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We are planning for a 2 day trip in coorg . 2 boys and 1 girl is the count as of now from hyderabad. We are looking for a female companion of age below 35 . Aug 12th night - start from hyd Aug13th - noon -- reach coorg Aug15th post 3pm-- - start back to hyd. A female companion who can join us in coorg from any city ,, contact - 9597130784

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i Am looking to companion , to explore delhi, i am highly educated, i have 4 nights in delhi in 5 star hotel, "female" i am not indian, speaking english :)

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Maybe it is my age (only in my 40’s, but still!), I have now reached a point whereby ticking off a list of places and things to do are not on my priority list on my holiday. I do my research before I travel and figure out things I would like to see / do and spend time doing them well. I do not like wasting my precious holiday time on things I know I would not enjoy. It certainly has something to do with my profession too. I am in the travel business and to give honest feedback to clients I do have to try out all the sightseeing tours. My friends often comment sarcastically “things you HAVE to do for a living”. Don’t mean to sound pompous, but I do find it cumbersome and needless to say quite tiring. The one good thing that has come out of these endless inspections, is that I have realised how much I love walking tours. They are quite common these days and they do seem expensive when compared to the regular ‘seat in coach’ city tours, however I have become a big fan of these tours. I particularly like them for the following reasons: I can decide the area I am most interested in. For example in Paris, I can decide between Marais, Montmartre, Saint Germain and so on. I can do multiple walks over a number of days and just chill after the 2 or 3 hour of walk to soak up the atmosphere in that area. Also, one doesn’t waste their time in Latin Quarter if they are not into Roman history and architecture. I can also pick the walking tour based on my interests, like in Athens one can pick from food walks, political / historical walks, street art, daily life of the Athenians and more. You get to walk with an educated and aware local. As per me, the best experience. My husband and I had done a food walk in Athens, he being a vegetarian got hardly anything to eat. But he loved it as he kept asking the guide a lot of non-food questions, which the gracious guide patiently replied. Of course, the organic 99cents olive oil soap bar from a local store was the bonus too. You burn calories….. he he! As I mentioned above, some people find them expensive, not me. I find them absolutely value for money. Of course, it all depends on the guide. Like in Toulouse I tried the same walking tour from 2 different companies and realised the stark difference. My travel colleagues thought I was stupid to go for the second walk the very next day, but I wanted to know the difference. I was so glad I did. The second guide, though not a native from the region, was way better. She did not rattle off facts, was smart enough to gauge my response and divert the conversation accordingly. That is what smart guides are supposed to do, gauge the response and be crafty enough to change the spiel. She was brilliant, she knew that and hence charged more. I would pay EUR 10 more to her rather than get bored after 30 mins of the walk and lose my money paid for 2 hours of the walk.

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After liking the backpacker's link on facebook me and my sister realised that we can think about going to Kasol . It was such a random decision for both of us . I no more regret now. After convincing our parents umpteen times we finally got permission . So our journey begins with six people , my sister knew them but i met them for the first time and i was the youngest of them all . We assembled at Civil Lines Metro Station , New Delhi which was our meeting point . We all were so excited as we never visited Kasol that too with friends . I seriously needed some break from this sultry weather . Waiting for two hours we finally sat in the bus and it was such a relief . As the journey begins , new people were introduced and our group kept increasing . After chatting amiably for hours everyone fell asleep . But when I woke up in the morning view was totally different such a pleasant day it was . Kasol is a village in Himachal Pradesh , northern India . It is situated in Parvati valley , on the banks of Parvati River , on the way between Bhuntar to Manikaran . Kasol has recently transformed into a hub for backpackers , it has low population and good climate throughout the year . Kasol in also known as MINI ISRAEL in Himachal Pradesh . If you notice there is thin wire that connects the mountain containing daily products through some kind of trolley . It is such a herculean task to go up daily just to reduce the time the concept of trolley was introduced , which is great . One amazing thing is that you enter throught 11 KM tunnel which is made by cutting mountains to reach Kasol . I imagined what human hands can do and create such a thing . As we moved up to Kasol I could feel the nippy air against my skin . After many halts we finally reached our destination . I was totally lost in the beauty of nature . Such a stellar view it was , river flowing through mountains , trees all around , sound of river. Infact , the whole atmosphere was different . One has to cross this perilous bridge to reach to your camps . Everyone was screeching and scared but it was such a pleasure experience . At night it becomes even more scary as there were no lights one has to carry their torch . After crossing bridge we finally reached our camp site which was marvellous . We were group of six so we took the biggest camp near the pristine river Parvati . Everyone was so amazed after seeing such a beautiful place . We took some rest and had lunch after that we were told to get ready and leave for Manikaran , which was 8 Km from our camps . On our way, we took snaps and videos of flowing river Parvati . Manikaran is located in the Parvati Valley , on the river Parvati and 35 km from Kullu . There is some story behind this gurudwara . A man named Manu recreated life in Manikaran after the flood . Also , area is well known for it's hot springs which is natural . People of gurudwara wash utensils , take bath and even cook rice in it. It is quite interesting that on one side of the temple there is cold water on the other very hot . After all , it is natural and hot water is considered extremely auspicious . After that we had 'Langar ' which was so good and mouthwatering too . It is a must visit place . It was a tiring day . After we reached our camps the ambiance was different as bonfire was lit and it was quite chilly at night . This was how our first day ended . Next day I woke up early at 6 a.m. and stepped out camp . It was pouring all night and view was breathtaking . Mountains looked even more beautiful . I took out my book and sat river side . I never felt so good reading experience was totally different . I was lost in the story. There was complete silence except chirping of birds and flowing water . Few hours later , we got ready for trekking . I never thought trekking would be so much fun . We left at 11 a.m from our camps and started walking towards Chalal and Rasol. Trek was easy in the beginning as everyone was full of energy and enthusiasm . As we move forward , it started becoming gruelling hike . Narrow path with stones , mud , water and lot more . We were at altitude of around 8,000 feet above sea level and has not more than 100 houses . The hike took around 4 to 5 hours . After reaching above view was simply awesome . I never imagined that I would be able to reach here . We were told to get down early as weather was not good and it could be risky once it starts raining . So , we took rest on some rocks as legs were torturing . We reached our camps at 7 p. m . Everyone was tired after tedious hiking . We saw some people dressed in traditional attire . Well , they were the folk dancers of Himachal . Karayila - which is the most interesting and popular folk dance . In the center the bonfire is lit , which is the source of light and heat . This bonfire is considered very sacred and all performances are held around this bonfire . The entire valley reverberated with the sound of music and joy . Everybody had a great time there. People were dancing and enjoying with folk dancers . Everybody forgot about the pain because of trekking and they were dancing in full enthusiasm , everybody was enjoying. On last day of our trip we visited the local market and tried some Israeli food in the local cafes. Found some funky stuff like bracelets and neckpieces . Art gallery was major attraction . Everything else was common and available in Delhi . So , that was the last part of our journey . We reached around 6 a.m at our meeting point . Finally leaving this place and my mind was etched with memories , made new friends . I felt a tinge of sadness that why this journey has come to an end . I enjoyed each and every moment of this trip even the bus journey, met some amazing people . It was an unforgettable experiance . One should definitely take a break a plan a vacation which will help you understand better and you will feel lively . It is better to travel often than having monotonous life . Waiting for next trip !!

September 23, 2016 By:
My dear fellow travellers, before this title initiates an argument let me clearly explain what I mean by disadvantage. Being a travel lover I have always felt that there are no disadvantages of ‘travelling’, but now I feel there is a disadvantage. And yeah, as the title clearly suggests there is just one, which is actually a disadvantage in my perspective. So, the disadvantage I am talking about is ‘NOSTALGIA’. It simply reminds us of our happy past which in reality is painful, as, our ‘todays’ are getting ruined while thinking about ‘yesterdays’. Now, ironically speaking, It can be advantageous in some cases. Eg: Let us assume You are depressed today. In this case You can rejoice yourself with your happy nostalgic past. This is definitely helpful. But what if those nostalgic happy days makes you feel sorry for today? Unfortunately, the latter is the abundant case and is the reason I call it as a disadvantage. All these side effects are nothing but results of memories. Especially at bad times, memories haunt like a ghost. When people say they had a happy past it simply means that those good memories are not allowing them to live their life in the present. As atoms are constituent particles of matter, memories are constituent particles of life. At my home whenever I sing a latest song, my dad always argues that the retro songs were better. Now, there is a probability that the latest song may be better but all that is visible to my dad is the memories. What I mean is, whenever one listens to an old song, it is not the music which makes them happy, rather it is the memories attached with the song that makes. Similar is the case with travel. The memories of the other beautiful places haunts us. As far as I have seen, out of all the aspects, memories are the most non-volatile aspect of travelling. It is really difficult to come out of the old memories and make new ones. The worst part is when the memories are being made, we’ll be completely unaware of it, and when it is a past we understand the essence of those incidents. The most painful aspect is leaving a place. The bonding between the heart and the location becomes unbreakable. Suddenly every cell of the body seems to be connected with the ambience. “ I MISS” – these two words depicts your nostalgic heart and its longing to live in the past. But past is past and living that again is practically impossible. Hence nostalgia is called as a seductive liar. Anyways, a matured heart will understand that this point of life is not permanent and life will start accelerating soon , thus signing off optimistically.

July 14, 2016 By:
After my visit to Puri In the year 2012, I became one of those beach enthusiasts who spend their lives waiting for their next visit near the ocean. The fresh fragrance of the wet sand that gently slips through the toes, the wind tickling you, caressing you and the soft waves at the shore that touch you and head back to their origin. What’s not to love? And so, last July we headed to Thailand, a full-fledged ten day tour starting from Krabi, to Pattaya and ultimately to Bangkok. Krabi is more of a village, but do not let that fool you. The hotels are beyond luxurious (like Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort, the pace we had chosen to stay) and although it was raining for most part of the time we were there, it had its own share of breathtaking sights that the rain had beautified. The incredibly famous seven island tour, where thrilling adventures like cliff diving, snorkeling and diving await you on islands and beaches like the Railay beach and Koh si. The speed boats through which the tourists commute are a great source of thrill and your security is always the priority of the employees although they make it clear that you safety depends greatly on how careful you are. Soon we found ourselves on a short flight to Pattaya, where our stay was in The Centara Grand Mirage, a beach resort that was so charming that it hurt to leave it behind. The gulf of Thailand, so enchantingly huge, peeked at you from each window of your room and it was almost sad that we had to leave early each morning and come back late each night of the three days that we were to stay there, as Pattaya had so much to offer. One of the many things that I must mention here is the Alcazar show. Thailand, like many other countries has various animals that you can admire. The number of Bengal Tigers that you will find there are hard to find in India itself. However, the Alcazar show is unique in its very nature. Hundreds of men free themselves of restrictive gender roles and don the costumes of women and perform cabaret, leaving you spell bound. And let me warn you, you will not know they are men until you go up to the performers and talk to them, so convincing is their disguise and dance. The show celebrates different cultures of different countries and is highly interactive and entertaining. If you have been to Kashmir, and shopped at its floating market, Pattaya’s Four Regions Floating Market will remind you of it, except perhaps it will provide you with more options. While a few shops come floating to you, the others are fixed in what can be an antique setting, a place that has a unique charm and that you must visit even if you do not intend to shop. The Coral Island, another destination worth experiencing, offers a plethora of water sports including paragliding. The time spent relaxing under the warm sun with a cool drink in hand watching the water ripple at your feet takes you to another world altogether. Our last stop was Bangkok, the bustling capital that flourishes due to the sheer amount of people who flock to this place for shopping. Be it the street shops or the malls that are examples of modern architecture at its best, Bangkok has a huge variety to offer. You must, no matter what, keep in hand one day for exploring the markets, the street shops owners will expect you to bargain, so they will give you a high price beforehand. You will easily be able to slice those prices to at least their half. Our stay was at Amari Watergate, which was beyond awe inspiring. Bangkok also has a floating restaurant, a cruise which sails gracefully over water and provides you with live music and lip smacking Indian food and drinks. What really struck me was how beautiful the sea looked at night. Also, every time our cruise passed a hospital, the music turned to minimum and we were asked to keep our voices low, which spoke greatly of the country’s functioning and thoughtfulness. We always traveled via Thai airways and the staff everywhere was courteous and kind, always ready to be of help. Yes, it may be a little troublesome for vegetarians as the people of Thailand love sea food but traditional Indian food is also not very hard to find. The country is tolerant of all religions and the people are courteous. Thailand, a place that has proved to be a wonderful holiday destination over the years, while also not being over the top expensive, is one place that you must catch a flight to as soon as possible!

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Travelling or seeing places is an important part of our education. One cannot believe a fact to be true unless one sees it. Purpose of travelling is different for different people. Some travel for sake of pleasure,some for expansion of business. Travelling provides the benefit of sightseeing and gives pleasure . I am going to share my travel experience of Uttarakhand. Since,there is direct connection by train to Uttarakhand from Lucknow. So,we first went to Nainital and from there to visit other places we took a bus. Cool climate of hill station is undoubtedly the best option to beat the summer blues.Uttarkhand being blessed with lofty mountain and therapeutic climate is itself a world to explore. Places we visited in Nainital mainly included temples Nainadevi temple,Hanumangarhi,Parshan devi . Then other day was spent for lakes which included Bhimtal,Sattal and Naukuchital. A two day holiday is sufficient to visit Nainital. Another place to visit in Uttarakhand is Mussoorie,a queen of hill station.Places to visit in Mussoorie includes Tibetan temple, lake Mist, Mussoorie Lake,Gun Hill.Mussoorie is blessed with nature. And the last but not the least destination which we visited in Uttarakhand is Dehradun. Dehradun is famous for its architectural display by ancient construction.Some of its famous attraction includes Robber's Cave,Tapovan,Tiger fall,Malsi Deer fall.This was my a week trip to Uttarkhand .

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With the advent of 2016 - a new year ,every one of us know that we have a clean slate and thus a list of New Year’s resolutions. I think travelling is every man’s natural instinct. From times of early man, when life was a way of travel, to gather foods, we have evolved to today where travel is a way of life .So to be true as soon as these last of New Year’s balloons have deflated, my resolution to be fitter, healthier human will be as flat as those deflated balloons except for the bulleted list of places that I intend to visit in this upcoming year. The thing about travelling is that there is unquestionably an awesome feeling that comes from beholding a foreign scene, the beauty of its existence is novelty of its own. And what’s more better than starting this beautiful journey from one’s own motherland. A country which is abode to The Heaven on Earth - Kashmir, or God’s Own Country- Kerala, the Religious Capital of India - Banaras, The Pink city- Jaipur, the Seven Sisters- the North Eastern States and the list goes on.Since I would be staying in Kerala for a couple of years, I would be a total idiot if I start my 2016 travel resolution with any place other than Kerala itself. The coastal state of Kerala is a dream destination for any travel enthusiast.Kerala has everything -the long chain of Western Ghats on one side to the breathtaking Arabian Sea on the other, the exotic wildlife, the tranquil backwaters, the rich history, the stunning architecture,the different types of cultures and to not forget the exquisite cuisine. I’ve been to many places till now but it has always been with someone or the other. Having a companion in a blessing of its own but this time I’d really like it to be me myself and I. Someone once said” As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are.” Travelling solo would be a perfect opportunity for me to reflect upon myself. The striking beaches of Kovalam and its turquoise coloured water , that spine tingling sight when your eyes fall on the glimmering water as if someone has sprinkled sparkles all over them .C’mon who wouldn’t want to feast their eyes to such a sight. The scintillating backwater of the Alleppy famous for their houseboat with coconut trees swaying on either side . The reflecting part that I mentioned earlier regarding my solo trip, don’t you think that this would be the best place to do so. Hearing the name Kerala often brings a picture of beaches, backwaters and lush greenery in our mind but that’s not just it . It has some cloud kissing hill stations like Vagamon or Munnar also. Those cascading waterfalls, charming valleys, the large expanse of tea plantations and on top of that the occasional trekking season. So basically Kerala, to a traveller is as versatile and as serene a place can be. Being a foodie person it would only be a cherry on top for me to try different cuisines of this state. I’ve heard that the way the people here prepare their culinary is an art. Also the famous banana leaf being used as a plate, I think it would be an experience if its own. I could go on and on and about all its beauty and why its such an alluring place but I think that you get the picture. In short, for the Year 2016 I would really like to explore this tropical paradise and capture its memory for life time

November 8, 2016 By:
Planning to visit goa this year,i'm in search of a companion,a pleasure trip