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Hi! In there´r my favourite places in Ahmedabad. I love India & I hope you enjoy reading about my selection of places in Ahmedabad: so you can do the trips whenever you feel like. Also, you can join for more info/photos & please do feel free to share your experiencies, trips... (IndiaHelpsYou is the translation into English from the Spanish site IndiaTeAyuda) Since we have something in common: we love travelling, you can check some of my videos: I hope you see you soon! Rachel

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A wonderful visit to Devbhumi (literally "Land of the Gods") - Uttarakhand . Planning from the last year to visit a hill station in the monsoon season has come true this year. Dated 5 August 2017 mind set full of positivity filled up with all the positive vibes to spend some time in the cool environment amidst the greenery and the mountain freely all away from home specially parents. Packing for journey in excitement mood had almost caught up all the house ! Actions were speaking louder than our voice. All the necessary things were packed including Clothes , Glasses case , Scarf , Cell phone and Charger , Ear plugs etc. Eatable items Peanut butter Sandwiches , Chips , Chocolates were carried with us. Me and my friends set to our journey by 7 o clock sitting in the Uttarakhand Travellers bus which was well maintained and structured by seeing to it the happiness doubled. The reason behind travelling through bus was to discover all the adventurous things that were undiscovered , it was like we all neither wanted to reach to our destination early nor late. At 10 O clock we had our dinner at the famous spot ‘Gajrola’ and we experienced how much fun it is at night time to have dinner with friends at food stalls outside home. We were even glad to see ‘Pahadi’ dishes that were being served to people we had the taste in our mouth but our stomach were full that why we could not have it. After starting from ‘Gajrola’ we came into the bus took of our ear plugs and all the way we went listening songs. At 3 O clock we reached ‘Ramnagar’ we had heard that sweets of this place are very famous and good in taste so we got done of the bus and purchased 1 box of sweets . We had to wait in Ramnagar for 1 hour as it was mandatory for the bus driver to at least have a rest of 1 hour. Then as soon as we crossed ‘Ramnagar’ the gentle touch of cold breeze touched our face and soul we all were feeling a bit sleepy but after experiencing this we all became active we opened the windows and started looking out and started observing the nature. We all friends together jolie hooted We even came across the way of ‘Jim Corbett National Park’ as it was too early in the morning we were able to see few creatures also like birds , elephant , deer , cows , monkeys etc. We captured all these in our camera including the beautiful scenery of all the way including the most famous ‘garjiya’ mandir too. We even behaved in a crazy manner rest passengers were also amazed to see our happiness. At every spot a selfi of our friends and picture of nature was being clicked we did not stop till the battery got dull. At 11 O clock the bus bored us at our relevant stop in the morning we were soo happy to see our destination . We thanked the driver for being a part of our journey and we moved on…

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Manali is truly one of the best famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, India for spending holiday with our family member. That was a promising day - my tour to Manali in Himachal Pradesh. I am a man who loves to travel long distances but while making a trip to Manali I nodded off. My mother woke me up to state we had come to. The minute I opened my eyes I was astonished - blue skies, white mountains, green land. It was extremely icy as well. We remained in a hotel close to the stream Beach. From the window of my room I could see the Rohtang pass. It was completely secured with snow. I haven't seen such a wonderful mountain ever some time recently. It was an amazing experience!! At Solang valley, we had the option of jumping from three heights. Initially I was a bit hesitant, but ultimately chose the highest point. First we went up via trolley. Then we trekked to reach the paragliding point that was a few meters down. I was quite nervous when we reached there. The thought of jumping from a mountain cliff does sound scary, doesn't it?? Manali is a really beautiful place indeed! Infact the way to Manali will give you an amazing view to look at if you choose to go by Car/Bus. One thing to keep in mind while booking a hotel is to choose the one which is near to Mall road! And make sure the hotel has a good view from balcony or window because if you are not waking up to a beautiful view its certainly a big miss! Best places to visit is Manali is 1.Solang Valley 2. Gulaba 3. Rohtang 4. Jugni Falls 5. Hidimba Temple 6. Cafes in Old Manali and if you are a Snow Lover! Just like me! then prefer going in December ! Thats the best time to visit Manali!

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  When most people plan college trips to Goa, we changed our minds and ventured into the unexplored lands of the North East. Most people won't know this but one of the only places in India which follows matriarchial society is Shillong. Here, the man moves to his wife's house after marriage, there is equality apart from the serenity radiating from the lands.  As soon, as we landed on the grounds of Guwahati airport, the cluster of buildings in Delhi altered to rich green paddy fields and the smell of the recent downpour made us dizzy(in a good way) . We crossed the mighty Brahmaputra, the little ferries and fingers crossed to catch a glimpse of river dolphins. The drive from Guwahati to Shillong took about 2 and a half to three hours, the drive was beautiful. Also, as soon as we entered Meghalaya, the sweaty humidity of Guwahati vanished into a perfect weather. The first tourist site which welcomed us was the Barapani lake, which was huge and reminded of the great river in Hogwarts. Then we aclimatised ourselves to the weather on the first day, took a stroll towards the police Bazar( Glorys Plaza and Fancy market is one of the best places to buy clothes and shoes respectively). Treated ourselves to a plate of momos, and rested for the remaining night.  The following day, we started early towards the Shillong peak which is the highest point in Shillong. The weather was slightly cold but the sight was such a treat to the eyes. It was so peaceful and calm, entire Shillong was before us, and it was gorgeous! We had a delightful breakfast consisting of chai and maggi. Next stop was the root bridge. Root bridge is a man made bridge made of rubber trees, built by villagers decades ago. We climbed down a couple of 150 steps to a breathtaking view of the rootbridge, mid way, we gorged down on ripe pineapples and citrusy fruits. Rootbridge was the best memory of my Shillong trip, the clear waters of the stream below, it was hard to believe that a structure so beautiful existed. After climbing up the exhausting stroll, we moved on to the next location, which was Dawki.   Dawki is situated on the India Bangladesh border and is around 60 kms from Shillong, the Dawki waters are so clear that you can see the reflection of your own boat. To boat, we climbed down a rocky trek towards a small beach. We hopped onto narrow kayak like boats and passed through arches and the water was so clear, we could see fish and stones. We had some refreshing cool drinks and lunch in a dhaba enroute to our guest house. The next day we went to a nearby lake called Ward's Lake, boated through the lake, interacted with the local crowd. Also, there's a zoo nearby which has deer, and many species of birds. We also heard that there was a Butterfly Museum nearby but thinking of dead butterflies clipped on glass gave us the creeps. We had lunch in a local restaurant called Bamboo hut, the momos and coffee was delicious. Cafe Shillong is one of the most popular cafes, with live music and one of the only places in India which serve Beef. We were lucky that it wass a weekend, we saw Lou Majou, a popular Shillong artist perform and forced ourselves on delicious food, One of my friends really enjoyed the beef burger though I didn't try. Thukpa and Chocolate shake was sumptous.    Since, we only had a short tripped planned, we went to the Cathedral, which was all in blue matching with the clear blue skies of Shillong. Inside, it was very quiet and peaceful. We roamed around the area, it was huge.  Taking a quick bite from a nearby Cafe Munchies, we drove back to Guwahati along with our hearts full of serenity, peace and calm. Shillong is known as capital and hill station of Meghalaya, also known as "The Abode of Clouds", one of the smallest states in India. With its amazing beauty and breathtaking lakes and rivers it never fails to give you amazing experiences. Share your travel thoughts on travel blogs and if your planning a trip you can join travel forum to get more info.  

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The gaff which I hae already visited is sun temple which is situated at konark. The gaff which gives us divinity,naturality, & pleasuse to us is the scenic beauty of the gaff. it is a vast green area beside the hills and a beautiful river has passed beside it. The flowers and fields r fancy scenery painted by a professional artist. Definitely it is the worth gaff because the natural and the beauty always attracts the mind of customer and pulls em towards the gaff. If yeh visit the gaff once then yeh would fancy to visit to the same gaff again and again. One of the stunning and master piece and significance of the gaff is sun temple where sun rises in the east and first appears in the temple. The rays of sun which touches the temple first and moves after anywhere. The temple was build in a significant manner by the ancient artiest and by the famous king Langula Narshimadev. It was taken 12 years to accomplish the temple.The temple is designed in the shape of chariot with seven horses and twelve wheels, carrying the sun god, Surya, across heavens. It is located at a manageable distance to puri’s Jagannath temple (35 k.m).And it is 65 k.m. away from the capital city Bhubaneswar. The significance of the name of the sun temple konark is Kona and arka .kona means the corner and arka means the sun. In totally which is meaning the worship of god. The European sailor named the temple as black pagoda. This temple is also known as Arkakshetra. One of the significance of the river chandrabhaga is lord Krishna’s son samba was smitten with leprosy due to his fathers curse. Most important think is the visitor r attracted towards the visiting gaff as well as the sea beach. Where they spent lots of time in boating ,swimming and also horse riding. It generally gives em pleasure that’s y they rushes to our country to get the peace of their life. It is ultimately called as rest of their life. There r many places which I hae ever visited and enjoyed r jagannath temple in puri. Which is mostly famous by Lord jagannath the Lord of the whole world and its beach the Bay of Begal. Apart from that there is another gaff which I hae covered up the lake chillika far away 85 from the capital. Which is moatly famous 4 the birds. In the winter season birds migrated from foreign countries and stayed in the lake chilika. And after a few months of duration they returned back to their native gaff. Is it not a beautiful creation ? It was bleedin' interesting and amazing gaff with lots of colourful birds. That’s all my visited gaff that I shared with yeh. If yeh visit to the gaff once I “ll bet 1000 rupees of dosh that yeh must come again and again.

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They say, ‘ Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuffs to show ’. Therefore, today i am going to put my storyteller's cap on and take out a leaf from my travel book. Everyone has their own way of dealing with predicament. Mine being bag packing and going out to an unplanned destination, its beauty being that you can expect a lot of surprises and also discover your hidden potential to deal with obstacles that life places on your path.   It was 2009, I was sent to hostel right after my 10th. It was the phase, when my life flipped upside down and like every other teenager; adjustments and being rebellious was part of the routine. So one fine day, I packed my bags and left the hostel early morning. So much for a spontaneity. Isn't it? That is what i think recalling that incident now.   The journey begins I boarded a city bus, still unsure of my destination, I reached Paltan Bazar which is a busiest market area in Guwahati. This is where you can find trains and buses to take you out of the city. There are also various locals with their commercial vehicle, willing to take you into nearby states like Arunachal, Shillong, Sikkim etc. on sharing or individual basis.   Destination decision I chose my destination to be Mawlynlong, a remote village in Meghalaya which is famous for being the cleanest village in Asia and also for nearby “living root bridges”. This bridge is made out of roots of living trees which is carefully engineered by Khasi tribe (a majority tribe of Meghalaya). Not only Mawlynlong, but one can also find living root bridges near Cherrapunji and other areas.   Hitting the road I booked a four wheeler and was welcomed by passengers from all walks of life. Someone was holding a baby, another was carrying a vegetable basket and a goat. The road was scenic and it takes 3 hours to reach shillong, capital of Meghalaya depending on the road conditions. But, mind you roads are hell especially during rainy season.   Meeting strangers At about 10 am, I reached Shillong and had wonderful brunch at a tiny restaurant. I saw a group of kids with their three teachers. The kids were mostly 10 year olds and their teachers were having hard time controlling them. I befriended some of them and learned that one of the teacher was Manipuri and being a Manipuri myself we hit it off easily. I managed to convince them to tag me along to Cherrapunji as they were also headed that way. To be honest, I was short on cash and my plan was mostly to hitch hike. I reached Cherrapunji which is about 2 hours from shillong. I stopped there for a while and saw waterfalls. The beauty of Cherrapunji is that it rains mostly at night and it is the wettest place on earth. It experiences heaviest rainfall during April to August. It is advisable to go during September and November.   The ‘’ Living root bridge’’ So, coming back to my story, I managed to get a vehicle on sharing basis and set off for Mawlynlong. This time, I found a group of teenagers just like me going for a trip to see the living root bridges. Locals told me that the bridge can last up to 100 years or maybe more than that depending on the tree. The teenagers were heading for Dawki which is famous for its river. I decided to join them for the next day trip to Dawki river.   Resting for the night with village folks I stayed in Mawlynlong for the night. The reason being was i didnt just wanted to see only the main attractions and leave. I wanted to go to some unexplored and least travelled places. During a conversation with restaurant owners, I found out that it is possible to stay at a local’s home for some amount of money. A kind old man let me in along with other two girls from the group. The rest of the group managed to negotiate with the other locals. I had my best chicken stew that night in that old man’s place. Next morning, the grandson of that old man guided us to living root bridges and also various streams and waterfalls.   Falling in love with the river Dawki At afternoon, we left for Dawki and after reaching the riverside, I found myself captivated by the beauty of the river. I didn't wanted to leave the place because it was so enchanting. The group did some water sports while I was busy exploring the area.   Returning with bag full of memories At evening, we decided to leave and on the way towards Shillong, we stopped at the most ordinary looking restaurant run by an old lady and she served us the most tastiest meal ever. By the time I reached Shillong, it was already past 10. I called up a friend who lives in Shillong and stayed over her place for the night and headed back to guwahati the next day. It was an amazing experience and made some really cool friends. This was one of my unplanned trips and I have been traveling alone since then though in groups sometimes. In the words of Lao Tzu, ‘ A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving ‘.   P. S- The trip was back before camera phones existed and i wasn't carrying a digital camera either. So i don't have any pictures of that trip.

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For a young woman who was trapped in a 9 to 7 internship routine throughout summer, a long weekend in the pleasant month of August turns out to be a blessing in disguise. In order to get away from work pressure as well as academic blues, this woman (i.e. myself) chalked out a short trip to the ‘Pink City’ from August 20th until 22nd; in order to indulge in shear relaxation and exploration. I did not wish to burn a hole in my pocket by booking an air ticket neither did I have enough time to take a 7 hour long train journey hence, I decided to drive down to the vibrant city of Jaipur. What next? Well, which hotel should I check in at? Honestly, I did not want to compromise on this front and wanted to relax at a hotel that in itself is an eye-candy even if I do not step out at all; hence I chose ‘Savai Mann Singh Rest Rooms’ by Taj, located right next to the Rambagh Palace. Day 1 With an archaic yellow suitcase and 2 hand bags full of ‘Farsaan’ and ‘Aloo Puri’, my drive began at 6 in the morning and I had set foot in the hotel at 11AM, sharp. Through the beautiful ‘Aravalis’ into the city of hues, it was a comfortable drive with no potholes on the roads and moderate sort of traffic. As I got the keys for room number 410, I entered a royal and beautiful room and because I had asked for a garden view, I spotted this beautiful peacock sitting right outside, probably waiting for his beloved before they could pull off a dance! After some 10 minutes of being awestruck and a nap of about 2 hours, I went in for a quick swim in the hotel pool and ordered some lip-smacking pool side snacks to get rid of ALL the fatigue. Later in the evening, I walked into the Rambagh Palace for a stroll and the shutterbug within my soul said ‘Time for some night light photography maybe?’ hence, I clicked these pictures – (Thanks to the weather for such a beautiful skyline though) Post the photography hour, I thought to myself- ‘What does one need at the end of a long day? Good Food? Indeed’ And so, I ordered a special Rajasthani Thali for dinner which consisted of ‘Marwari Kadhi’, ‘Gatte Ki Sabzi’, ‘Nawab-e-Paneer’ and home cooked ‘Dal (Plus desserts, all for Rs. 800) and honestly, this thali tasted much better than what one would get at ‘Chokhi Dhani’ which is a Marwari style ‘village fair’ located at the outskirts of Jaipur. Day 2 Being the OCD sort of person that I am, I booked an 8 hour cab for day two in order to explore all the heritage that I could within a day! Oh and not to miss, who wouldn’t want to hit the local markets in a city such as Jaipur? So the day began at 11PM and I quickly asked the driver to drive me down to the famous ‘Bapu Bazaar’ and neighbouring ‘Johari Bazaar’, both famous for Rajasthani craft items and jewellery. The market was brimming with traditional looking earrings, neck pieces, bangles, bags, kurtas and of course ‘Jootis’. I ended up spending some 4K on shopping but the highlights of course were these ‘Jootis’ I bought for myself and my best friend. Further, I took a pause for lunch at a local restaurant around 1.30 and then started for ‘Hawa Mahal’ around 2PM which is a palace situated right next to the Tourist Palace Market, so named because it was essentially a high screen wall built so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from the outside. As I stood in front of this sandstone giant, I sensed wind in my hair and a storm of good vibes entered my cluttered head, thereby making me feel extremely peaceful. The next heritage site on my checklist was ‘Jal Mahal’ which is a palace situated in the middle of the ‘Man Sarovar Lake’ which turned out to be a 20 minute ‘rainy’ drive from Hawa Mahal. As I got off from the car, the rain had stopped pouring and the sun was shining through the clouds; rays being filtered onto the structure as well as the surrounding hills and hence I started struggling for the perfect shot to capture on my camera. As I clicked this picture and got back into the conveyance, the driver told me that all other heritage sites would close down by 3.30 which meant that we would not be allowed to go inside. I felt disappointed for a while but decided to strike off each site from my checklist even if that meant laying eyes on the monuments only from the outside and hence we then marched towards Amer Fort which is a principal tourist attraction in Jaipur. I couldn’t stop staring at this wonderful structure and the complimentary sky line until the driver honked and asked me about my last destination which was ‘Albert’s Hall’. ‘ The foundation of this museum was laid during the visit of the Prince of Wales in 1876 which today stands as a museum of Industrial Arts’ said the driver. Of course I couldn’t go in but, have you ever seen so many crows in one spot in Delhi/NCR ever? I was surrounded by their ‘caws’ for over half an hour and finally, I asked the driver to drop me off at the MI road for dinner. Post meal, I headed to the hotel for a comfortable sleep as I had to leave for home the next morning. There’s nothing better than home, but at times; different is good! All in all, the pink city indeed is a visual treat; it’s like food for the soul but pink? It’s not so pink after all! Do visit this city, when in a desperate need for relaxation coupled with beauty! Cheers. Plan your trip to pink city of India Japipur using eChutti trip planner. You can find travel partner if your traveling solo to enjoy the journey. 

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From pristine untouched lakes to serene and lush hills. From the meditative sounds of the Shanti stupas to the tantalizing local cuisine and views to die for; Ladakh is a once in a lifetime magical experience for all the senses, too amazing to even be fully conveyed via writing A perfect cocoon of nature and man residing in peaceful harmony, Ladakh has much to offer as long as one remains flexible and adjusting to some of its other not so pleasant factors. My journey began early. 5 am to be exact. I left from the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport and landed in a completely different environment at the Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport. The temperatures had dropped to a chilly 4 degrees and I was in the center of a 360-degree view of snowcapped mountains. Greeted with friendly smiles and a short car ride later I reached my hotel. To acclimatize to the sudden change in temperatures tourists are asked to not baths or even change clothes for at least 24 hours, not following instructions could lead to a bad headache and hangover. I rested in my room and decided to explore the local markets; The Moti market and the Tibetan market. A picturesque vision, the markets sell everything from the freshest of vegetables to the famous pashminas of Ladakh. Buddhist masks, prayer beads, woven rugs, carpets and dresses and even handmade jewellery. All at amazing prices open to bargaining! The roadside cafes are a blend of old and new catering to the locals and the very often European tourists. They sell everything from the classic Maggi to ladakhi lemonades and of course some smashing momos! Evening had set and as the skies turned a majestic blue i headed back to hotel. Word of caution. Hotels in Ladakh are very basic. The constant power cuts make it nearly impossible to have a continuous Wi-Fi let alone a signal to even call home. Many hotels, including mine did not have a heater to help the person living adjust to the cold temperatures. Hot water is a luxury and food is a bare necessity. So enjoying the nature and the views is the next best thing for us tourists The next day began with a light breakfast and a sense of adventure. My first stop for the day: Namgyal Monastery, a place for mediation and inner peace. Hat an excellent way to start the day. Later we went on towards the shanti stupa one of the largest stupas of Ladakh. Lunch was a traditional one with local favorites like ba ba bread and Tibetan stew. After a fairly relaxed evening we had a long and extremely bumpy ride to the khardungla pass. A complete opposite to the previous experiences this pass is not for the faint hearted. The khardungla pass is the world’s highest pass accessible by motors. Surrounded by snow and mountains. On can choose to take a stroll or sit i the cozy cafes with a hot cuppa. After an hour or so of picture taking and taking in the sights e headed back. Distance of from lace to another is a major reason why visiting many places in one day becomes a challenge. Day 3 had me feeling fully detoxed as i had had no signal, Wi-Fi or even a newspaper to feast my eyes on. Living in Ladakh allowed me to return to nature and reflect on many things, including life. A good thing once in a while to see where one’s heading. Nonetheless the day i was soon out of the meditative zone as today was the day i had been waiting for. I have one word. Pangong! Pangong Lake is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Leh Ladakh. Fondly remembered as the place where the "3 idiots" movie was shot. We had to start early as the lake is a long drive away and would take up a full day to visit. Caution: the ride is a very bumpy one. Be sure to take regular breaks to stretch and eat and carry neck pillows. But was it worth it? 100% yes. The lake was a magnificent view. A million shades of blue all at once. One can just walk along it, take pictures or participate in the various fun activities like archery or riding a quad bike. It is even more beautiful when seen in person and the history behind it is equally enchanting. Be prepared to be blown away. Luckily for us, we camped overnight near Pangong lake itself. I would definitely recommend the experience. Next morning we left to head back to civilization on the way we stopped at some more cafes and stupas before being dropped to our airport. overall the journey was a wonderful one. it can be enjoyed even more if you come better prepared, with appropriate woolen clothes, some snacks and maybe some friends also. the clear skies and endless road makes one really relax and think about life. the stupas make for some great meditation and of course the wonderful mountains and lakes along with the "3 idiot’s cafe" also bring back some fond memories and stories of Ladakh everytime I remember Ladakh. I have one tip for you dear reader: once in your lifetime visit this magical place

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I m travelling to pushkar and then jaisalmer border. I m a Delhi based college student.trip by car. Anyone??