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Exploring places has been my interest from a tender age. And if it gets adventurous by any means, its like cherry on the cake. This kind of event happened with me months ago. Due to personal reasons, I had to visit Jaipur without my parents knowing about it. I have to made that trip successful without coming into limelight. And the cities it covered had many relatives of mine. But I booked flight tickets for Delhi from Bhubaneswar when I was returning from hometown for college. Instead of going college hostel, I took my bags and left for Airport. I was feeling nervous and excited both at the same time. As I boarded it took me first to Kolkata where I can just have serene views of Airport. Afterwards I headed for Delhi. I reached Delhi at afternoon, saving time up to evening for exploring Delhi. First I went Connaught Place which has its infrastructure painted in white color. It was a dream to have a sneak peek of India gate and it was standing tall at me. I could definitely understand why its called as Pride of India, Afterwards I went to Chandni Chowk to know how it manages to give a feeling of shop everything you see. It is definitely a hub market for girls. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring Delhi and then proceeded to friend's house. The morning crept in making me packing my bags tighter for Jaipur. I travelled in Bus for around 7 hours to reach Sindhi camp. I need to get into a college approx 25 kilometers far. In an unknown city full of ancient decoration, I took an auto for that college and by Google Maps I safely reached it. I went from Bhubaneshwar all the way to Jaipur for that work only. And when it got completed it was the relaxing period. I had one day more for exploring Jaipur. I stayed in Manmuhar hotel which served me well. In morning I took a bus for Amer Fort. Its beauty can not be described in words. It was so high and surrounded by lakes. It also has a facility of people riding on elephants if they get tired. The elephants were decorated in a red cloth. After going up on Amer fort, I realised that time is running out and I have to see atleast one thing more in this travalogue. I took an auto and went for Nahargarh Fort which is the highest. It demanded all of my energy. But the view was worth it. When I came outside, I realised that in a hour I have my train to catch for Bhubaneshwar. I got into the hotel for check out and finally boarded on train. Then after 2 and a half days I reached Bhubaneshwar, my college, where everyone thought that I am coming from my home but the reality was different. I count it as my one of the most adventurous things I tried.

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Hi! In there´r my favourite places in Ahmedabad. I love India & I hope you enjoy reading about my selection of places in Ahmedabad: so you can do the trips whenever you feel like. Also, you can join for more info/photos & please do feel free to share your experiencies, trips... (IndiaHelpsYou is the translation into English from the Spanish site IndiaTeAyuda) Since we have something in common: we love travelling, you can check some of my videos: I hope you see you soon! Rachel

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Sahara Desert Camping at Merzouga, Morocco   Among all my travels, the one experience that stays on top for the sweet memories I made is the Desert Camping experience in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. My sole purpose of this trip was to set my foot into the largest desert on the planet. A basic expectation none the less but I was astounded by so many surprises that I encountered which made it more than just immersing myself into the sands of the Sahara. To begin with, I took the backpacking way. I flew to Marrakech from Barcelona. After settling into the sights and sounds of the Arab world, which Marrakech provides in excess, I travelled to Merzouga, the topic of this blog. Merzouga is a small desert town dedicated to hosting tourists to give them the true Saharan experience, it is very close to the border to Algeria. Along this route from Marrakech to Merzouga, I passed through Aït Benhaddou and Tinghir, each city having its own unique landscape to offer. Reaching Merzouga is a 7-hour bus journey from Tinghir. As I alighted from the AC bus from Supra Travels at around 10.30 pm, I could feel the cold air chilling my bones. The accommodation where I booked the night to stay with, had arranged a taxi which picked me up from the centre of the town to the hotel. The streets looked mostly deserted and I just settled in my room when I was served dinner. I had hardly eaten anything all day long during the bus journey. The host, a very hospitable man knew I was famished and cooked the most amazing Berber omelette. It is fried onion and tomato with Moroccan spices with eggs, baked in a tanjine, the traditional cookware from Morocco we have all seen on TV. Served with bread and some olive oil, I gobbled it all and went to sleep. The next morning, I woke up to the first rays of the sun to find myself in a locale which had an orange hue. I stepped out to explore the dunes which were right next to my accommodation. I was definitely amazed at the vast expanse of the desert, with each dune looking bigger than the other. While the sand in Rajasthan looks yellow, the sand in Sahara is bright orange. The almost clear blue sky, with few white fluffy clouds astray too, reflected the orange hue of the Sahara. I had nice breakfast on the terrace and packed my bags for the desert camping, organized by the owner of the accommodation himself. As a travel tip, always try to negotiate, instead of agreeing to the price quoted, you can compare prices with other dealers in the town to understand the average. Different packages have different price slabs, I chose the basic one which included the camel ride and the overnight camping in the middle of the desert. We were a group of travellers and we started the journey towards the evening, where the camels were strapped with the necessary food supply for the night and we were accompanied by the guides who were none other than men from the Berber tribe, very typical of this region. Each one of us mount a camel and we set off on our journey into the desert. This is when you truly experience the Sahara. Sand dune after sand dune, with the town distancing itself behind you, the camel ride felt great, your body moving in rhythm to the camel’s movement. Very different and fun to do, you might feel like your back is going to snap any moment though. Oh, not to forget, if you are busy clicking pictures and for a moment and let go of the wooden handle for grip, chances are you will end up at the camel’s feet, smack on your face. The reason we leave at 4pm is to avoid the merciless afternoon heat of the desert to which we are not accustomed to and also to be just in time to catch the sunset from the tallest dune and head to the camp, for some authentic entertainment from the Berbers! Since it was a December evening, the air was cold but the sun was shining bright – mix of cold air but your skin feels the burn from the sun. Every now and then there is a gush of wind, with all the fine sand particles in your face and hair and you wonder if there is a sand storm brewing somewhere. This journey gives you a fantastic view of the dunes, though they look small at a distance, only when one group splits from yours and takes a different route for fun, you can scale the actual height of the dune like in the pic below. After the fun camel ride, we finally reach the camp site, where you relish a beautiful sunset, a bright red sparkling dot diving into the horizon. I did some sandboarding for the first time and it is definitely thrilling. You will be amazed by the variety of the crowd who are traveling with you. After the sunset and night falls, everybody gathers at a common area to relish some tea. The quintessential drink of the Moroccans, you just cannot stop sipping on this tea. This is your time to socialize and break the ice over tea. There were a bunch of people from the United States of America, Canada, Portugal, Japan, China and us, Indians. We exchanged our travel experiences and met a few foreign travellers who knew more of India as a travel destination than most of us would like to acknowledge. And then, the food started coming in. Bread with some vegetable side dish and then rice with chicken and potatoes baked in the tajine. It was a sumptuous meal when the hosts called us all outside to gather around the fire. This is where we get to know the hosts well. The guys who guided the camels through the desert on foot were the same guys who made tea and cooked dinner for us. These are people from the Berber tribe who are very typical of North Africa, who have their own language and customs. They live on the go, leading a very sustainable life with their herd of cattle moving to the grasslands during winter and to the mountains in summer to feed them. With the climate changing slowly and life getting harsher, few have switched to jobs in the tourism industry which involves activities like desert safari and desert camping. We all sat around the fire when the Berbers sang songs with great zest and the noise of the drums beating filling the cold night air of the Sahara. They told us that these were the songs they sing within their community to bond with each other every night. After the singing, we discussed about the kind of lifestyles we all live, for a moment asking ourselves if living a life like a Berber, ‘on the go’ without any expectations from the future was a way to live or the current one we all lead, making investments and elaborate plans. And not to forget our constant attachment to modern technology whereas they live a life of bliss with nothing but the moon, the stars, the desert, their cattle and their people. Now, it was almost 11pm in the night, we were all tired after today’s adventure and we all said good night to each other. This is when I ventured out from the group and scaled a nearby sand dune and laid out my sleeping bag, staring in to the perfectly clear night sky. With the cold breeze and beautiful shooting stars every now and then, I was lost in the beauty of the Milky Way made me felt closer to nature than ever before. I drew imaginary lines connecting the stars. I later went inside my tent and slept for the night as the wind grew harsher and the night turned colder. I woke up the next day for ringing bells, their call to wake us up. We all caught the sunrise and that was the end of our desert camping trip. We took amazing shots of the silhouettes of camel on the dune against the sun. The return journey had an awkward silence in the air as nobody wanted to leave just yet. But as life has it, we need to move on. When we reached the town of Merzouga on camelbacks, I bid adieu to the new friends I had made, wishing them good luck, freshening myself up and packing my bags to head to the next destination – Fez, the cultural capital of Morocco.

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Do you ever just wake up and realise that your soul needs a vacation, just a few days out of your monotonous routine and the unwanted honking and shrieking that your city has to offer? Well, that happens with me pretty much all the time. But little can we always put our wishful plans into action. But sometimes, when God and just about everything around you conspires to put your thoughts into action, that is when you realise how thankful and lucky you are and how unimaginably exciting the next few days are going to be.  On one such day in April last year, my dad realised that our not so happening daily routines are taking a toll on us, and that is when he decided to take us on a road trip to Rishikesh for the ever so famous white water rafting. The land of the mighty Ganga, not so far away from Delhi, but far enough to let the soul breathe some fresh air. so we packed our bags and were soon on our way, in the car, singing crazy songs at the top of our voice and clicking pictures, obviously. Road trips with family are always exciting. Halfway through our journey to Rishikesh, we took a stop at Cheetal Grand Resort to gorge on some scrumptious sandwiches, parathas, french fries and an all time favourite cold coffee.  It took us about two more hours to reach Rishikesh, and throughout our way, we saw a lot of billboards displaying the Flying Fox Adventure Sports advertisements. The very attention seeking adventure sports prompted us to give it a try and we soon reached their office. In no time, we were thrilled for what was going to be our very first bungee jumping experience. EVER. a little more wait post the form filling formalities, and there I was, at the bungee bridge constructed 85 meters, right above the beautifully curving river Ganga. Looking at all those people going before me sure sent chills down my spine, seeing their scared faces and hesitation to fall free, but everything inside me boosted me up with excitement and courage that I never knew I had. That is when I knew this was going to be the best experience of my life so far, something that was going to do me proud of myself. Standing at that high bridge, with the winds resonating their best wishes in my ears, I chose to go, before my siblings. That is how accelerated I was. Taking in that beautiful view of the river, waiting for me down there, the hills talking to me in a language that only I could decipher at that time, it was my "DO OR DIE" moment. And I obviously don't plan to die so soon. Standing there at the edge, I knew I had to let go of everything that has ever held me back and just LET GO. It was in that moment I realised how liberating this feeling of just letting it all go is.  My whole world changed with that one jump. every atom of me was proud of me. I never knew I had it in me to do something so thrilling, that gives you all the rush and chills at the same time, making it hard for you to believe that you just did something like that. That inexplicable feeling only seemed to grow with every passing moment. I may not have done something so big to achieve a gallantry award, just an "I'VE GOT GUTS" certificate from Flying Fox, but this sure was a proud moment for me. That experience, combined with so much more, taught me that travel is the best teacher one needs, to pass this journey of life with flying colours.  Everything that I ever need to learn about life is there, in the beautiful views, the natural tints of pinks and greens, the less travelled paths, in facing the unknown.  I feel, to TRAVEL is the most enlivening thing one could bless their soul with. people always talk about how they would narrate their love stories to their kids. But I would rather tell tales of my travels, of just how beautiful our planet is, that our mothers might be the best cooks for us in the whole world,  but there are so many hands out there that can add a magical taste to a simple pre-flavoured bowl of Maggi noodles, which are best enjoyed at chilly hill stations.  A zeal to discover, a boundless mind, a heart capable of giving and receiving equally, a pair of legs to map the most mesmerising yet untrodden paths. all this, and we will have a fortune full of memories, a proof that we are actually "living" life and not just barely "existing". It's the breathtaking views, that can always take away our blues. And that is why I want to travel the world, till kingdom comes.    Have you ever done bungee jumping?? If so share your experiences on eChutti travel blogs and traveller club.      

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We want a trip to Himachal for 10 days from Kolkata, in May 2017. Though it is too long time to come, but we are planning from now, because we wanted it by flight from kolkata to delhi, not by train, to save travel time. Any enthusiastic, energetic person, aged between [21-35][ male/female] can join contact us.(Musician, photographers are more preferred) One can join us at New Delhi too, if he/she could not wish or not able to avail flight, or coming from any different city. Plan includes monastery stay, river side Camping, small trekking, paragliding, etc. for details, please contact through this email: or ping me at facebook:

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We are four friends who wants to travel north east with less amount and majorly using public transport!! We would love if anyone of you can join us !!

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i Am looking to companion , to explore delhi, i am highly educated, i have 4 nights in delhi in 5 star hotel, "female" i am not indian, speaking english :)