• [br] • [br][br] [br] • [br] • [br] • [br][br] Please refer to trusted sources of news in Kazakhstan and consult travel agents for latest and updated information before visiting Kazakhstan. [br][br]
[br] • [br] • [br][br] Tourists need to consult a travel agent for latest and updated information on required vaccination prior to their departure to visit Kazakhstan. [br][br] [br] • [br] • [br][br] [br] • [br] • [br][br] [br] • [br] • [br][br] Tourists or Visitors need to consult medical travel insurance providers and/or travel agents to know details about insurance policy limitations in Kazakhstan and whether it covers all expenses or not in case of medical emergency during your stay in Kazakhstan. [br][br] [br] • [br] • [br][br] While you are recommended to carry prescription from home country some medicines may not be legal or available in Kazakhstan. Travellers are recommended to consult a travel agent and medical advisers for alternative medicines in Kazakhstan.[br][br]