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Kutla a Village above in Tosh Valley is Paradise for nature lovers. Endless shocks of nature. No picture can describe it. With only 10 houses in the village and no connectivity with the outer world the time flies here. Our package starts at Rs. 19,999 from Delhi - Kutla - Delhi Includes: Trekking 4 Days Exploration Food Transportation Stay Tents Guide If u go ahead with this, you will discover a new life within. Get in touch with us soon +91 7021 567 932

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Hi..Myself Ruma Dey Baidya. I have done M.A(education), DOEACC A Level, Php etc….live in Kolkata with joint family and I have a daughter who is just 2.6 years old. I am a homemaker and love to travel very much. Whenever we got an opportunity for it, we never missed. I am not a solo backpackers, so we always try to go with groups, it also helps me to save our expenses and like to meet new people ..their hobbies .. daily routines etc. I also like to explore new destinations. As all we know that memories are not constant so I decided to document it. I publish this website not for money but for peace only. When we get old we can check it out what we have done earlier…ha ha.. This website is dedicated for those who love to travel. I am trying to put each and every experience what we faced in past. I am trying to serve as best as possible. Please note all the places and expenditure are personally experienced. If I can help anybody, I assumed this is my prize for it. Please feel free for any kind of information related to this blog. I always ready to reply. Mail id – Thanks Ruma Dey Baidya

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Nothing can be as amazing as a road trip to manali with family and friends. One who gave you birth and one who made you do all sorts of crap. Delhi to manali road trip was fantabulous . We started our journey at 9 in the night via car during the month of May . We reached there by 7 in the evening the next day . Our hotel was a bliss . It was just so beautiful . After such a long and tiring journey a beautiful hotel ( The honeymoon inn) becomes the icing over a cake . So it was a good start to the trip . After refreshing we went to the arcade so try our sweet little hands over some games . The weather was really pleasant , it was all about chill breezes all over . The day was well spent at the dinner over a hot conversation on the weather itself . The next day was a day to solang valley . Solang valley is famous for its adventure sports so we tried a few as well. Paragliding , zorbing etc were so damn amazing . Next day was a day to Rohtang though we saw few patches of snow and nothing much . So it was kinda trek type but still quite enjoyable . Next day was a photography day which summed up our short little trip to Manali . Things to keep in mind while planning a trip to Manali : - Keep medicines handy for mountain nausiac people . - Keep the month in mind while planning so you can also enjoy the snow at Rohtang . - Have patience while searching for your hotel as the roads are quite narrow. - Do not overeat before travelling because it takes time to reach from one place to another.

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Mumbai , so called "The city of dreams" one of the most densely populated cities of India.Located on the coast of Arabian sea, is one of my most favorite travelling destination in India. It is a place which already stood up whatever the situation may be . Whether it is flood or Terrorist attacks , the city has determination to never say die. It is the center of Bollywood. My journey starts with a train "Avantika Express". As it was my first time that I am visiting Mumbai, So ,I was very badly, excited to see the city and its culture.After having a tiresome journey of 13 hours I reached there with my family . I stayed at my Aunt's house located on 23rd floor of a building giving me a dazzling view of the whole city. I visited in the month of December , so the weather was little cold and slightly humid also . As it is located on the bay of sea so the humidity was expected by me. Now, my five days journey has just began and I was pretty excited for it. My day was started by visiting the Gateway of India , we took local train to Churchgate because Gateway Of India was near from the station. It was a huge monument with thousands of Pigeons flying over our head. We have done photo session there and then my favorite part begins which is "Street food" we had Vadapaav ,bhel , paanipuri , etc. The taste was really awesome and mouth watering . After having lunch we had towards Elephanta caves it was near Gateway Of India the local people calls it "Gharapuri" . The expedition from Gateway Of India to Gharapuri was one of my favorite part in this whole journey because It was a boat tour .I reached there in nearly 2 hours. I saw various sculpture from stone age about which I once read about them in my school books. They were sculpted so, beautifully which I can't express in words. After that we returned home. In next two days we visited several places like Hanging gardens, Siddhivinayak, and my favorite Juhu beach. The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. This beach is known to be the one of the most-visited beaches of India and is situated in 'Ville Parle'. I was sitting on a beach experiencing the cold breeze coming from sea and touching my body, face . That feeling was the best as the sunset was starting the sun was slowly going down making the whole environment more mesmerizing than before.It was the last day of our travelling schedule but the moments I enjoyed were unforgettable. On fourth day we visited some nearby markets , done shopping and explored the local area . The best place for shopping is the Dadar market where you can find best clothes, accessories, etc. At much lower rates with good qualities . I purchased some pairs of T-Shirts, Shades, watch,etc. This stuff was so cool and awesome. After, reaching home we had dinner and enjoyed the night life of Mumbai. Next, day we headed towards Indore and my journey was over . I can't forget the moments I enjoyed there and would recommend you to visit here at least once.

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After a session of real hard work, holidays are one thing I look forward to. Holidays refresh the mind and are a welcome break that everyone yearns for. During holidays I love visiting new places and experience new things. Visiting coastal areas and beaches has always fascinated me. During the winter break I visited my all-time-favourite destination - Goa, with favourite travel companion my Mother It was a two-hour flight from New Delhi and I was at Dabolin airport - Goa with my Mother. We headed for South Goa to a seaside resort which I had booked well in advance. The ride to the resort was lively and enjoyable in a booked taxi. We checked in the resort and after resting for a while I along with my mother headed to Colva beach, which was a stone's throw from our resort. The sun was overhead, the shimmering water and the golden sand. After spending a couple of hours on the beach we came back to the resort. We had a great spread for lunch which we relished to the last dish of the menu. The evening was a leisurely tea with snacks. The setting sun brought a bornfire and under a natural canopy of shining stars we had our dinner. Next morning we left for North Goa in a taxi. This was the day where I and my mother basked in the sun and drenched ourselves in the sea at the beach of Calangute and Vagator. The cool blue water of the Arabian Sea cooled and relaxed me and I couldn't wait to feel it's soothing effect on me. Our day ended with a cruise on the River Mandvi and the Arabian Sea. During the cruise I got the real feel of Goa as a troupe performed Konkani and Portuguese songs and dances for us. We woke up to a very adventurous and exciting morning. We did various activities such as Para-sailing, water-scooter riding and speed boat riding. We visited old Goa which is well known for its Churches. We did not miss out on shopping at the local handicrafts every evening either. The memories of this journey with my mother will always remain etched in my mind.

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I was in Pune last Diwali to stay with my sister for 2 weeks. I had this plan to trek the Lohagad Fort for so many months. But I didn't know that I'll be all by myself while trekking. But I was prepared and ready for the adventure to undertake. I took a train from Chinchwad to Malavli. From Malavli I had this option to take a local transport that would take me to the fort itself. But I decided not to take the shortcut and I started walking up the road which I think was one of the best decisions of my life. It was quite sunny that day so I knew it was going to be tough but I was ready for the challenge. The view around me was so beautiful that I almost forgot about my destination. It is said that the journey is most important than the destination which I could well realise that. The local people were very friendly to guide me to my destination. While walking uphill I found a fountain which was so calm and soothing to my eyes. I was so mesmerised by the beauty of nature that I couldn't even feel that my legs were hurting. In the middle of the trek I felt really tired as it was too sunny out there. I often took break to drink some water. But somehow I pushed my till the first step of stairs of the Lohagad Fort. The stairs were very slippery as the stream of water was always coming down the hill. It was challenging to move up. There were so many monkeys around to disturb you as well. When I reached the top of the stairs I found large valley of flowers. That was a surprise for me because I didn't expect that at the top. The final challenge for me was the famous Scorpion Sting. There was a very risky cliff where one has to walk down just by the edge of the cliff. I had to climb down few rocks as well. There were no such barriers beside me for protection. So I had to keep my eyes on each and every footstep. After I reached the very end of the cliff, I simply sat down and stared at the beauty of mother earth. The greenery, the wind, the sun - each of them touched all my senses. All my hard work, the pain I suffered, each drop of sweat was worthy enough to get the glance. I was not alone. I knew the whole world was with me. I sat on the lap of mother nature and listened to each music it produced which is still ringing in my ears. (The Scorpion Sting)

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"The best education I have ever received was through travel." - Lisa Ling Vacations , exams over , hot weather blah blah .. What is the best thing anyone can do ? TRAVELLING of course . After my 12th class board exams got over , I went to Manali and shimla with my family . It was actually a sudden plan and HAHA surprise for me . Day before we have to go i.e. 18 April , I got a call from dad that pack up your bags , we are going to Manali . I really couldn't control my excitement because that was the place where I always wanted to go . We packed up the clothes , shoes , food items and other accessories and how can I forgot my headsets . We have to leave by around 5 am and by car so have to sleep at 10 pm . When the day arrives , we sat in car with all the food stuff in front and all the clothes and other items at the back . Oh do I forgot to mention that I live in nuclear family (me , my parents and my younger sister ) and trust me going even with the nuclear family is fun . It was around 6-7 hours trip and ouch my back really hurts . Sitting in the same position for 6-7 hours (ok, we went to eat the breakfast at amrik sukhdev ) is not easy . When going to Shimla , you can see greenery everywhere especially when you move out of the city . Then as soon as you saw the board "welcome to Himachal pradesh" you could see mountains everywhere . Some green mountains , some covered with snow and some barren . And after this , we Reached Shimla . We then search for our hotel that we have already booked . The hotel view room was really great . Mountains everywhere and monkeys sitting in your balcony . I swear I forgot about my board results that time . After taking rest for 2 hours , we went to Shimla mall road . Apart from the view , The best thing about our hotel was that it was near to the mall road . We bought key chains for our relatives and friends . And yes there was one chicken shop where we ate nuggets and other items . There was also one ice cream shop where you get 3-4 flavour in one cone . Next day , we went to kufri . The view at the top was really great . We also saw India and China border , shiv temple from the telescope . We also eat Maggi there . You know what having Maggi in the mountains are really fun . After that we went to chail. We did not find any interesting thing there . Next day , we went to Manali . Manali was cold . I don't know about other members of the family but I wore 2-3 jackets in Manali . Again , we went to Manali mall road . And after that we went to gulaba . Here , you can find snow everywhere . We wore those jump suits which protect you from the ice and gum shoes which also protect your feet from the eyes and yeah those gloves which protect your hand from the ice . The best part was that it was Noon time. You can feel cold and warm at the same time . There also we ate Maggi and drank coffee . After that we went back to our hotel . Next day we have to leave . That was the best journey of my life .

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Soon after our mind boggling tour of Kashmir, in June 2014 we decided to have a grand family tour to the state of Himalayan wonderland – Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is one of the northernmost state in India and one of the major tourist destination cities are Shimla and Manali. Although it is generally freezing cold during the winter months, it was rather pleasant to be here in June when the rest of the States in the Country are witnessing early monsoon showers.

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I went to a trip for Delhi and the places near to Delhi. The trip is around a week. I enjoyed a lot in that trip. Actually, i went to Delhi to attend to attend for a technical fest conduced in IIT Delhi. we are team of 10 members form our college. we started journey from VISAKHAPATNAM railway station. we started at 9pm in VISAKHAPATNAM railway station. we reached VIJAYAWADA by early morning. We did our breakfast and waited for our train(KERALA EXPRESS) which is going to Delhi. Finally train came and we get into it. The real journey starts from VIJAYWADA only. It took almost 30 hours to reach Delhi. In between I saw many places which are really amazing and I enjoyed a lot by seeing them by sitting at the window seat. I felt amazing in the area of Rajasthan. The total area is desert area. After reaching Delhi we went to our allocated rooms and in the next I attend for my WORKSHOP in IIT Delhi. It is almost 8 hours workshop. On that day at night time I went to the local Delhi city for shopping. The rates are much better and cheap. We can buy quality goods in low cost. Next day we went for the most awaiting place Agra. I really glittered after seeing the beauty of Taj Mahal. The scenery is very good. Many people were came to there from different countries. After that we move to Agra Fort. I still amazing by seeing the construction of the Fort. The Fort is very big and contain many rooms. There i saw some memories which related the MOGAL’S generation. The fort was full of flowers and gardens. After seeing these two places we return to our rooms. Next day I saw all the places in the Delhi. I visited the Red fort, Humauins’s tomb,India gate. Finally we started our return journey at last day. We went to New Delhi railway station and get into our train. It took one and half day to reach my home place(VISAKHAPATNAM).