- especially for those who is visiting rural areas Japanese encephalitis- especially who are visiting too far east. Hepatitis-A Hepatitis-B Other health risks: Malaria What type of Health Insurance is valid for Tourists or Visitors in Russia? Consult your medical service provider for the facilities related to the medical terms that will they cover emergency expenses. Basic medical amenities are less as compared to the western countries. Many medical situations accept cash. NOTE: Tourists or Visitors need to consult medical travel insurance providers and/or travel agents to know details about insurance policy limitations in Russia and whether it covers all expenses or not in case of medical emergency during your stay in Russia. Health tips while travelling to Russia: Carry full medical prescription and the basic medicines which can be used in general like: stomach ache, joint pains etc. But must cross check the drugs which you carrying with you may be banned in that country. Prevent insect bites. Sanitize your hands always. Drink bottled water only. NOTE: While you are recommended to carry prescription from home country some medicines may not be legal or available in Russia. Travellers are recommended to consult a travel agent and medical advisers for alternative medicines in Russia. : Customs followed in Russia
What is the etiquette for meeting in Russia? People shake hands extremely hard with direct gaze at the person. Alongside, greeting according to the period of the day should be given. The handshake should not be as hard while greeting a woman. In case of women, three kisses starting from the left cheek have to be offered. In case of men, there is just a pat on the back along with an embrace. What is the proper etiquette for gift giving in Russia? If you get the opportunity to be invited to a local Russian’s house, it is polite to bring along a gift. Bringing flowers is appropriate if you are a man. However, remember not to gift yellow-coloured ones. Do not buy gifts for the child when it has not taken birth yet. Out of humility, the Russians may not accept your gift but keep denying. In such cases, just say that it is nothing much and proceed to give it again. What is the proper etiquette for eating in Russia? Arrive on time and make sure that you aren’t more than fifteen minutes late. Remove footwear outside the house. There may be a separate pair waiting for you in the house. Clothe yourself preferably in formal clothes. Lots of respect and generosity will be shown to you by your Russian counterparts. Offer to lend a hand in the preparation of the meal or the cleaning of the kitchen. the host may refuse but ask once more and they may agree. The table manners are not very stringent. Like global etiquettes, the fork is handled with the left hand while the knife, the right. The senior-most or the most important person in the room will be given food first. Initiate eating only after the host indicates you too. Be careful not to place your elbows on the table. Your hands must be seen at all times. Out of generosity, they will persuade you to take second helpings. If you feel the sauce or the curry is more than you desire, you may soak it up with a piece of bread. Usually, women will get be served beverages or drinks by the men sitting next to them. Leave a small morsel of food uneaten in your plate. It will signify that you are satisfied with their hospitality. Do not get up from your meal unless you are told to. Usually, the most honoured guest is asked to get up first. Things you should know before going to Russia? The Russians are very proud of their nationality. Thus, it would be unwise to demean their country in any way. Foster good relations with your Russian counterparts. There are many divisions in the society and one group may be enemies with the other. Thus, maintain good relation so that they think of you as one of them. Svoiji or close people are treated very differently than Chuzijhe or Outsiders. The former category can be approached for personal social as well as monetary problems while the latter is not trusted in such matters. There is a certain power positioning in the society and people are expected to treat each other according to that. The work culture of Russia appreciates the discourse of ideas and elaborate discussions. One should be prepared with the details as well before getting into such conversations. : Business etiquette to follow in Russia
How to dress for a business meeting in Russia? You should clothe yourself in a conservative and formal manner. All males are expected to wear suits. On the other hand, women should not wear bright-coloured clothes to office and wear skirts which are up to their knees. It is also mandatory for your shoe to be polished properly. How to greet or address a professional in Russia? Handshake is an appropriate greeting for business environments. Along with shaking hands, men pat each other on their backs with the other free hand. Russia is pretty modern and it is alright for a woman to shake hands with men. However, you should wait for the woman to extend her hand. It is not necessary to greet a person twice in the same day. Address a person using their first names along with surnames. In case of elder people, just use the family name unless he says otherwise. What is the etiquette for a business meeting in Russia? Appointments should be sought a few weeks before you plan to visit the country. In case you want an appointment with an officer working in the government, it is advisable to seek one at least one and a half months in advance. To be sure, check with them again after you land in the country. It is advisable not to schedule meetings in the first seven days of the month of May when there are many holidays. Arrive on time to meetings. The meeting schedule will be tentative and can change at a moment’s notice. Cancellation of the meeting at the last moment is also possible. Little work will be discussed in the first meeting. However, it will be used to evaluate the worthiness of your company to do business with them. Prepare and speak to them about the unique features of your company and how it stands out from others. The first meeting will also be used for introduction and small talk. Be prepared with all work related documents. They should be available in both Russian and English language. Keep facts such as the history of the issue in hand and presently relevant data ready. It may seem rude but there is a lot of interruption while a meeting is in place. People may be discussing things even different from the topic in hand at the side. At the culmination of the meeting, you will have to sign a document named ‘Protokol’, which contains the details of the meeting. What is the proper way to communicate in Russia? The conversation pattern of people changes according to their socio-economic and hereditary position. Instead of using Euphemism, one should be direct while talking to Russians. They appreciate honesty. Compromising on something is perceived as a weakness in Russia. When someone says ‘No’ to something, do not lose heart and ask again politely. This may lead them to re-consider their request. Expect them to apply the same strategy on you. You should be quite formal in your business dealings with Russians.     : Customs followed in Russia