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Hi..Myself Ruma Dey Baidya. I have done M.A(education), DOEACC A Level, Php etc….live in Kolkata with joint family and I have a daughter who is just 2.6 years old. I am a homemaker and love to travel very much. Whenever we got an opportunity for it, we never missed. I am not a solo backpackers, so we always try to go with groups, it also helps me to save our expenses and like to meet new people ..their hobbies .. daily routines etc. I also like to explore new destinations. As all we know that memories are not constant so I decided to document it. I publish this website not for money but for peace only. When we get old we can check it out what we have done earlier…ha ha.. This website is dedicated for those who love to travel. I am trying to put each and every experience what we faced in past. I am trying to serve as best as possible. Please note all the places and expenditure are personally experienced. If I can help anybody, I assumed this is my prize for it. Please feel free for any kind of information related to this blog. I always ready to reply. Mail id – Thanks Ruma Dey Baidya

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Nothing can be as amazing as a road trip to manali with family and friends. One who gave you birth and one who made you do all sorts of crap. Delhi to manali road trip was fantabulous . We started our journey at 9 in the night via car during the month of May . We reached there by 7 in the evening the next day . Our hotel was a bliss . It was just so beautiful . After such a long and tiring journey a beautiful hotel ( The honeymoon inn) becomes the icing over a cake . So it was a good start to the trip . After refreshing we went to the arcade so try our sweet little hands over some games . The weather was really pleasant , it was all about chill breezes all over . The day was well spent at the dinner over a hot conversation on the weather itself . The next day was a day to solang valley . Solang valley is famous for its adventure sports so we tried a few as well. Paragliding , zorbing etc were so damn amazing . Next day was a day to Rohtang though we saw few patches of snow and nothing much . So it was kinda trek type but still quite enjoyable . Next day was a photography day which summed up our short little trip to Manali . Things to keep in mind while planning a trip to Manali : - Keep medicines handy for mountain nausiac people . - Keep the month in mind while planning so you can also enjoy the snow at Rohtang . - Have patience while searching for your hotel as the roads are quite narrow. - Do not overeat before travelling because it takes time to reach from one place to another.

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The trip was to Bhangarh. "The most haunted place in India". Going to Bhangarh with my friends was memorable because we were on bikes. Bhangarh was 72 kms far from our place. We started early in the morning to reach there early. But our plan did not succeed. The roadway troubled us. It was filled with dumps and mud. But the scenary beside was filled with greenery. Late in the afternoon we reached the destination with empty stomach's. We saw the great fort which was crowded heavily. Then we met localities who told us the real story about the fort. Then in the evening we left the place and went back to our college. That place was no less spooky in real .

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Soon after our mind boggling tour of Kashmir, in June 2014 we decided to have a grand family tour to the state of Himalayan wonderland – Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is one of the northernmost state in India and one of the major tourist destination cities are Shimla and Manali. Although it is generally freezing cold during the winter months, it was rather pleasant to be here in June when the rest of the States in the Country are witnessing early monsoon showers.

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Hey iam going to Goa this newyear on 29th december to 5th jan . Anybody here to join me .

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Hi! In there´r my favourite places in Ahmedabad. I love India & I hope you enjoy reading about my selection of places in Ahmedabad: so you can do the trips whenever you feel like. Also, you can join for more info/photos & please do feel free to share your experiencies, trips... (IndiaHelpsYou is the translation into English from the Spanish site IndiaTeAyuda) Since we have something in common: we love travelling, you can check some of my videos: I hope you see you soon! Rachel

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A wonderful visit to Devbhumi (literally "Land of the Gods") - Uttarakhand . Planning from the last year to visit a hill station in the monsoon season has come true this year. Dated 5 August 2017 mind set full of positivity filled up with all the positive vibes to spend some time in the cool environment amidst the greenery and the mountain freely all away from home specially parents. Packing for journey in excitement mood had almost caught up all the house ! Actions were speaking louder than our voice. All the necessary things were packed including Clothes , Glasses case , Scarf , Cell phone and Charger , Ear plugs etc. Eatable items Peanut butter Sandwiches , Chips , Chocolates were carried with us. Me and my friends set to our journey by 7 o clock sitting in the Uttarakhand Travellers bus which was well maintained and structured by seeing to it the happiness doubled. The reason behind travelling through bus was to discover all the adventurous things that were undiscovered , it was like we all neither wanted to reach to our destination early nor late. At 10 O clock we had our dinner at the famous spot ‘Gajrola’ and we experienced how much fun it is at night time to have dinner with friends at food stalls outside home. We were even glad to see ‘Pahadi’ dishes that were being served to people we had the taste in our mouth but our stomach were full that why we could not have it. After starting from ‘Gajrola’ we came into the bus took of our ear plugs and all the way we went listening songs. At 3 O clock we reached ‘Ramnagar’ we had heard that sweets of this place are very famous and good in taste so we got done of the bus and purchased 1 box of sweets . We had to wait in Ramnagar for 1 hour as it was mandatory for the bus driver to at least have a rest of 1 hour. Then as soon as we crossed ‘Ramnagar’ the gentle touch of cold breeze touched our face and soul we all were feeling a bit sleepy but after experiencing this we all became active we opened the windows and started looking out and started observing the nature. We all friends together jolie hooted We even came across the way of ‘Jim Corbett National Park’ as it was too early in the morning we were able to see few creatures also like birds , elephant , deer , cows , monkeys etc. We captured all these in our camera including the beautiful scenery of all the way including the most famous ‘garjiya’ mandir too. We even behaved in a crazy manner rest passengers were also amazed to see our happiness. At every spot a selfi of our friends and picture of nature was being clicked we did not stop till the battery got dull. At 11 O clock the bus bored us at our relevant stop in the morning we were soo happy to see our destination . We thanked the driver for being a part of our journey and we moved on…

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Manali is truly one of the best famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, India for spending holiday with our family member. That was a promising day - my tour to Manali in Himachal Pradesh. I am a man who loves to travel long distances but while making a trip to Manali I nodded off. My mother woke me up to state we had come to. The minute I opened my eyes I was astonished - blue skies, white mountains, green land. It was extremely icy as well. We remained in a hotel close to the stream Beach. From the window of my room I could see the Rohtang pass. It was completely secured with snow. I haven't seen such a wonderful mountain ever some time recently. It was an amazing experience!! At Solang valley, we had the option of jumping from three heights. Initially I was a bit hesitant, but ultimately chose the highest point. First we went up via trolley. Then we trekked to reach the paragliding point that was a few meters down. I was quite nervous when we reached there. The thought of jumping from a mountain cliff does sound scary, doesn't it?? Manali is a really beautiful place indeed! Infact the way to Manali will give you an amazing view to look at if you choose to go by Car/Bus. One thing to keep in mind while booking a hotel is to choose the one which is near to Mall road! And make sure the hotel has a good view from balcony or window because if you are not waking up to a beautiful view its certainly a big miss! Best places to visit is Manali is 1.Solang Valley 2. Gulaba 3. Rohtang 4. Jugni Falls 5. Hidimba Temple 6. Cafes in Old Manali and if you are a Snow Lover! Just like me! then prefer going in December ! Thats the best time to visit Manali!