About Iraq. Currency used in Iraq: Iraqi Dinar Languages used in Iraq: Arabic is the official language Visa requirements to visit Iraq: Click here to get complete and latest updated Iraq visa information : Safety tips for travelling in Iraq
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Iraq is a war prone country and thus travel to Iraq is not advisable unless it is extremely important. Though the situation has transformed a lot in comparison to earlier, the country is still ridden by attacks without warning. Structures and buildings of foreign country use and even Iraqi government institutions are commonly targeted. Travellers to Iraq should be aware of their surroundings at all times. Special care should be given immediately after the Friday afternoon prayers and during Christian or Muslim festivities as they could be attacked. With a redundant security system in place, the crime rate is pretty high. Thefts, even during the day are common. Carjacking is also something that you should beware of. There have been many instances of kidnapping for the sake of gaining money. Some hostages have been killed too. Along with terrorist attacks, there have been many cases of insurgency as well as sectarian attacks here. Along the border, and also in other areas, there still exist active minefields. Emergency contact numbers in Iraq: Police contact number in Iraq: 110 Ambulance number in Iraq: 115 Fire brigade number in Iraq: 125 NOTE: Please refer to trusted sources of news in Iraq and consult travel agents for latest and updated information before visiting Iraq. : Health tips to consider while visiting Iraq
What are the mandatory vaccinations required to enter Iraq? Poliovirus vaccines DPT- diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus MMR- measles/mumps/rubella NOTE: Tourists need to consult a travel agent for latest and updated information on required vaccination prior to their departure to visit Iraq. Other optional but recommended Vaccination for Travellers visiting Iraq: Hepatitis-A Hepatitis-B Typhoid Rabies- especially for those who is visiting rural areas Yellow fever Other health risks: Malaria and Dehydration What type of Health Insurance is valid for Tourists or Visitors in Iraq? Consult your medical service provider for the facilities related to the medical terms that will they cover emergency expenses. Basic medical amenities are not available in Iraq. In the situation of any emergency or illness, an evacuation by air ambulance is required. NOTE: Tourists or Visitors need to consult medical travel insurance providers and/or travel agents to know details about insurance policy limitations in Iraq and whether it covers all expenses or not in case of medical emergency during your stay in Iraq. Health tips while travelling to Iraq: Carry full medical prescription and the basic medicines which can be used in general like: stomach ache, joint pains etc. But must cross check the drugs which you carrying with you may be banned in that country. Prevent insect bites. Sanitize your hands always. Drink bottled water only. NOTE: While you are recommended to carry prescription from home country some medicines may not be legal or available in Iraq. Travellers are recommended to consult a travel agent and medical advisers for alternative medicines in Iraq. : Customs followed in Iraq
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What is the etiquette for meeting in Iraq? Like many other countries, you must shake hands and smile at the person you are meeting. The traditional phrase used during meeting is ‘AsalaamuAlaikum’, which means, ‘Peace be with you’. In reply to this, one must say ‘WaAlaikum Salaam’, meaning ‘and Peace be unto you.’ Men who are in close friendship with some other male will greet with a handshake and kisses on the cheek. The first kiss is given on the right cheek. If you are invited to a social event, and the crowd is not much, you will be introduced by your host to every guest specially. If the function is happening at a large scale, you will have to introduce yourselves commonly. What is the proper etiquette for gift giving in Iraq? The Iraqis appreciate sweets as presents. You can bring along chocolates, pastries, cookies, or fruits for them. The tradition of offering flowers to the hostess is slowly evolving here. If a gift is bestowed to a woman by a man, he must not forget to mention that it is on the behalf of his wife or some other female relative. Bringing presents for the children of the household will delight them. Hold the gift item in both your hands while presenting it. It is impolite to open the gift in the presence of the giver. What is the proper etiquette for eating in Iraq? Ask whether it is necessary for you to remove your shoes outside the house. Conservative and smart clothing style is appreciated. During dinners at local homes, do not bring up the topic of business. Even though the meals are at homes, they are held in a formal manner. If the dishes are laid out on the floor, you are expected to sit cross-legged to eat. If that position is not comfortable, you can kneel on one knee and sit. Make sure that your feet are away from the food mat. Refrain from using your left hand while eating. Leave a morsel of food uneaten on the plate. It will signify that you are satisfied. Things you should know before going to Iraq? You should acquaint yourself with the rich diversity of Iraq. The country is diverse in the religious, tribal, ethnic as well as linguistic sense. For some people of Iraq, these attributes come before their nationality. People from foreign nations should also know about the various rules and norms of Islam. These norms show the path of how to behave in the daily sense. Iraq was a secular nation till the year 2003. However, due to the chain of disastrous events after that, it has become more religious and also conservative. Pay respect to all objects of Islamic importance such as their holy book, mosques, and also people who are in prayer. Refrain from displaying objects which symbolize other religions, especially in South Iraq. Never talk or contact women in any way, especially in rural areas. Do not take pictures of them either. If you are a woman traveller, you should keep in mind the role and dressing of local Iraqi women, and act and clothe yourself accordingly. Keep knowledge regard the history of the country as the nationals are extremely proud of it. One’s family is given a lot more priority than other people. Individualism and privacy are not much celebrated ideas. If someone gives you less importance in comparison to his family, you should consider it normal. In the south of Iraq, lineage is given much more importance than titles earned by the person or his or her age. Thus, it is important to know the relations between people.  For the Iraqis, tribal identity is held in much prominence as compared to religious or national affiliation. Even the national government has to consider tribal courts for important decisions of the country. Never disrespect or embarrass your Iraqi counterpart who is senior in position or elder to you. On the contrary, giving them respect will earn you a couple of brownie points in the business arena. If any possession or honour of an individual is injured, the inflictor has to compensate for the loss in the form of ‘fasl’. Even if a company takes something which initially belonged to some tribes with the permission of the government, it has to compensate for the loss. Building meaningful relations with Iraqis will go a long way and help you in business. : Business etiquette to follow in Iraq
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How to dress for a business meeting in Iraq? How to greet or address a professional in Iraq? When it comes to business, Iraqis are quite formal. When you meet someone, you should say ‘AsalaamuAlaikum’, to which the reply will be ‘WaAlaikum Salaam’. Handshakes are common and should be accompanied with eye contact as well as a smile. The Iraqis shake hands for long sometimes. You should understand this and not feel awkward. Don’t try to free your hand before the other person does so. Men shouldn’t try to shake women’s hands unless they give such indications. Giving business cards is a common practice. As you are engaging in business in the Middle East, it would be nice if you could print one side of your business card in the Arabic Language.  If you are invited to something, accepting that will be considered respectable. Inquire about the physical well-being of the other person. Like in social life, greet the senior-most people first in business arenas too. What is the etiquette for a business meeting in Iraq? Power positioning plays an important role in business arenas. The person who is at the highest level of the company will dominate the meeting. The juniors will only assist the senior with technical information and advice. Submit the agenda of your meeting prior to the meeting written in the Arabic language. If you will be accompanied by people, send their names and credentials along with the agenda too. Though major decisions of the company will be made by the highest power, the opinion of stakeholders, and other experts will matter. The latter people could be present in the meeting. The meeting may get disrupted by telephone calls as well as by people walking in regularly. This should not be seen as an aberration as it is quite normal in Iraq. Even while you are speaking, Iraqis may keep on discussing important matters on their own. They may also stop you at times, if they feel the need to communicate something. Their speech can be very loud, for the purpose of putting their thoughts across. What is the proper way to communicate in Iraq? : Customs followed in Iraq