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Journeys have always fascinated me to the core. Being one of the activities I love the most, travelling not only refreshes me but also give me lots of memories I cling to throughout my lifetime. One such beautiful travel experience is the trip to Maa Vaishno Devi temple in Katra. The abode of my Maa, the supreme power and the Goddess herself. My journey started from the north-eastern state of Assam, from the hustling town of Guwahati. It was a journey with my mother and two of my aunts. We started out on a late February day by Rajdhani express at 7 am. My father and a sister in law came to bid us on this beautiful journey. Though I wanted my sis in law to accompany a lot, she couldn't for some health issues. We were both in tears as the train chugged out of the station whistling through the slums located near the tracks onto the mesmerizing Saraighat Bridge across the River Brahmaputra. I loved train journeys very much, looking out to the fields and is also the place I resort to another most loved activity of mine- reading. The day went by lazily sleeping and reading into the night and then to the next morning. I hardly knew which stations passed by in the midst of the night. We reached Delhi around 1 pm and checked into Mayur Assam hotel in Arakashan road in Paharganj. It was a stay of few hours as we again had a train at night to Jammu. As we had few hours to spare, we roamed the markets in Arakashan road, had lunch and came back to the hotel to rest for some time. Thereafter, we had a train from Old Delhi railway Junction to Jammu Tawi junction at 8.30 pm. We reached Jammu early the morning next day and took a bus from Jammu to holy town Katra. The ride from Jammu to Katra was pleasant crossing small hills into the valley wherefrom we can see the breathtaking view of the route to the Maa Vaishno Devi temple. Once we reached Katra, we checked into a local hotel, ate, bathed and packed light clothes to start for the temple. We had pre-bookings of stay in Gouri Bhawan in the temple premises which is why we took clothes with us. Thereafter, started the long walk to the temple premises. I should surely add here, the 12 km long walk was indeed very refreshing. It is true when people say there is no pain felt when you walk miles to visit your Maa. The road spotted with holy souvenir shops and religious songs gave us company as we reached the entrance of the temple. We walked through the long queue and visited our holy Maa. She was graceful in her abode, the calmness and graceful aura surrounding the whole premises. Words fall short of describing how much I adore her and love her. She is the one and only, the ever power and ever knowing and the supreme amongst all. Once we had her view, we went to the Gouri Bhawan and stayed for the night. We had bookings for the aarti early at 5 am in the morning so we hastily slept off. It was already dark when we woke up for the aarti and got ready to start for the temple again. We witnessed the aarti- the divine prayer to the deity and the call to seek her blessings and love. Thereafter, we went to see Maa once again before leaving for Bhairav mandir on the mountaintop. After reaching Bhairav Mandir by walking 2.5 kms uphill, we offered prayers and then sat awhile there and then took the way back to the base. We reached after around six hours and took rest to our fill. Next day, we did some local shopping and headed for Jammu in a bus. Once we reached there, we stayed for few hours before heading for Delhi in a train. We reached Delhi the next day and stayed in a hotel at Karol Bagh. We had entire two days to spare and we shopped, visited friends and places across Delhi. After the refreshing two days in Delhi, we headed for Guwahati again in the same Rajdhani Express with a hope to come back to Delhi and mostly to visit Maa again in the near future. We reached Guwahati the next evening with my father waiting at the station for us to pick us up. The journey from Guwahati to Maa Vaishno Devi temple was indeed much refreshing and joyful. It is indeed always a happy moment when one visits Maa's abode.

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Last year in June, 2016, I went to USA with my family. My sister had just completed her graduation from California State University and we were meeting her directly at LAX Airport. Our flight landed around 11am in the morning. We got our immigration formalities done and met my sister waiting outside the airport as she had come there by bus from Fresno, Calfornia where she studied. We were so happy to see each other. Since Disneyland is in the city named Anaheim which is a 3-4 hours drive from the LAX airport, we had already booked hotel Marriot international in Anaheim. The shuttle had arrived to pick us from the airport. We had come to an international destination for the very first time. Me and my younger brother were stunned with the beautiful view of the city. The weather was pleasant too. We reached our hotel by 5pm in the evening. The hotel was so luxurious and the weather in Anaheim was windy and it rained later in the evening. We took rest for a while, changed our clothes and went for a walk near the hotel. The next morning we all got ready and a shuttle bus came to pick us from the hotel to drop us at the Disneyland park which was at a 10 minute distance. The tickets for disney park were $200 per person. Everyone was so excited including me as Disneyland was my dream destination since childhood. We reached there. It was so beautiful. We clicked many pictures and took many beautiful rides. There was a huge Mickey wheel in between the park which was a centre of attraction. There were many souvenir shops in the park from where we bought cuttle little mickeymouse hats and stuff. Early in the evening, we sat in the park and there was a beautiful show in the park featuring disney characters. Later at night, a beautiful event took place where huge amount of colourful crackers were burnt in the sky making beautiful creations. It was so eye catching. It was like a dream come true. We went back to the hotel and had our dinner to sleep for the next day's adventure. Next day, shuttle bus came to pick us from the hotel to take us to for the City Tour. It was for around $75 per person. We went to the Santa Monica beach, Hollywood Boulevard street, Madame Taussads and Beverly hills to see the Hollywood sign on the hills. We had so much fun enjoying each and every moment and clicking so many pictures.  We came back to the hotel late in the evening. Next day we did shopping in the nearby mall and headed to the airport to reach our next destination which was Columbus, Ohio to meet my uncle's family. The trip ended with so many fun memories which i will cherish my whole life." alt=""" alt=""" alt=""" alt=""" alt=""

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Hi everyone, I'm Cassin from Chennai now going to narrate my fantastic experience to USA 8 years back. Like it was the period in my 8th grade, I had turned adolescent and my parents planned a trip to States for 2 months since my uncle is there. So, the ineffaceable thing is that we were rejected VISA twice and finally got it in the 3rd attempt after a tiring experience. So things were all fine and started zipping our bags and the plan was like initially  I had to with my grandparents and followed by after 15 days my parents will join us since they are working and couldn't afford to take many breaks from it. So, the day of travel came and me being an intermediate schooling kid had to take the responsibility of taking care of my grandparents too. So I was blue in my face since I had to push all the bags for security checking and move them back to the trolleys. Somehow, the time was up for us to board the flight and went into the flight and delighted by the heartful wishes of those appealing air-hostesses and we took supper covered our blankets soon after fastening our seat belts. So we had to got to Hong-Kong and catch the transit flight from there to Los Angeles, USA. So, finally, we grounded into the US the land of opportunities and reached the exit port after answering the bewildering questions of those immigration officials. Uncle was waiting there for us and I breathed the air of the US (my dream destination) and we later a tight food and a sound sleep. I later visited Disney Land the next day which still comes before my eyes as I'll never forget that day at all. Later we visited Hollywood Universal Studios which I had seen in many many movies commencing after the title. Later we visited San Diego beach and also various malls too. And also visited San Fransico which was a 20000-mile journey in the car. And it came the down-hearted day where we had to leave the bBenevolent country USA. With sad faces, I went ahead into the Los-Angeles Airport and came back to my native land. This was one of my relishing experiences of my life. Even I used to look back at those photos every year and I won't forget those giant sized Strawberries I tasted from the orchard.Life will be blissful if one has some opportunities to taste and never miss it under any circumstances ;)     

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  When most people plan college trips to Goa, we changed our minds and ventured into the unexplored lands of the North East. Most people won't know this but one of the only places in India which follows matriarchial society is Shillong. Here, the man moves to his wife's house after marriage, there is equality apart from the serenity radiating from the lands.  As soon, as we landed on the grounds of Guwahati airport, the cluster of buildings in Delhi altered to rich green paddy fields and the smell of the recent downpour made us dizzy(in a good way) . We crossed the mighty Brahmaputra, the little ferries and fingers crossed to catch a glimpse of river dolphins. The drive from Guwahati to Shillong took about 2 and a half to three hours, the drive was beautiful. Also, as soon as we entered Meghalaya, the sweaty humidity of Guwahati vanished into a perfect weather. The first tourist site which welcomed us was the Barapani lake, which was huge and reminded of the great river in Hogwarts. Then we aclimatised ourselves to the weather on the first day, took a stroll towards the police Bazar( Glorys Plaza and Fancy market is one of the best places to buy clothes and shoes respectively). Treated ourselves to a plate of momos, and rested for the remaining night.  The following day, we started early towards the Shillong peak which is the highest point in Shillong. The weather was slightly cold but the sight was such a treat to the eyes. It was so peaceful and calm, entire Shillong was before us, and it was gorgeous! We had a delightful breakfast consisting of chai and maggi. Next stop was the root bridge. Root bridge is a man made bridge made of rubber trees, built by villagers decades ago. We climbed down a couple of 150 steps to a breathtaking view of the rootbridge, mid way, we gorged down on ripe pineapples and citrusy fruits. Rootbridge was the best memory of my Shillong trip, the clear waters of the stream below, it was hard to believe that a structure so beautiful existed. After climbing up the exhausting stroll, we moved on to the next location, which was Dawki.   Dawki is situated on the India Bangladesh border and is around 60 kms from Shillong, the Dawki waters are so clear that you can see the reflection of your own boat. To boat, we climbed down a rocky trek towards a small beach. We hopped onto narrow kayak like boats and passed through arches and the water was so clear, we could see fish and stones. We had some refreshing cool drinks and lunch in a dhaba enroute to our guest house. The next day we went to a nearby lake called Ward's Lake, boated through the lake, interacted with the local crowd. Also, there's a zoo nearby which has deer, and many species of birds. We also heard that there was a Butterfly Museum nearby but thinking of dead butterflies clipped on glass gave us the creeps. We had lunch in a local restaurant called Bamboo hut, the momos and coffee was delicious. Cafe Shillong is one of the most popular cafes, with live music and one of the only places in India which serve Beef. We were lucky that it wass a weekend, we saw Lou Majou, a popular Shillong artist perform and forced ourselves on delicious food, One of my friends really enjoyed the beef burger though I didn't try. Thukpa and Chocolate shake was sumptous.    Since, we only had a short tripped planned, we went to the Cathedral, which was all in blue matching with the clear blue skies of Shillong. Inside, it was very quiet and peaceful. We roamed around the area, it was huge.  Taking a quick bite from a nearby Cafe Munchies, we drove back to Guwahati along with our hearts full of serenity, peace and calm. Shillong is known as capital and hill station of Meghalaya, also known as "The Abode of Clouds", one of the smallest states in India. With its amazing beauty and breathtaking lakes and rivers it never fails to give you amazing experiences. Share your travel thoughts on travel blogs and if your planning a trip you can join travel forum to get more info.  

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The gaff which I hae already visited is sun temple which is situated at konark. The gaff which gives us divinity,naturality, & pleasuse to us is the scenic beauty of the gaff. it is a vast green area beside the hills and a beautiful river has passed beside it. The flowers and fields r fancy scenery painted by a professional artist. Definitely it is the worth gaff because the natural and the beauty always attracts the mind of customer and pulls em towards the gaff. If yeh visit the gaff once then yeh would fancy to visit to the same gaff again and again. One of the stunning and master piece and significance of the gaff is sun temple where sun rises in the east and first appears in the temple. The rays of sun which touches the temple first and moves after anywhere. The temple was build in a significant manner by the ancient artiest and by the famous king Langula Narshimadev. It was taken 12 years to accomplish the temple.The temple is designed in the shape of chariot with seven horses and twelve wheels, carrying the sun god, Surya, across heavens. It is located at a manageable distance to puri’s Jagannath temple (35 k.m).And it is 65 k.m. away from the capital city Bhubaneswar. The significance of the name of the sun temple konark is Kona and arka .kona means the corner and arka means the sun. In totally which is meaning the worship of god. The European sailor named the temple as black pagoda. This temple is also known as Arkakshetra. One of the significance of the river chandrabhaga is lord Krishna’s son samba was smitten with leprosy due to his fathers curse. Most important think is the visitor r attracted towards the visiting gaff as well as the sea beach. Where they spent lots of time in boating ,swimming and also horse riding. It generally gives em pleasure that’s y they rushes to our country to get the peace of their life. It is ultimately called as rest of their life. There r many places which I hae ever visited and enjoyed r jagannath temple in puri. Which is mostly famous by Lord jagannath the Lord of the whole world and its beach the Bay of Begal. Apart from that there is another gaff which I hae covered up the lake chillika far away 85 from the capital. Which is moatly famous 4 the birds. In the winter season birds migrated from foreign countries and stayed in the lake chilika. And after a few months of duration they returned back to their native gaff. Is it not a beautiful creation ? It was bleedin' interesting and amazing gaff with lots of colourful birds. That’s all my visited gaff that I shared with yeh. If yeh visit to the gaff once I “ll bet 1000 rupees of dosh that yeh must come again and again.

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As the winter holidays arrived the thrill of going places got me. After tremendous persuasion I was able to bring my Dad’s foot in the car, and then there was no looking back. Everyone was excited for this much needed break, whether it is a break from kitchen as for mom or an escape from books as for my younger brother .We all headed in our car to reach the state’s heart INDORE . We dropped down at my aunt’s place at palasia and brought breakfast from the famous vijay chat corner ,56 dukan. There is no match for the indori poha with the spiced up katchori (a puri stuffed with spiced lentils, potato, or beans)and the sugar coated jalebi(sweet dish). After having the breakfast we headed to the shopping destination Rajwada, where you can get vivid variety of material blend with the essence of tradition. If you are in rajwada then you ought to go to kothari market for the rest of your shopping , we had a great time there with the ever fresh coconut crush and the best pakodas in the world. After the evening trail we went for lunch destination gurukripa, after having the delicious kaju kari we headed for khajrana temple also known as bada ganpati , where they say your wishes come true. The clock ticked and we moved to the biggest treasure of indore ,the treasure island ,the mall is a whole package of entertainment where you shop, eat, play ,from tattoos to cotton candies you get all there. The dusk arrived , and when you are in indore you are compelled to have the scrumptious coffee at tinku’s. The trip is still on, we went to the regal park for some site seeing and relaxing, view there was bracing the soul. Spending a quality time we went to have the dinner this time we decided to have the street food at chappan dukan. From dosa to idly to pav bhaji no one can beat the indori spices and taste. If you ever find yourself at chappan go to the ohm’s for having the special indori namkeen for your take away. Dinner is incomplete without dessert , and dessert in indore is incomplete without having the mouth watering kulfi (a type of ice-cream)at sheetal kulfi. After having an amazing day we went back to aunt’s place but only couple of hours for we didn’t eat dinner and now all of us are hungry at 12 o’clock .Where to go at this hour? You need to think that if you were in any other city ,but when you are in indore then the question itself is answer to sarafa bazar, the life of the foodies in indore. Where you have mouth watering jalebi to the sweet drops of rasmalai(sweet dish) to everything the stomach crave at mid of the night. This was it my one day journey to the state’s heart or a Foodie’s life or the shopaholic soul Indore.

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It started off in Feb 2016, when my best friend visited Dharamshala over the weekend. He came back full of stories and excitement. That motivated me to plan my own trip. Planning started right then and there. I googled the places to visit in Dharamshala and what are the must do hikes. I messaged my other best friend would she willing to join us. She said yes. Little did we know that 4 months down the line we would be basking under the sun in Mcleodganj. It wasn't easily planning the trip. Dates had to be coordinated back and forth. Parents needed to be convinced that we were capable of managing by ourself. Tickets needed to be booked. People needed to arrive on time. I still remember standing outside ISBT in New Delhi, convincing the bus conductor to hold on for 5 minutes as my friend was stuck in traffic. I have never felt so scared before. Finally they arrived and we flung our backpacks into the dicky. 10 hours later, we were standing in the centre of Mcleodganj. We checked into the hotel and immediately started our hike to the Gallu Devi temple. ( starting point to triund ) . We completed the 45 minutes trek in 2 hours. Karuna and I thought that we clearly weren't capable of climbing triund which is 5 hours uphill. But I said all we have is our will power. And the next day we took a cab to Gallu Devi to save up our energy and met the boys there. On the way the jeep got stuck in a huge pothole and couldn't come out, it finally did. We did the 5 hour trek and I have never felt more accomplished in my life.. Along the way, there are a lot of famous cafés. And the people we met there, we're so nice. Karuna after 3 hours of trekking gave up and said she couldn't complete it, and Trekkers sitting next to us heard her and said "you have too, you didn't come all the here, to go back without full filling it. You can do it, its not that hard. "And she cried with joy. And we actually completed it and treated ourself with Nutella pancakes on top. This was a trip of a lifetime and I truly believe dreams come true if you work hard enough and believe in it when no one else can,. This was my dream. What is yours,

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We want a trip to Himachal for 10 days from Kolkata, in May 2017. Though it is too long time to come, but we are planning from now, because we wanted it by flight from kolkata to delhi, not by train, to save travel time. Any enthusiastic, energetic person, aged between [21-35][ male/female] can join contact us.(Musician, photographers are more preferred) One can join us at New Delhi too, if he/she could not wish or not able to avail flight, or coming from any different city. Plan includes monastery stay, river side Camping, small trekking, paragliding, etc. for details, please contact through this email: or ping me at facebook:

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Theme Based Camping on 12 Nov 16 At Blue Green Exotica Mandangadh Mumbai Event Theme “TAMASHA” Don’t Reveal Yourself Be Yourself See video for theme details About The Location Blue Green Exotica Camping resort is a 120 Acre lush green forest property with 1 acre of lawns and landscaping. There is a seasonal stream flowing through the one side of the resort. Scattered inside this lush green area are our tents, Waterfall and other facilities with ample open spaces. The Jungle Resort Blue Green Exotica carries out jungle and river trekking with guide around you giving information of the various Fauna and medicinal plants, endemic to these jungles. Activities – • Sunset point at Mandangadh Fort • River Trekking • Jungle Trekking • Campfire with Theme Based Drama / Dance /Music • BBQ • Night Trail • Tent stay • Theme Based Act • Music / Dance • Boating • Snorkelling • Swimming in Waterfall with life jacket Schedule 12 Nov 2016 • 10 am starting from Mumbai • 3 pm- 4 pm Location Jungle Resort Blue Green Exotica • 4:00 pm -5:00 pm evening tea and snacks • 5:00 pm -7:00 pm Mandangadh fort and sunset point visit • 7:30 pm back to camp • 8:00pm -9:30 pm barbecue n camp fire session ( Dance Drama Music ) • 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm night trail • 10:00pm -11:00 pm dinner • Go to sleep in tents 13 Nov 2016 • 8:30am -9:30 am break fast • 9:30 am -10:00 am jungle trekking • 10:00 am -1:30 pm waterfall visit, boating n Snorkelling . • 1:30pm -2:30 pm lunch then back to Mumbai Imagine a camping trip with such beautiful surrounding, delicious food and the opportunity to make new friends. Our Theme of camping will surely make this camping unforgettable Return Gift :- All trip’s experiences we will capture in our camera and we will make film of that and we will showcase that on our youtube channel .You can download film also from youtube if you want to keep it with. Cost – 3300 Rs per person Bank Details – Account Holder name - Gaurav Arora Account number – 6111492017 Ifsc Code – KKBK0000680 Refund Policy – 50% refund on 3 days prior cancelation else no refund Inclusions: 1. Accommodation in Tents on Triple Sharing basis (Three in one tent) 2. Boating trekking 3. Meals during the trip (Dinner-Breakfast-Lunch) with tea and & welcome drink 4. All permissions, Toll, Taxes 5. Video Shoot Charges of complete event 6. Expertise Charges Exclusions: 1. Any transfer from Mumbai to location (sharing vehicle available on actual cost) 2. Lunch on Day 01 3. Anything mentioned than above Things to be carried: • Backpack • Some ready to eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits etc • Towel/Napkins, Extra pair of clothes • Good footwear(preferably Shoes) with good grip • Torch • Personal medicines. (if u require usually/Optional) • Wind Cheater (Compulsory) • 2-3 bunch of papers • Other things as per your choice So What Are You Waiting For ? Join us for camping For Detail contact – Whatsapp – 9702131615 Call on - 022-42669262 Mob - 9819673732 Mail us on - Visit Our website – Facebook Page – Note – * Drinking alcohol and smoking strictly not allowed. ** We do take utmost care of every member of the group during the event but still each member will be responsible for his/her own safety and baggage. * The leader's decision will be final and binding on all.

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It was just as I thought.Malshej ghat its a place 150k.m from Pune.I went there on my bike with one of my friend.The road trip was too much exciting,the roads are zig-zag throughout the ghat.The view on the other side is just like a picture.Mountains so huge,clouds kissing your cheeks.If you are a traveller you will definitely fall in love with that place.There is a small temple along the road side of the ghat.Monkeys are there.If you guys are planning for a long drive,then it should be Malshej Ghat.