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As the train sets on its journey to Kolkata, my eyes morosely glanced across the sky taking me back to a similar day - the day our rejuvenating 3 days tour had started. The much awaited trip ended creating such exhilarating emotions that I found it barely possible to get over the bucketful of memories I had gathered over the past few days. Experiences of the trip started lingering in my mind as the train now sped across the suburbs of North Bengal, cool breeze kissed my cheeks and a little smile escaped my lips - the days became visible before my eyes and it seemed as if I was experiencing the trip yet again. It was 6th of October, 2017, an unusually hot and humid day in downtown Kolkata at this time of the year. But somewhere amidst the sweaty, unpleasant atmosphere there was an ecstasy of joy amongst our family members as we headed towards the Sealdah Station to board Kanchanjungha Express. Time passed swiftly in excitement as finally the moment we long waited for, approached, the train signal lights turned green sharp at 6:30 am and voila - we bade goodbye to Kolkata. To add to our fortune, no sooner had the train crossed Bolpur, tears from heaven dripped against the window pane, the temperature dropped drastically and it turned out a dream train journey for us. The rain splashed meadows as were visible from the train. A lucky take just in time!! As we inched nearer to our destination, I could barely resist the temptation of visiting a new land full of surprises - coming across a bunch of new people, getting amazed by their culture, taking interest in their lifestyle and finally making myself a part of them. The clock ticked 7:25 pm, the train creaked, and the station announcements were clear and that was it. We had thus reached Jalpaiguri Road Station. Thereafter followed a road journey across the hilly roads of Domohani, Lataguri and Meteli. A car was booked beforehand for our journey to Suntalekhola. It is always advisable to do so, as on-spot booking of car for ‘drop’ or ‘pickup’ may seem to be difficult or may cost hugely because the drivers are always ready to befool you!! However, to our utter surprise, our driver of the Bolero who stayed with us for the next few days of our tour, turned out to be a pleasant, ever-smiling, ever-helping young person who introduced himself as Biswes. Helping him with our large cache of luggage was chirpy, effervescent, eleven-year-old, Tika, who eventually became quite close to our family member. The scenic beauty of the places, we travelled through, could hardly be deciphered due to the dawn of darkness all over. However we could sense the dense jungle that seemed to engulf the road and I could not help myself from thinking of the wild animals that were said to haunt the place. Making situations worse, the driver seemed to be playing on our nerves - narrating stories which perhaps were logically outrageous, but wait - the ambiance itself seemed to haunt on us. Nevertheless, it was an exciting road trip and the day ended on a positive note as we reached Kushal Home Stay in Suntalekhola within 2 hours. Well, this was just the beginning of a great holiday to be spent, lots of adventures being in store. The next day I found myself waking up in a room standing erect among lush greenery and uncountable wonders of dame nature. As I peeped out of the window, I could find myself surrounded by tall mighty hillocks - peaks of which were cloud covered. Snowy, fleecy clouds swept across the gorgeous blue sky and wow, just wow - the place was a paradise on earth. My sight was again attracted to vegetable plantations and terrace farming in and around the Suntalekhola village making it hard to convince myself that the place we checked in at night turned out to be such an absolute stunner. Rejuvenating view from the Kushal Homestay balcony We decided to take a walk down to the pebble studded Suntalekhola stream bed. The narrow village path infested with cattle herds, chickens, young enthusiastic village children and eager, helpful villagers led us to our destination. A quick advice for those who are lazy and never walked over rocky terrain before - please stay out of it. It is quite a sort of a trek through dense evergreen forest, rich flora and fauna of the Himalayan foothills in the last stretch. Guys those who are sporty and adventurous - it’s your day! Finally what we came across was the mesmerizing view of the mountain stream, ‘Suntalekhola’, the soothing cool breeze, golden crispy morning sun, and the sunbathed sprinkling water, sweet chirp of the lovely birds and not to miss out - the awestruck look of all the visitors! Mesmerising Suntalekhola……..ferns, orchids....in abundance!! In all its morning glory! Returning to the homestay at 9 o’clock, we prepared ourselves for the day’s tour. After a mouth-watering lunch of hot rice, dal, fried potato chips, vegetable curry, and lip-smacking chicken curry, we hopped into a car and set forth on our journey. We set out to visit the famous Jaldhaka River at Jhalong and Bindu. Things were quite pleasant except of the bumpy roads which did give us quite a bit of trouble, making the car swing right and left, up and down, all through our journey. Finally after travelling through the mountainous roads of Dumani, Naksa, speeding through the rubber plantations of the Garibas Division, we reached Jhalong from which the gorgeous Jaldhaka River could be seen establishing itself, over a 1000 feet down the hill. The sound of the huge river smashing against boulders, creating a mist, was deafening. Only if I could add the sounds of the place!! Further we proceeded to Bindu with invigorating Jaldhaka keeping us company all along. Bindu turned out to be an experience of the lifetime. The cloudy atmosphere, the gushing river water of the Jaldhaka River, the dense tree cover on both side and finally the demarcated boundary of the two countries - India and Bhutan left us awestruck. Though it is expected to be high profile security zone in such a place, the ambiance over there was quite the opposite. Peace and calmness prevailed as tourists as well as locals were seen admiring the beauty of nature. The sight of the clean water washing through the varied pebbles was simply eye catching. Finally a picture of myself in this maiden travelogue! Well it would be a sin on my part if I make the readers content just with this image of the place. So moving on to another picture portraying a fantabulous scene. Hard to guess that the barrage separates two countries: the mountains north of it belong to Bhutan whereas gushing out of the barrage are Indian waters Having travelled about 33 kilometres (distance of Bindu from Suntalekhola), we decided to move back. But my stomach was groaning with hunger pangs and we decided to feast over some local food before we started our journey back to the homestay. And nothing could have been better than sumptuous chicken momos (no offence with the vegetarians out there. You guys can order vegetable momos) and tea. Now that is what makes a perfect super-delicious!! Having finished gorging on those delicacies, we started moving back to our homestay at Suntalekhola. On our way we decided to visit the Rocky Islands. ROCKY Island really ROCKS!! It took hardly another hour and a half to reach the rocky islands via the Jhalong-Bindu road. I was witnessing the sunset on my way when dark clouds began to accumulate and it started to drizzle. Nevertheless by the time we reached the Rocky Islands the rain had stopped. Just as the other places, the Rocky Islands was no exception. Yes it was beautiful with huge boulders giving it a mirage of rock islands formed in a hilly stream and people staring awestruck in admiration. ROCKY ISLANDS ...... with an overhead bridge to Suntalekhola. After few minutes of water splashing, it began to get dark and was time to get back to Suntalekhola. The back-breaking day ended within next twenty minutes of journey, a cup of tea again with hot snacks at the homestay and finally a relishing dinner. It was 8th, the day scheduled for returning to Siliguri. The first part of our journey through the lush green tea estates was quite enjoyable. The place presented some ideal spots for taking pictures with family members. The next phase of the journey consisted of travelling through the roads of Meteli, Chalsa, Neora, Malbazar, Sevoke, finally leading to Siliguri. The Shatabdi express was scheduled to depart New Jalpaiguri station on the 9th, at 5:30 in the morning. Thus 8th ended on a non-adventurous note - visiting houses of relatives, returning to hotel and going early to bed. The return journey to Kolkata was quite a relaxing one. Relaxing in the air conditioned compartment, we were served thrice, morning tea, breakfast and lunch. The train was just about half an hour late and we reached Howrah station by 2 pm. So guys out there, wanting to enjoy a vacation on the weekends? Get your bags packed, tie your shoe laces tight, and set forth on your journey. The place during the year end is quite comfortable, yet becomes a little chill at night - so don’t forget to take your jacket. Doesn’t matter whether you visit this place with friends, family, or just alone you are going to enjoy time upto the brim. All the best and cheers to our travel life!!

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Hey friends, just taking your some precious time to share my feelings of my travel experience of a small village near Jaipur. Recently I went to a family wedding in a small village Jeelo,19km away from neem ka thana district Sikar. So we were having all our functions and ceremonies goin on and what gained my attraction was a phelgm near my relatives house. So, this place a "KHNDAR" is a palace of old times built on small mountain.Centre of attraction is a temple situated in this palace.There is one story related to this place that there are haunted souls which appear at night nd worship in the temple. And people used to hear the bells ringing in temple. At first, we didn't paid any attention to this but there is one phrase that when u see by yourself tum only u can belive so in my case I didn't see anything but I heard the temple bells ringing one late night. And the next night we could hear the same sounds again. I was very curious to see those things happening in the temple . So we siblings made a plan and at night when we heard the bells ringing we went to the temple and literally it was an unexpected view to watch and we were dumbfounded by seeing those souls by our eyes. So, in the end I just wanted to say that if anyone visits Jaipur or Neem ka thana you must visit this village Jeelo. There are many other things to watch there like small small temples houses and the haveli's. Sand desserts nd most importantly the handmade or housemade bangles, are the much intresting products to purchase. INCREDIBLE INDIA!💕

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19th it was... The visit was in summer, August 2016. I visited the Holy place, Vrindaban which was the most remarkable and marvelous place I ever visited. It was the pleasure listening “Radhey Radhey” from each and every one after entering into. Vrindaban is 159 kilometres away from Delhi and situated in the North of Agra, somewhere in the forest of Uttar Pradesh. I visited with my bestie Madhu with my Wagon-R. The side streets were immersed in chanting the melodious songs for Lord Krishna. The morning starts with saying “Radhey Radhey” or “Hare Krishna” by each and every people. People living in Vrindaban seem very humble, mild and loving. Life is incomplete when there is no Peace, and this peace can only be seen in Vrindaban, according to me. As everybody knows, Vrindaban is a holy place because the place is religious and full of beautiful temples (The Land of Loads). It is one of the most visited place in Uttar Pradesh and best for all aged people. Banke Bihari Temple was the first place of my visit. As me and my friend enter into the place it seems so mesmerizing, the beauty of flowers can actually showed there only. The decoration with the combination of flowers and balloons were adorable. There we got to know that the Murti of Bihari ji is the leaked out by Swami Haridas ji, through his singing, the Murti is the couple of Radha Krishna. All the devotees were in full devoutness by saying “Jai shree Radhey” by raising their hands in front of the Banke Bihari. As we enter Vrindaban from chatikara Mod, we find a myriad setup of hotels, eateries and residential societies around us. On the small street called Parikrama road, amidst all the buildings, are present a large number of what can be called tourists, pilgrims or locals. Iskon Temple is also known as angrez mandir, because it is established and run by the foreigners especially. It was the second place where I visited. The fragrance of that temple was amazing. While entering into the temple the fragrance attracts me towards it. The noise of mangeera, harmonium, dholak and of the song sang by the people was giving such a relief and was so pleasant to the ears. The moment I saw the people dancing while listening the bhajan of Lord krishna, me and my freind also starts dancing happily. It gives me such a pleasure which can't be expressed while writing but which can only be felt while seeing and listening. At Last, approx. 7 pm, we went to the Taj Mahal of Vrindaban i.e, prem mandir also known as love temple. Ohh!! my God, the place was wonderful, I am speechless. It was outstanding, the place which I liked the most was the prem mandir. I mean what to say it crossed the limit of beauty. At night the whole temple was full of lighting. As we entered I started seeing the whole story of Lord Krishna through the sculptures. The Ras leela, Lord Krishna lifting the mountain with his smallest finger and the whole people presented under the mountain and of course the magical musical fountain how wonderful it was pleasant to the eyes. The inside beauty was unforgettable, we both were not able to stop our eyes while seeing it. The place was magical for me. It was only one day Travel with me and my friend but surely I will love to visit there again but this time with my family. Thanks for reading 

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Living in a beautiful state of Uttrakhand not even had a fond to go anywhere, but Nainital, place where you can't clog yourself as it took place with me. Last year, I moved away to Nainital with my family in September. A place where have the dilation of keeping the mind in serenity and offers to make your day special with its environment. Which I have used to see in pictures, was standing at the bank of Nainy Lake. . Of course, Nainy Lake is surrounded by dense Green Vegetation, had been Catching my eyesight. It's rich in greenery and giving us pleasure to eyes and yes, who doesn't want crystal cold water? Leaves had had snow appeared as diamond. Then, I did boating. Believe me, it is so lovely. During that time, Cloud covered the sky and later on the everybody can't stop themselves to capture that scene. And don't forget to visit Hill station. That's so beautiful!!!!! The scenario enamoured me slightly and giving me keep shake with her heart. Well, it's literally quite delectable going in one of the famous places like Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal keep your mind resplendent. Afterwards, we went for Restaurant Chandani Chowk situated on the Mall Road, Tallital. Everything was good there either facility or food. Here are some other Restaurant details, if you willing to go to Nainital. 1. Shiva vegetarian Restaurant 2.Nanak Restaurant Let me tell you, there are several the good facility hotels like: 1.Best hotels in Nainital 2.The Manu Maharani Nainital 3.Hotel Himalaya 4.Manu Maharani Lodge 5.Aamari Resorts 6.The Naini Retreat 7. Hotel Chevron Fairhavens My seven hours trip still remain in my heart. BEST PLACE LIKE SECOND HEAVEN OF INDIA. So what are waiting for? Go and enjoy your weekend there.

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Hello travellers, two years back me and my friends went to one of the most popular national parks of India, Bandhavgarh National Park, situated in Umaria, Madhya Pradesh. You can reach here by car or by train. We went via train, enjoying every moment, clicking pictures, making faces and whatnot. We checked-in to the hotel in the afternoon, after the bumpy ride from train station to national park. It was an experience, a real rural one. After having the lunch, we get on the first safari- Jeep kind of vehicle which national park uses for sight seeing and maximum of eight people can accommodate in this. We were very excited to watch the tiger in broad daylight with no fences covered. And the best part of national parks is that, animals don't attack the visitors, they hunt and eat, just like the rule in jungle. During the two day trip, we didn't have the luck to see tiger on the first day, but we explored the huge wildlife of it. The elephants, deers, owls, hyneas and the people working in the national park. The national park is very dense and hugely distributed. No visitor is allowed to roam after 10pm as the hunt time for animals start. So the next day, we were on the morning safari eagerly waiting for the moment when we see the tiger. There were total of 10 safari jeeps, all hoping to get the glimpse of the tiger, some had big wildlife cameras particularly for shooting animals and the ecosystem. Finally after four hours, we got a call. Someone sighted tiger. We reached the place, people were busy claiming that tiger's sightations and all of a sudden, there was the tiger, walking like he doesn't care a bit. We were mesmerised and speechless watching the beast from 700m without any fences. It was the kind of feeling which only comes, when you are at right place. Some clicked pictures and some just stood there to watch. The feeling, right there was transcendental. After that, we get back to the hotel had lunch and head back to home. It was the most cherished trips we remember. All the friends and travellers out there, I urge you to visit this place, atleast once in your lifetime.

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First trip. First proper family trip and I was more than excited. It was the first time I was actually going out of Assam. I have already checked the places to be visited in google days before the trip. Oh! By the way we were going to Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. Still couldn’t recognize the place? Ok! To help you, the city is popularly known as Scotland of the East. So, the day arrived. 3rd of October it was. We booked a car( Maruti 800) from our place and reached Guwahati by 7 am. From Guwahati we booked a Bolero and our journey to Shillong started. It took us around 3 and a half hours. Hotels were already booked so we directly went to the hotel. After refreshing ourselves we went for the hunt of exploring beautiful places. The tourist guide first took us to Nohkalikai Falls. It is the tallest plunge wasterfall in India. I had never thought nature to be this beautiful. Elephant Falls was another spectacular beauty. The place was so refreshing that we stayed for couple of hours. The tourist guide told us that there was an elephant shaped rock which was later destroyed and thus the name. We also witnessed the Umiam lake. The lake is man made and is very beautiful. After exploring few more local places in Shillong we went back to hotel. Next day we took our route to Seven Sisters Fall in Cherrapunji. The view. Oh my god! What an amazing view the place holds. You can stay for days there just admiring its beauty. To add this waterfall flows only during monsoon season and we were lucky to witness it. After that we drove to Mawsmai Caves. On the way to the Mawsmai caves rains started tripling. Music, rain and curvy roads made the way just more beautiful. Mawsmai Caves was the adventurous one. You will definitely need flexibility to come out of that cave. I won’t describe much because it will ruin the fun. Go visit the place. It is definitely the place to visit if you are in Cherrapunji. It was already evening by the time we reached our hotel. After relaxing for a bit we went out to explore Police Bazar. The vibe, the people, the energy of the place was so warming that you will definitely love shopping here. After satisfying our shopping needs we went back to hotel. This was the end of my beautiful and exciting trip. Nature has so much in it. We just take it for granted. The peace, the essence, the overall vibe that nature brings in is what we all need in life and Shillong is definitely the place you all must visit if you want to be more close to nature. So, pack your bags and go visit the Scotland of the East.

September 28, 2017 By:
‘Poetry comes alive where the skies and he earth meet.’ I got to witness true testament to this saying when I visited Manali. Manali is a small hill station, nestled in the Himalayas. Located at an altitude of 2050 feet above sea level, Manali serves as a tourist hub during the summer months of March to June. I had never travelled to a Hill station in the Himalayas, and naturally I was brimming with excitement as I boarded the flight from Bangalore to Chandigarh (second closest airport to Manali. Closest is the Bhutar airport, but flight tickets are expensive). From Chandigarh, we set out on a nine hour long drive, through lush mountain slopes, towards Manali. Along the way to Manali, we stopped the car several times to take a refreshing breath of mountain air and to behold the beauty of the ranges. We reached Manali late at night. Exhausted from our day of continuous journeying, we hit the sheets as soon as we checked into our hotel. The next morning, we woke up to a spectacular view of sunlight streaming onto snow covered mountains, through the open window. Then I felt the biting cold air against my face as I stood at the window, immersing myself in the mountain air. After a quick breakfast of authentic Aloo Paratha and ginger chai, we proceeded towards our first tourist destination – The Hadimba Temple. The Rakshasi Hadimba is said to have lived with her brother Hidimb, in the caves near the temple. The temple is a quaint, square building, and it had a long line stretching around the building. We waited in the line, to seek blessings from the goddess Durga. From the Hadimba temple, we went to Vashisht, a hot water spring. Water that has been heated by the earth’s core rises out from a hole in the ground. This water has great medicinal properties and is said to be a remedy for a number of ailments. A small temple has been built at this location to pay homage to the saint that discovered it. It was an absolute pleasure to feel the natural warm water against our skin. After admiring the hot water springs, we proceeded to the Club House to enjoy some good old adventure sport – River Crossing. The adrenaline rush of being tied onto a rope bounced on a river was truly one of a kind! After a quick afternoon nap, we ventured onto Mall Road for some shopping in the evening. Mall road is a wide double road filled with a myriad of shops ranging from street food and softies to Manali specific clothes and branded stores; you name it you have it! Another specialty of Mall Road is that it is completely barred off for all vehicles, and so it makes you feel like you are transported straight into a 16th century French market. We snacked on delicious vada pav, softies and channa chaat and shopped around quite a bit, returning back to our rooms late at night, with our hands full of bags and our pockets lighter. One of remarkable buys was freshly plucked plums, dates and cherries. Seeing the sky gradually getting covered in dark clouds, we decided to make our way back to the hotel. The next morning, we set out to Rohtang Pass. Rohtang is a snow covered year around, and connects the Kullu Valley to Lahaul and Spiti Valleys. We went there in the middle of May, and so the cover of snow was quite less. There was one snow-ice covered slope and on it was an ocean of tourists in different coloured snow clothes. We had equipped ourselves with clothes suitable for the snow and sticks to walk up the slope, and we proceeded upwards. The view was spectacular! Everywhere you could see green mountains with snow covered tips. A shallow stream flowed out along the pass and we even walked through it to see the view on the other side. After immersing ourselves in the wondrous view, we proceeded onto Solang Valley after a quick lunch at a Dhaba on the way. Solang Valley consists of large stretches of green grass, which are perfect skiing ground in winter. During summer months, activities such as horse riding, paragliding, cable car and zorbing are prevalent. We took a cable car to the top of the hill and viewed the entire valley from the top. After some quick chai at the top, we came back down to the valley. We retired back to our hotel, exhausted from the long day. The next morning, we bid adieu to Manali and proceeded onto Shimla, but that’s a story for another day. Going back to what I was musing about in the beginning – ‘Poetry comes alive where the skies and the earth meet.’ In the mountains, the skies come down to the earth and echo with the songs of the poets, both living and dead. If I stand and close my eyes, I can still feel the curious feeling I felt on top of the mountain - the feeling of the biting cold wind whispering the melodies in my ear. It felt almost unearthly, supernatural, and at that moment I knew I had experienced the true mystique of the mountains.

September 27, 2017 By:
Exploring places has been my interest from a tender age. And if it gets adventurous by any means, its like cherry on the cake. This kind of event happened with me months ago. Due to personal reasons, I had to visit Jaipur without my parents knowing about it. I have to made that trip successful without coming into limelight. And the cities it covered had many relatives of mine. But I booked flight tickets for Delhi from Bhubaneswar when I was returning from hometown for college. Instead of going college hostel, I took my bags and left for Airport. I was feeling nervous and excited both at the same time. As I boarded it took me first to Kolkata where I can just have serene views of Airport. Afterwards I headed for Delhi. I reached Delhi at afternoon, saving time up to evening for exploring Delhi. First I went Connaught Place which has its infrastructure painted in white color. It was a dream to have a sneak peek of India gate and it was standing tall at me. I could definitely understand why its called as Pride of India, Afterwards I went to Chandni Chowk to know how it manages to give a feeling of shop everything you see. It is definitely a hub market for girls. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Delhi and then proceeded to friend's house. The morning crept in making me packing my bags tighter for Jaipur. I travelled in Bus for around 7 hours to reach Sindhi camp. I need to get into a college approx 25 kilometers far. In an unknown city full of ancient decoration, I took an auto for that college and by Google Maps I safely reached it. I went from Bhubaneshwar all the way to Jaipur for that work only. And when it got completed it was the relaxing period. I had one day more for exploring Jaipur. I stayed in Manmuhar hotel which served me well. In morning I took a bus for Amer Fort. Its beauty can not be described in words. It was so high and surrounded by lakes. It also has a facility of people riding on elephants if they get tired. The elephants were decorated in a red cloth. After going up on Amer fort, I realised that time is running out and I have to see atleast one thing more in this travalogue. I took an auto and went for Nahargarh Fort which is the highest. It demanded all of my energy. But the view was worth it. When I came outside, I realised that in a hour I have my train to catch for Bhubaneshwar. I got into the hotel for check out and finally boarded on train. Then after 2 and a half days I reached Bhubaneshwar, my college, where everyone thought that I am coming from my home but the reality was different. I count it as my one of the most adventurous things I tried.

September 26, 2017 By:
I currently live in Chandigarh, India. This travel experience which i am going to share with you is of the time when me and my friends decided to explore the city in which we stay in i.e. Chandigarh. We divided our journey in 2 days Day 1 Location 1 : Sector 46, Chandigarh Time: 10 AM, Date : 1 Sept 2017 we have been planning this trip for few weeks now and finally the day arrived and filled all of us with full enthusiasm and thrill. Although we lived in the same city but due to our busy schedule we never went to see all the popular places. So, this was our chance to live one of the most remembered days of our life. We all set a common point to meet which was the sector 46 market. Each one of us had our two wheeler. We ate our breakfast, had some drinks and started our journey. Location 2 : Sukhna Lake, Time :11AM The weather that day was really pleasant. It rained a day ago which made us worry about the weather but we followed the forecast and it turned out to be really accurate. We parked our vehicles in the parking and went straight towards our destination. The lake was lodged with tourists from all over the world. People were enjoying the boat ride. We could see people from all age groups participating in various activities. The children wanted the swings, the teenagers were waiting in a long queue to get a boat ride ticket, Married couples sat alongside the pavement and enjoyed the view while the aged people sat in groups holding a newspaper and discussing current affairs. We all got the tickets for the boat ride. The one thing i really appreciated was the safety arrangements made during the ride. The ride was extremely refreshing and we all enjoyed a lot. We then got off the boat and walked alongside the lake, sat and had conversations. This location turned out to be really good one. We then moved on to our next location Location 3 : Rock Garden, Time : 2PM The next place where we drove was the Rock Garden. Located in Sector 1, Rock garden is a colourful mosaic of sculptures made from totally waste materials. The place really makes you wonder that when a person decides to do something, he really doesn't need hi tech stuff, it can be done brilliantly from normal products too. We had to walk around the entire place which made us thirsty and hungry at the same time. We had some eatables inside the place and continued exploring the place. We didnt expect the place to be a big one, but it turned out it was really a large one. The sun had set, the time was 6PM and we didnt have a proper lunch. So there was a change in plan and we all went to a place in sector 35 known as Taco Bell to have some Tacos. Location 4 : Taco Bell, Sector 35 Time : 6:30PM We reached the place around 6:30PM. Things went a bit unplanned at this point. We all got tired from walking around the rock garden and decided to cover the rest places the other day. This is the reason of our journey splitting in 2 days. We had some tacos which turned out to be extremely good. This was the last location on Day 1. We rode off to our homes around 7:30PM DAY 2 Location 5 : Fragrance garden, sector 36 Time: 10AM Chandigarh has a lot of gardens to visit. We decided to meet at the fragrance garden which is a lovely place. The day today was a bit hot as compared to yesterday so we didnt really spend much time here. We just met, played UNO for half an hour and left. Our next location was The Shooters Cafe. A friend of mine always wanted to do shooting, so we went there Location 6 : The Shooters Cafe Time : 11:30 AM The shooters cafe is located in mohali, which is just on the outskirts of chandigarh. The Ambience of the place was quite pleasent. They had the cafe on the ground floor and the shooting range was made in the basement. We ate some snacks and went downstairs to try shooting for the first time. The instructor had full knowledge of the equipment and explained really well. After shooting some shots we had lunch at the same place as the food over there had value for money. Location 7 : Sector 17 Plaza Time : 4PM Our last location of the two day journey was The sector 17 plaza. The plaza is an open market which has many showrooms and is a great place to shop. It also has a library. The main attraction of this place was the musical fountain show which started around 7PM. We walked, had some ice cream and enjoyed the show which was free of cost Well thats it, We always wanted to explore our city and visit as many tourist spots as possible. These 2 days were filled with fun. We are really looking forward for our next trip