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While looking for a holiday destination in Europe, some of the places that come to mind are cities such as Paris, London, and Berlin. Although these cities are incredible, they are quite far from what Europe has. By exploring some of the smaller cities across Europe, it’s possible to enjoy a more traditional and authentic side of Europe. By visiting these cities, you will get an intimate and a relaxed view of Europe. Here are the top 5 hottest small holiday destination cities in Europe. 1. Cesky Krumlov There is no other city in the world that you’ll become fond of than the charming city of Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. Having small cobblestone roads, bridges and even McDonalds, visiting this city will just be as if you’ve stepped into a time warp. To get the best experience, you need to visit this place during summer. Some of the things that you’ll enjoy include historic sites, museums, and architectural buildings. 2. Delft Netherlands Have you ever thought of how wonderful Amsterdam is and then think about its version? Welcome to Delft, a small city with fine cathedrals, renaissance architecture, and amazing canals. In this city, life is so slow and relaxed and people so friendly that it feels like a small town. It’s famous for its blue painted pottery, water management, and painter Vermeer. It’s also known for having some of the best canals. It’s, therefore, a city worth visiting for a holiday. While in this place, you can visit museums, take day trips or even see historic sites such as churches. 3. Dubrovnik As one of Croatia’s known tourist destination, Dubrovnik is actually one of the best cities in Europe. Apart from this, it has become a must stop for many cruise ships across the country with over 1 million visitors in 2016. Its biggest attraction is its huge stone wall dating back to around 10th century. It also has breathtaking views, cobblestone lanes, and church towers listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Other must-see places included The Franciscan Monastery, The Rectors Place, Onofrio Fountain among others. Thankfully, once you’ve followed all the guidelines you can invest in Croatia real estate and get a second home. 4. Bruges in Belgium For a long time, Bruges has been one of the best tourist destination in Europe. As a visitor, you can enjoy the benefits of graceful architecture, picturesque canals and more. In short, this is a city to be enjoyed. While holidaying here, you can decide to sit out and enjoy the street life, walk along the old streets, take a boat ride through the canals or enjoy its café culture. The good thing is that Belgium is small hence Bruges is easy to visit on a short trip from Antwerp, Brussels, or Ghent. 5. Vicenza Although it’s a lesser known city in Italy, it is among the ancient cities in Italy Veneto region. Just a 1 hour drive from Venice reaching this city is very easy. This city is famous because of its many villas designed by Andrea Palladio a Reissuance architecture who came up with the Palladian style. If you are visiting it for the first time, you will appreciate its brilliance. When walking around, the best place to begin your tour is the city center. Some of the things that you will see are the commanding Palladian and the Olympic Theater. There you have it, the top 5 hottest small holiday destination cities in Europe. Visit them today and sample what they have to offer. You can rest assured that you will never regret.

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Hi..Myself Ruma Dey Baidya. I have done M.A(education), DOEACC A Level, Php etc….live in Kolkata with joint family and I have a daughter who is just 2.6 years old. I am a homemaker and love to travel very much. Whenever we got an opportunity for it, we never missed. I am not a solo backpackers, so we always try to go with groups, it also helps me to save our expenses and like to meet new people ..their hobbies .. daily routines etc. I also like to explore new destinations. As all we know that memories are not constant so I decided to document it. I publish this website not for money but for peace only. When we get old we can check it out what we have done earlier…ha ha.. This website is dedicated for those who love to travel. I am trying to put each and every experience what we faced in past. I am trying to serve as best as possible. Please note all the places and expenditure are personally experienced. If I can help anybody, I assumed this is my prize for it. Please feel free for any kind of information related to this blog. I always ready to reply. Mail id – Thanks Ruma Dey Baidya

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Nothing can be as amazing as a road trip to manali with family and friends. One who gave you birth and one who made you do all sorts of crap. Delhi to manali road trip was fantabulous . We started our journey at 9 in the night via car during the month of May . We reached there by 7 in the evening the next day . Our hotel was a bliss . It was just so beautiful . After such a long and tiring journey a beautiful hotel ( The honeymoon inn) becomes the icing over a cake . So it was a good start to the trip . After refreshing we went to the arcade so try our sweet little hands over some games . The weather was really pleasant , it was all about chill breezes all over . The day was well spent at the dinner over a hot conversation on the weather itself . The next day was a day to solang valley . Solang valley is famous for its adventure sports so we tried a few as well. Paragliding , zorbing etc were so damn amazing . Next day was a day to Rohtang though we saw few patches of snow and nothing much . So it was kinda trek type but still quite enjoyable . Next day was a photography day which summed up our short little trip to Manali . Things to keep in mind while planning a trip to Manali : - Keep medicines handy for mountain nausiac people . - Keep the month in mind while planning so you can also enjoy the snow at Rohtang . - Have patience while searching for your hotel as the roads are quite narrow. - Do not overeat before travelling because it takes time to reach from one place to another.

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Puri is a well known family destination spot, popular for its beaches and temples. It is located in Odisha and lies on the eastern coast of India, towards the Bay of Bengal. Puri not only lures people to its sandy beach, but also to its various temples which hide within themselves a rich heritage of the ancient Indian era. The most popular attractions are the Jagannath Temple, the Swarga Dwara (literally translated to Gate of Heaven) and the Golden Beach. My family chose to visit Puri because of its intriguing culture and the warm embrace of the Golden beach. Also, my mother had been there before and wanted to revisit the place in her memories. So my father booked tickets for the four of us on the 21st of September, 2017. There are 47 trains which go from Howrah to Puri. We took the Howrah- Puri superfast express (12837) which is at 10:35 pm. The train left on time and the journey was comfortable. The train was clean and reached us to Puri on time at 7 on Friday morning. The railway station is really worth praising. The cleanliness of the station is worth praising. It has been designed well, keeping in mind the temples that Odisha is famous for and giving a visitor the initial welcome to the breathtaking beauty of the land. We took an auto rickshaw to our guest house, Sagarika Air India Co-operative Guest House, which is located behind Puri’s famous lighthouse and is a few yards away from the beach. The weather is really blissful in the morning and cool winds blow fiercely near the beach. Yet as the day passes it starts to get warmer and the nights are much cooler than the days. There weren’t many people on the beach during the day, maybe because we went on an off season, but as the evening approaches, the beach gets crowded with local hawkers selling food and artificial jewellery. The sea is boisterous but playful and one can expect to have a good time at the beach. The camels with their owners, roam the stretch of the beach from dawn till dusk, giving both children and adults the fun-filled experience of camel rides. On the second day we went to the famous Jagannath temple, known for the Rath Yatra which is a chariot festival celebrated every year in the month of June or July. It is a public procession with a chariot with the idol of Lord Jagannath seated inside. The temple is astoundingly beautiful especially when the sun rays hit the pinnacle of the temple. It is one the four places of the famous pilgrimage called the ‘the Char Dham’. The temple has been dated back to 1174 CE. The entire temple is made of stone and copper with carvings of Lord Jagannath, Lord Vishnu and other deities. It has a profound and intriguing history behind it. The magnificence of the temple has not diminished with age. However it is currently going through some major renovations. Overall the visit to this temple will leave you in awe. The next day we went to the Konark temple (also undergoing renovation), also known as the Sun Temple.It took us approximately forty five minutes by car from the guest house. It is one of the most visited places in Puri. The temple is dedicated to Surya, the Sun God. The temple complex is not big, but every inch of the space that it occupies is filled with elegant beauty. The stone paved floor, the lush gardens, stone statues and even the massive temple itself and everything inside is a testimony to the skills put in by the artisans that made Konark. Both the compounds of Jagannath and Konark are secured by the local police and the temple entrances are properly supervised without any chaos. From Konark we went to the Chandrabagha beach. It was really quiet and calm, unlike the busy shores of the Golden Beach. It is at this beach that one can find the local fishermen community. The beach is small and perfect for walks, especially in the evenings. The sunset is amazing to watch from here. After that we went back to our resort near Golden Beach via the Konark highway which is parallel to the beach. The experience was one of its kind, driving along the beach for forty five minutes from Chandrabagha Beach to our resort. We returned to Kolkata the next day. We took the Puri-Howrah superfast express (12888). Overall, our Puri trip was not only a fun experience but one of learning and bonding as well. Those evening walks along the shores let you indulge in sharing and discussions with your family and friends. The rich cultural heritage and history teaches you a lot not only about the place but about you as well, reminding you of the larger family and belief system that we all belong to. Puri gives you a profound peace and instills infinite amazement at the wonders of nature and the man kind combined. Watching the waves of the sea caress the shore allows you to temporarily escape your anxieties and you wish you could sit there for eternity without any passage of time. Puri will be a place from where you will not be able leave without making wonderful memories. .

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Travel Trip to Rishikesh Rishikesh is a city in Uttarakhand in Indian in the Himalayan foothills which is very famous for river rafting , bungee jumping , hiking , etc. I , after completing my 1st year graduation examination planned a trip to Rishikesh along with two of my friends. Thrilled about everything from adventure sports to the pleasant weather which we were going to experience in the usually hot month for us , the North Indians , that is April. It was a two days' trip . With our backpacks filled with clothes , accessories and excitement , we took a bus from New Delhi to Rishikesh. It took some good seven hours to reach the destination and we reached Rishikesh at 5 in the morning. The weather was cold and the scenic beauty was just flawless. After much struggle , we finally got rooms for ourselves by 7 a.m. wherein we relaxed for a while then we headed towards exploring the city. After viewing the city on day 1, we went for rafting which was worth Rs. 500 per person, No ! Actually it was worth much more as it gave us a life cherishing experience. We rafted for some 16 Kms which took four hours . The highs and lows which we were experiencing during the rafting reminded me of life which is full of highs and lows but the best part is everything is so temporary to be extremely sad or happy about . Therefore , we need to maintain neutrality and stability in our lives. After the tedious and fun rafting all we could afford to do was to eat and sleep and thus ended our day 1. On day 2 , we checked out of the hotel and visited Lakshman Jhoola which, I swear is one heaven of a place in Rishikesh. We were all busy viewing the scenic view and kept gazing for hours. Post this , we possibly went to all the markets in the city and had fun bargaining ! Day 2 was comparatively a less tiring one as after side seeing and Shopping we took the bus back to Delhi and thus ended our trip. Though it was a two days' trip , the memories and the experience it extended is life lasting . Dear Readers , Rishikesh is a damn beautiful place so you got to plan a trip to this place as it is reasonable and well as ravishing. :revolving_hearts:

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A TRIP TO DELHI I and my family headed towards Delhi by taking a flight from Ranchi Airport. We were on 3 days trip. We travelled in Indigo was a nice experience. I basically enjoyed the clouds. We landed in Delhi within 2 hours. We took cab and went to a hotel. The hotel was in Paharganj named as The Grand Plaza. The hotel was very near to Delhi Railway Station. The hotel room was very nice. I was very excited to visit The India Gate though I have visited before. So , we went there in the evening. I enjoyed the environment while having cotton candies . After spending a lot of time there , we came back to our hotel. Next day I was excited to explore Delhi. We got ready and got up into a cab and went to the Red Fort. Red Fort is very beautiful place. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the fort. We took the ticket and went inside. As we entered, a market called Meena Bazaar was there. Different kinds of handcrafts, jewelleries and many more things were found. Passing that we reached to the Darbaar of Akbar. After that we went to lotus temple. There it was so much peace which relaxed my body and mind. It is really a beautiful place. The peaceful environment was very relaxing. In evening, we went for shopping in Palika Bazaar. One thing that took my attention was a very tall national flag of our country at the central park which was situated in front of the Palika Bazaar. It was moving with the flow of air with pride. Seeing the flag, I felt very proud. Next day as it was my birthday, in morning went to Sree Laxmi Narayan Mandir for blessings of god . from there, we went to Qutub Minar. I was amazed to watch the tall monument. We spent some time there. Next day I had my flight back to Ranchi. With heavy heart I departure from Delhi and arrived to Ranchi .

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It was a regular night when one of my friends suddenly told us to visit some place as because our exam was over! And as a Bengali people,the first place I recommended was 'Shantiniketan',a very special place in Bolpur. We started our journey in the next morning.Around 6 o'clock we started our journey from burdwan and reached around 8 o'clock.It ws a very busy rail station when we reached.Its such a holy place that when I took my first breathe over there,I felt some something amazing,as i'm a big fan of Rabindranath Tagore! And its a place that belongs to him.We hadn't really planned anything,we find a car over there and told him to take us to all popular place in Bolpur.Its such a place where there is a wonderful mixture of the westernisation with traditional culture,a mixture with update things with traditional 'Rabindrik' handicrafts.Most importantly they arrange a gathering of all handicrafts every Saturday,and there is no thing that isn't available there,but slightly different, slightly more wonderful.Each year twice there happens 'basanta utsav' and 'poush mela' where different people from all over the world comes to visit.Its such two festival where people forget about cast, religion,and enjoyesfrom the core of there heart.Most importantly the people over there are so humble that they'll assist you every time with a smile.I'll suggest everyone to visit this place at least once!

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If you are planning to go on a trip to Balkan, then you must have already heard that this region is loaded with lots of adventures. Balkans have fascinating European tourist paths and you will surely enjoy your stay here. From warm-hearted locals, beautiful landscape, tasty food, and low priced expenses, having a trip to Balkan can be very worthwhile. Since the Balkan Peninsula is composed of several countries in Europe, planning your whole trip here can be difficult but with the right arrangements to your trip, I'm sure you will have your favorite trips of all time. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Without a doubt, Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of the must-visit countries in Balkan. With its title as the "heart of Europe", this country showcases people with the biggest hearts in the continent. With its exceptionally beautiful landscapes, diverse culture, fascinating history, and a great value for those budget-minded travelers, Bosnia & Herzegovina is your one of a kind European tourist destination. One of the best cities here is the Sarajevo . You will surely fall in love with this city because of its sinfully delicious food, the kindness of the locals, surrounding mountain scenery packed up with an unbreakable spirit. Tips and Advice If you are traveling this country by road, be sure to check the local information before you set off. Also, be aware of its weather conditions and unexploded landmines especially in the isolated areas. Be sure to always be aware of pickpockets within the cities and public transport. Take extra care in places that are known to be popular among tourists. Croatia If you want to have a summer love story, visiting Croatia might be a good idea. You will surely have a memorable stay here because of its sunny beaches, delicious seafood, finest amphitheaters, incredible national parks, soaring mountains, and a lot more. One of the best attractions here is the Dubrovnik which was also featured on the HBO series Game of Thrones. If you are planning to go on a trip to this country, you might want to check out real estate Croatia for an amazing and good accommodation. Tips and Advice If you are planning to rent a car during your stay in this country, be sure to drive carefully and never talk with your phone as this is strictly prohibited in this country. Take ferries and boats as this is the easiest way to go around the island. Be sure to also carry your passport with you for identification purposes. You have to be also aware with landmines, especially in isolated areas. Montenegro Montenegro is a very beautiful country and your expectations will surely blow away as soon as you visit this country. This place bursts with majestic mountains, kind-hearted locals, and breathtaking beaches. Be sure to have a yacht experience when entering this country. One of the best destinations in this country is the Old Town of Kotor and visiting this place will give you a pleasant surprise because of its breathtaking sceneries. Tips and Advice You can have a trouble free experience when visiting the county of Montenegro. Be sure to register with the local police upon arrival in Montenegro. Any valid form of ID should also be carried with you as this is one of the Montenegrin law. You may be fined if you are caught violating this rule. Bottom-line Despite all the dark days that the Balkan Peninsula encountered, tourism in these countries is still on the rise. Visiting the countries within this Peninsula is surely a worthwhile experience that you can treasure as time pass by.

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From sultry warm breeze to fine beaches, tropical wildlife to indecent sands, there are so many reasons why the Caribbean is one of the best places to visit all year round. The mere mention of a holiday in the Caribbean brings to mind a warm weather, blue skies, and a beautiful landscape. Each of its regions has something to offer in terms of ethnicity, scenery, food, and culture. Here are some of the best places to visit in the Caribbean. 1. Aruba Situated north of the Venezuelan coast, Aruba is a special island where many people enjoy visiting because of its hospitality and friendliness that the tourists show. Even though it’s riverless, it’s full of bountiful Caribbean waters and powdery white sands that stretch from the coast of the highland to the west. You can enjoy sand surfing, swimming, and scuba diving. With many discotheques, casinos, and themed parties, its nightlife is also very vibrant. You only need to bring appropriate clothes and you’ll be good to go. 2. Curacao This place has unique European charm with a tropical exotic backdrop. Recognized as UNESCO world heritage, the capital city of Willemstad is perhaps one of the busiest airports in the place. It has famous landmarks such as Queen Emma Bridge that opens up regularly to allow cruise ships and other vessels to enter. At night, there are tiny fairy lights that illuminate the bridge. As a home to 50 different nationalities, this place brings a unique flavor of culture, language, and cuisine. As compared to other islands, it provides a consistent accommodation. More so, you can book a prime spot for adventure. It also has some of the best rivers that no other island has. Its gushing waters is such a scenery that many tourists usually frequent it. As a haven for water lovers, it has both the splendor of beaches and river falls. While in this place, you can indulge in activities such as swimming, deep sea fishing, and scuba diving. 4. Tiny Dominica Island This place can simply be described as green. It’s actually the best destination for eco-tourists. Whether you love diving, whale watching, or snorkeling, Dominica has them all. It not only has 365 rivers but is also surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. It’s a home to over10 active volcanoes. A few meters from the boiling lake, there is the valley of Desolation which is a unique geothermal. Since volcanic activity can also be found under the sea, this place is called Champagne. Once you are in the water it just feels as if you have jumped into a warm champagne. 5. St Vincent and the Grenadines This place will provide you with an opportunity to have a feel of over 30 pristine islands. As a first time visitor, you will experience the ultimate paradise. With hundreds of colorful fish and crystal clear water, you will really enjoy visiting this place. Some of its islands include St. Vincent, Bequia, Mayrou and the Tobago Cays. Well, if you are looking for the best opportunity to enjoy yourself then you need to visit the Caribbean. It has too much to offer that you will be spoilt for choice.

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Hong Kong is well known for its glamour, luxurious shoppings and activities whether for personal pleasure or sporting. There are many reasons why you should definitely consider it as your next holiday destination. It is a great place to experience magnificent views such as the wonderful color display of annual fireworks at Victoria Harbor site which is also regarded as a natural port. It is one of the best cities to provide superb views especially at night because of its many skyscrapers which are mostly crammed on the northern shore of the city’s island. The Tsim Sha Tsui which is one of the most densely populated districts in Hong Kong provides the best view from where its Avenue of Star stands. A naturist massage Hong Kong for relaxation will absolutely make your visit and stay unforgettable because of the pure relaxation and atmosphere it will provide. The professional and experienced massage experts can give you different types of massages that you will need to make you relax and enjoy the moment. The Hong Kong massage also has full body, back, neck or any other type of body part massage. You will experience these massages with added pleasure such as exotic scents that ensures all your senses are reassured and delicate background music. The full body massages will cover all the main muscles of the body in the core including those in the arms and legs. Whether you spend most of your days working in an office, standing or walking, you will certainly enjoy these massages. Whether you are visiting alone or in the company of your family or friends, there are many exciting places to visit such as Ocean Park which is regarded as the city’s premium theme park. The park has provided incredible and mind-blowing experiences to the Hong Kong visitors for close to forty years. There are different species of animals such as rare jellyfish, pandas among others and excellent experiences in Hair Raiser rollercoaster with 4G inverted loops. If you wish to free yourself and let out your voice and cheer, you can visit the Happy Valley Racecourse which is located in the heart of Hong Kong city. The grand race course has races that even run during night and you do not have to be gambler to enjoy the moment where also delicious hotdogs and cheap San Miguel are served. For brilliant shopping experiences, Mongokok market is a great place to visit and what makes it exceptional is the combination of several markets in one area. There is a ladies market within Mongkok which only focuses on women outfits from souvenirs to classy handbags and it’s an ideal destination. There is also a bird market with wise range of birds’ species as well as the Goldfish market. Hong Kong is one place which has no shortage of temples and one of it is the 10,000 Buddha’s Temple which has close to 12,000 miniature statues of Buddha. The temple is made of 9 storey pagoda and a visit to it will give you clear picture of what a superior temple looks like. Make Hong Kong your next holiday destination and have a glamorous moments that you will never forget.

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19th it was... The visit was in summer, August 2016. I visited the Holy place, Vrindaban which was the most remarkable and marvelous place I ever visited. It was the pleasure listening “Radhey Radhey” from each and every one after entering into. Vrindaban is 159 kilometres away from Delhi and situated in the North of Agra, somewhere in the forest of Uttar Pradesh. I visited with my bestie Madhu with my Wagon-R. The side streets were immersed in chanting the melodious songs for Lord Krishna. The morning starts with saying “Radhey Radhey” or “Hare Krishna” by each and every people. People living in Vrindaban seem very humble, mild and loving. Life is incomplete when there is no Peace, and this peace can only be seen in Vrindaban, according to me. As everybody knows, Vrindaban is a holy place because the place is religious and full of beautiful temples (The Land of Loads). It is one of the most visited place in Uttar Pradesh and best for all aged people. Banke Bihari Temple was the first place of my visit. As me and my friend enter into the place it seems so mesmerizing, the beauty of flowers can actually showed there only. The decoration with the combination of flowers and balloons were adorable. There we got to know that the Murti of Bihari ji is the leaked out by Swami Haridas ji, through his singing, the Murti is the couple of Radha Krishna. All the devotees were in full devoutness by saying “Jai shree Radhey” by raising their hands in front of the Banke Bihari. As we enter Vrindaban from chatikara Mod, we find a myriad setup of hotels, eateries and residential societies around us. On the small street called Parikrama road, amidst all the buildings, are present a large number of what can be called tourists, pilgrims or locals. Iskon Temple is also known as angrez mandir, because it is established and run by the foreigners especially. It was the second place where I visited. The fragrance of that temple was amazing. While entering into the temple the fragrance attracts me towards it. The noise of mangeera, harmonium, dholak and of the song sang by the people was giving such a relief and was so pleasant to the ears. The moment I saw the people dancing while listening the bhajan of Lord krishna, me and my freind also starts dancing happily. It gives me such a pleasure which can't be expressed while writing but which can only be felt while seeing and listening. At Last, approx. 7 pm, we went to the Taj Mahal of Vrindaban i.e, prem mandir also known as love temple. Ohh!! my God, the place was wonderful, I am speechless. It was outstanding, the place which I liked the most was the prem mandir. I mean what to say it crossed the limit of beauty. At night the whole temple was full of lighting. As we entered I started seeing the whole story of Lord Krishna through the sculptures. The Ras leela, Lord Krishna lifting the mountain with his smallest finger and the whole people presented under the mountain and of course the magical musical fountain how wonderful it was pleasant to the eyes. The inside beauty was unforgettable, we both were not able to stop our eyes while seeing it. The place was magical for me. It was only one day Travel with me and my friend but surely I will love to visit there again but this time with my family. Thanks for reading 

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Living in a beautiful state of Uttrakhand not even had a fond to go anywhere, but Nainital, place where you can't clog yourself as it took place with me. Last year, I moved away to Nainital with my family in September. A place where have the dilation of keeping the mind in serenity and offers to make your day special with its environment. Which I have used to see in pictures, was standing at the bank of Nainy Lake. . Of course, Nainy Lake is surrounded by dense Green Vegetation, had been Catching my eyesight. It's rich in greenery and giving us pleasure to eyes and yes, who doesn't want crystal cold water? Leaves had had snow appeared as diamond. Then, I did boating. Believe me, it is so lovely. During that time, Cloud covered the sky and later on the everybody can't stop themselves to capture that scene. And don't forget to visit Hill station. That's so beautiful!!!!! The scenario enamoured me slightly and giving me keep shake with her heart. Well, it's literally quite delectable going in one of the famous places like Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal keep your mind resplendent. Afterwards, we went for Restaurant Chandani Chowk situated on the Mall Road, Tallital. Everything was good there either facility or food. Here are some other Restaurant details, if you willing to go to Nainital. 1. Shiva vegetarian Restaurant 2.Nanak Restaurant Let me tell you, there are several the good facility hotels like: 1.Best hotels in Nainital 2.The Manu Maharani Nainital 3.Hotel Himalaya 4.Manu Maharani Lodge 5.Aamari Resorts 6.The Naini Retreat 7. Hotel Chevron Fairhavens My seven hours trip still remain in my heart. BEST PLACE LIKE SECOND HEAVEN OF INDIA. So what are waiting for? Go and enjoy your weekend there.

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Hi! In there´r my favourite places in Ahmedabad. I love India & I hope you enjoy reading about my selection of places in Ahmedabad: so you can do the trips whenever you feel like. Also, you can join for more info/photos & please do feel free to share your experiencies, trips... (IndiaHelpsYou is the translation into English from the Spanish site IndiaTeAyuda) Since we have something in common: we love travelling, you can check some of my videos: I hope you see you soon! Rachel

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Croatia has always been an attractive destination for cultural travelers due to the rich and diverse historical heritage of this region. The country has witnessed the birth of many mighty civilizations over the centuries, and each of these civilizations has left an indelible mark on the local culture. One can admire the artifacts from these intriguing chapters of the nation's history at the various museums that dot the entire country and can also spot mesmerizing relics from the ancient times on the streets, in the form of majestic monuments and sculptures. Here are some of the most enthralling cultural hotspots in Croatia that one must visit to get a closer look at the multi faceted culture of the region.   Dubrovnik The city of Dubrovnik was once a medieval fortified town surrounded by massive stone walls that shielded it from invaders. These walls still stand in all their might around the city and most of the towers and forts they contain are still intact. As you step inside, you will be greeted by opulent architecture and rustic streets that exude the old world charm. The Sponza Palace and the Rector's Palace are a few of the fine pieces of architecture while the main street or Stradun is embellished with beautiful sculptures and fountains. From the imposing Lovrijenac Fort that guards the coast to the red roofed houses along the golden sea shores, every aspect of Dubrovnik offers a glimpse of the yester years.   Pula The city of Pula is known for the remnants of the Roman era that it has managed to preserve over the centuries. The most striking landmark of this city is the gigantic Roman amphitheater that dates back to the 1st century. Known by the name of Arena, this amphitheater now serves as a venue for concerts and cultural events. Other historical attractions include the Temple of Augustus at the Forum or the main square, the Triumphal Arch of Sergius that was erected in 27 B.C, and the Pula Cathedral that exhibits some magnificent architecture. With so many treasures from the bygone era, Pula is indeed a sprawling life-size museum that will delight all aficionados of culture.   Zadar Zadar is an alluring fusion of ancient ruins, medieval churches, and quirky cafes that are a fine depiction of the diverse Croatian culture. The St. Donatus' Church displays some unique Byzantine architecture while the Roman Forum contains ruins of Roman temples and altars. On the other hand, the Sun Salutation and the Sea Organ are unique creations of the local architect Nikola Basic that impart a wacky personality to the town. While the former is a pavement made of glass plates that absorb the sun's energy during the day and produce a colorful light show at night, the latter is a series of pipes embedded in the staircase leading to the sea that produces whistles and sighs in the sea breeze. This eclectic mix of historical and modern elements has made Zadar one of the most popular cultural hubs in Croatia.   Split The town of Split is yet another destination that offers a delightful fusion of the old and the new. The throbbing heart of Split is the Diocletian's Palace, a massive building made of limestone and marble that is home to residential complexes, shops, and restaurants. This palace provides a modern take on the fortified towns of the medieval times and the contrast of urban lifestyle against the backdrop of traditional architecture is incredibly bewitching. Other attractions of this coastal town include the Marjan Hill (reachable via Split taxi services) that is adorned with beautiful gardens and hidden churches and the Cathedral of St. Domnius that has a glorious bell tower. The beaches of this region are also popular for their exciting nightlife and idyllic scenery.   These intriguing cities provide a glance at the authentic culture of Croatia and display its various hues and flavors in a spectacular manner. If a trip down the lanes of history is what you have in mind then visiting these fascinating locations is a must.

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Budhakholo  It is situated near Buguda, Ganjam, Odisha. A place is all about hill station, mysterious waterfall, unreturnable cave, natural beauty where one can feel the heavenly peace at there. How to reach: It's almost 100 km from Bhubaneswar airport.From airport you can book a cab to reach there. Where to stay: There are loads of hotels and motels are there with convenience price with all kind of facilities and also safety measures. You need to enjoy the nature's beauty in the day time only. You should have to leave the place before sunset for your safety proposes. Key attractive points: The waterfall has an mysterious process I.e when guys chants "Hari bol" and girls make sound huluhulia then the speed of flow of water rises . Another mystery related to this place is there is a cave ,you need to walk almost 3 km in the forest and once you find the cave you couldn't recall the way you entered into it . There is a Shiva temple situated at the top of the hill.who is the guardian of this entire place. Out of 1000 steps last 21 have the architect of flattened steps like a ladder. You can feast here with your family and friends. All necessary cooking instruments are provided by the committee of the Shiv temple​​​. Hope you would like this place. I bet you can proudly say "incredible India"  & "outstanding odisha" after exploring a completely different place with lots of mystery.

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Last year we thought of visiting the Kolkata during September, just before the Durga Puja. We had planned for three days stay in Kolkata and had chalked out our travel plan accordingly. Our journey started on a Sunday morning. As soon as we checked out of the airport our chauffeur, whom we had already booked, greeted us 'Namaste'. He helped us with our lug gages as we made ourselves comfortable in the car. Then we headed towards our hotel which was in salt-lake. It took us around half an hour to reach our destination.We had booked a single Air conditioned room in the hotel blue orchid. The room was spacious and well- maintained. It was afternoon when we had reached, so we ordered for our lunch.The food was simple but tasty. We took rest for some time and then started our expedition in the evening. The first place we went was Ecopark. By car, it took us around 10 minutes to reach the place. The Park covered a huge area and we knew that one or two hours will not be sufficient to explore the place. The park had a beautiful lake which was adorned with artificial islands. We enjoyed a shikara ride in one the boats which was stationed there. We visited the fruit, tea, mask garden. Then we also tried the duo cycling and e-biking for the first time. It was real fun. By this time the evening sky was painted with a pale tint of orange and we enjoyed taking selfies and groupies basking in its beauty. We had our dinner in a restaurant in city-centre 2, which half a kilometre from Ecopark. The first day, started at Chennai and ended in Kolkata quite well.  Ecopark Kolkata gets a 4 rating out of 5 for the beautiful ambience and lush green lawn.   The next day we started around 8 o' clock in the morning. First, we visited the famous Dakshineshwer temple. The temple is built beside the Hooghly River in the ancient architectural style. Luckily we didn't have to stand for a long time in the queue to offer our prayers. After the puja in the temple, we went to Belur math by boat. It seemed that the wide expanse of clear water washed away all the sins of the devotees. At the Belur math, we relished the bhog which is served at the temple religiously as lunch. The serene ambience of the math is refreshing and bags 4.5 rating. After a religious start, we headed towards our next destination that was Esplanade better known as the new market. At the first glance, the place seemed to be impenetrable because of its crowd but we still managed to make our way. Every nook and corner of the market, were a display of the sheen dresses, chic handbags, dazzling jewellery and much more. It is a place where we could bargain to our heart's content. This old market of Kolkata deserves a 5 on 5 rating. The evening had just started to set in as we moved towards our next destination that is the Victoria memorial. The lush green lawn around the memorial was a relief for the eyes. We spend some time sitting on the lawn enjoying the dusk. The easy stroll amidst the hanging branches of the trees at the dusk was really pleasing. The next morning we were very late as we all got up around 11. Someone had suggested us that sector 5 had some awesome restaurants, so we decided to have our brunch in one of those; Bhojohaori Manna, which is famous for its Bengali cuisine.It is a perfect restaurant for a family get-together. Every delicacy that they served had the authentic Bengali taste in it. The famous 'bhapa ilish' is worth tasting moreover the ambience made us feel at home. After a heart filling food we decided to visit Jorasanko Thakur Bari in Jorasanko, north of Kolkata.The house is built in the old architectural style of the ancient zamindars. Most of the place is now turned into a museum showcasing the literary works, applauds, medals earned by Tagore.The place still has the aura of the Tagore's time. The next, we visited Nandan, the famous cultural centre of Kolkata. We watched a movie at the lowest price that we had ever paid. The movie did not turn out to be very good but when we came out of the theatre we found that people were playing guitar, mouth-organ, enjoying the music around the area. The love for music and art is in the blood of the Bengalis and it was proved here. As the city got shrouded in the night's blanket we prepared ourselves for our backward journey. Kolkata is allured us for the next visit and this sojourn ended blissfully.                    

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Manali is truly one of the best famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, India for spending holiday with our family member. That was a promising day - my tour to Manali in Himachal Pradesh. I am a man who loves to travel long distances but while making a trip to Manali I nodded off. My mother woke me up to state we had come to. The minute I opened my eyes I was astonished - blue skies, white mountains, green land. It was extremely icy as well. We remained in a hotel close to the stream Beach. From the window of my room I could see the Rohtang pass. It was completely secured with snow. I haven't seen such a wonderful mountain ever some time recently. It was an amazing experience!! At Solang valley, we had the option of jumping from three heights. Initially I was a bit hesitant, but ultimately chose the highest point. First we went up via trolley. Then we trekked to reach the paragliding point that was a few meters down. I was quite nervous when we reached there. The thought of jumping from a mountain cliff does sound scary, doesn't it?? Manali is a really beautiful place indeed! Infact the way to Manali will give you an amazing view to look at if you choose to go by Car/Bus. One thing to keep in mind while booking a hotel is to choose the one which is near to Mall road! And make sure the hotel has a good view from balcony or window because if you are not waking up to a beautiful view its certainly a big miss! Best places to visit is Manali is 1.Solang Valley 2. Gulaba 3. Rohtang 4. Jugni Falls 5. Hidimba Temple 6. Cafes in Old Manali and if you are a Snow Lover! Just like me! then prefer going in December ! Thats the best time to visit Manali!

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Journeys have always fascinated me to the core. Being one of the activities I love the most, travelling not only refreshes me but also give me lots of memories I cling to throughout my lifetime. One such beautiful travel experience is the trip to Maa Vaishno Devi temple in Katra. The abode of my Maa, the supreme power and the Goddess herself. My journey started from the north-eastern state of Assam, from the hustling town of Guwahati. It was a journey with my mother and two of my aunts. We started out on a late February day by Rajdhani express at 7 am. My father and a sister in law came to bid us on this beautiful journey. Though I wanted my sis in law to accompany a lot, she couldn't for some health issues. We were both in tears as the train chugged out of the station whistling through the slums located near the tracks onto the mesmerizing Saraighat Bridge across the River Brahmaputra. I loved train journeys very much, looking out to the fields and is also the place I resort to another most loved activity of mine- reading. The day went by lazily sleeping and reading into the night and then to the next morning. I hardly knew which stations passed by in the midst of the night. We reached Delhi around 1 pm and checked into Mayur Assam hotel in Arakashan road in Paharganj. It was a stay of few hours as we again had a train at night to Jammu. As we had few hours to spare, we roamed the markets in Arakashan road, had lunch and came back to the hotel to rest for some time. Thereafter, we had a train from Old Delhi railway Junction to Jammu Tawi junction at 8.30 pm. We reached Jammu early the morning next day and took a bus from Jammu to holy town Katra. The ride from Jammu to Katra was pleasant crossing small hills into the valley wherefrom we can see the breathtaking view of the route to the Maa Vaishno Devi temple. Once we reached Katra, we checked into a local hotel, ate, bathed and packed light clothes to start for the temple. We had pre-bookings of stay in Gouri Bhawan in the temple premises which is why we took clothes with us. Thereafter, started the long walk to the temple premises. I should surely add here, the 12 km long walk was indeed very refreshing. It is true when people say there is no pain felt when you walk miles to visit your Maa. The road spotted with holy souvenir shops and religious songs gave us company as we reached the entrance of the temple. We walked through the long queue and visited our holy Maa. She was graceful in her abode, the calmness and graceful aura surrounding the whole premises. Words fall short of describing how much I adore her and love her. She is the one and only, the ever power and ever knowing and the supreme amongst all. Once we had her view, we went to the Gouri Bhawan and stayed for the night. We had bookings for the aarti early at 5 am in the morning so we hastily slept off. It was already dark when we woke up for the aarti and got ready to start for the temple again. We witnessed the aarti- the divine prayer to the deity and the call to seek her blessings and love. Thereafter, we went to see Maa once again before leaving for Bhairav mandir on the mountaintop. After reaching Bhairav Mandir by walking 2.5 kms uphill, we offered prayers and then sat awhile there and then took the way back to the base. We reached after around six hours and took rest to our fill. Next day, we did some local shopping and headed for Jammu in a bus. Once we reached there, we stayed for few hours before heading for Delhi in a train. We reached Delhi the next day and stayed in a hotel at Karol Bagh. We had entire two days to spare and we shopped, visited friends and places across Delhi. After the refreshing two days in Delhi, we headed for Guwahati again in the same Rajdhani Express with a hope to come back to Delhi and mostly to visit Maa again in the near future. We reached Guwahati the next evening with my father waiting at the station for us to pick us up. The journey from Guwahati to Maa Vaishno Devi temple was indeed much refreshing and joyful. It is indeed always a happy moment when one visits Maa's abode.

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 Last month i had visited along with my family members to a famous temple in the state of jharkhand,india.the famous place is callled as rajrappa. this temple hosts the idol of maa chinnamastika. this temple is dedicated to goddess chinnamastika is a hindu pilgrimage which is located at ramgarh district of jharkhand. the place attracts devotees all parts from bihar, jharkhand,west bengal.this temple is located at rajrappa, 42 k.m. away from my hometown hazaribagh along nh-23 in the ramgarh district of jharkhand.rajarappa is also a tourist attraction. it is situated on a hillock at the confluence of the damodar and bhera(bhairavi)rivers near the rajrappa falls.the temple enshrines the goddess chinnamastika (the beheaded goddess kali),one of the ten forms of the goddess durga. in our vedas and puranas it has been recognized as an ancient and strong source of shakti. the statue shows the goddess holding her own head in her left hand and her head drinking the blood oozing out of her neck. many smalller temples have been built around the main temple such as the temples of ashtamatrika & dakshina kali.a large number of pilgrims arrive here through out the year. large congregation of people takes place here during the full moon and new moon nights.owing to religious importance of the is also popular among the disciples for marriage and ritual of mundane or shaving the head. vehicle owners come here to get blessings for the new vehicles as they believe that the first worship of vehicles here multiple the life of vehicles and brings luck to the owners . in the month of january a special fare is heldon the festival of makar sankranti and attended by lakhs of people. there are famous lodges and hotels are situated for tourist’s accommodation. one of the famous lodge is madhuban.which gives 24*7 hours service to customer. the main moto of the hotel is customer satisfaction. the nearest airport is ranchi airport jharkhand which is at distance of 40 k.m. from the temple. i would like to say that the visitors should visit this famous spot once in their life time to fulfil their wishes and must enjoy the environment.maa chinnamastika temple:- last month i had visited along with my family members to a famous temple in the state of jharkhand,india.the famous place is callled as rajrappa. this temple hosts the idol of maa chinnamastika. this temple is dedicated to goddess chinnamastika is a hindu pilgrimage which is located at ramgarh district of jharkhand. the place attracts devotees all parts from bihar, jharkhand,west bengal.this temple is located at rajrappa, 42 k.m. away from my hometown hazaribagh along nh-23 in the ramgarh district of jharkhand.rajarappa is also a tourist attraction. it is situated on a hillock at the confluence of the damodar and bhera(bhairavi)rivers near the rajrappa falls.the temple enshrines the goddess chinnamastika (the beheaded goddess kali),one of the ten forms of the goddess durga. in our vedas and puranas it has been recognized as an ancient and strong source of shakti. the statue shows the goddess holding her own head in her left hand and her head drinking the blood oozing out of her neck. many smalller temples have been built around the main temple such as the temples of ashtamatrika & dakshina kali.a large number of pilgrims arrive here through out the year. large congregation of people takes place here during the full moon and new moon nights.owing to religious importance of the is also popular among the disciples for marriage and ritual of mundane or shaving the head. vehicle owners come here to get blessings for the new vehicles as they believe that the first worship of vehicles here multiple the life of vehicles and brings luck to the owners . in the month of january a special fare is heldon the festival of makar sankranti and attended by lakhs of people. there are famous lodges and hotels are situated for tourist’s accommodation. one of the famous lodge is madhuban.which gives 24*7 hours service to customer. the main moto of the hotel is customer satisfaction. the nearest airport is ranchi airport jharkhand which is at distance of 40 k.m. from the temple. i would like to say that the visitors should visit this famous spot once in their life time to fulfil their wishes and must enjoy the environment. Share your most amazing travel expirence or a photo on travel blog with other members. Join Bangalore Travel Club to know more such amazing places aroun bangalore to explore.

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  When most people plan college trips to Goa, we changed our minds and ventured into the unexplored lands of the North East. Most people won't know this but one of the only places in India which follows matriarchial society is Shillong. Here, the man moves to his wife's house after marriage, there is equality apart from the serenity radiating from the lands.  As soon, as we landed on the grounds of Guwahati airport, the cluster of buildings in Delhi altered to rich green paddy fields and the smell of the recent downpour made us dizzy(in a good way) . We crossed the mighty Brahmaputra, the little ferries and fingers crossed to catch a glimpse of river dolphins. The drive from Guwahati to Shillong took about 2 and a half to three hours, the drive was beautiful. Also, as soon as we entered Meghalaya, the sweaty humidity of Guwahati vanished into a perfect weather. The first tourist site which welcomed us was the Barapani lake, which was huge and reminded of the great river in Hogwarts. Then we aclimatised ourselves to the weather on the first day, took a stroll towards the police Bazar( Glorys Plaza and Fancy market is one of the best places to buy clothes and shoes respectively). Treated ourselves to a plate of momos, and rested for the remaining night.  The following day, we started early towards the Shillong peak which is the highest point in Shillong. The weather was slightly cold but the sight was such a treat to the eyes. It was so peaceful and calm, entire Shillong was before us, and it was gorgeous! We had a delightful breakfast consisting of chai and maggi. Next stop was the root bridge. Root bridge is a man made bridge made of rubber trees, built by villagers decades ago. We climbed down a couple of 150 steps to a breathtaking view of the rootbridge, mid way, we gorged down on ripe pineapples and citrusy fruits. Rootbridge was the best memory of my Shillong trip, the clear waters of the stream below, it was hard to believe that a structure so beautiful existed. After climbing up the exhausting stroll, we moved on to the next location, which was Dawki.   Dawki is situated on the India Bangladesh border and is around 60 kms from Shillong, the Dawki waters are so clear that you can see the reflection of your own boat. To boat, we climbed down a rocky trek towards a small beach. We hopped onto narrow kayak like boats and passed through arches and the water was so clear, we could see fish and stones. We had some refreshing cool drinks and lunch in a dhaba enroute to our guest house. The next day we went to a nearby lake called Ward's Lake, boated through the lake, interacted with the local crowd. Also, there's a zoo nearby which has deer, and many species of birds. We also heard that there was a Butterfly Museum nearby but thinking of dead butterflies clipped on glass gave us the creeps. We had lunch in a local restaurant called Bamboo hut, the momos and coffee was delicious. Cafe Shillong is one of the most popular cafes, with live music and one of the only places in India which serve Beef. We were lucky that it wass a weekend, we saw Lou Majou, a popular Shillong artist perform and forced ourselves on delicious food, One of my friends really enjoyed the beef burger though I didn't try. Thukpa and Chocolate shake was sumptous.    Since, we only had a short tripped planned, we went to the Cathedral, which was all in blue matching with the clear blue skies of Shillong. Inside, it was very quiet and peaceful. We roamed around the area, it was huge.  Taking a quick bite from a nearby Cafe Munchies, we drove back to Guwahati along with our hearts full of serenity, peace and calm. Shillong is known as capital and hill station of Meghalaya, also known as "The Abode of Clouds", one of the smallest states in India. With its amazing beauty and breathtaking lakes and rivers it never fails to give you amazing experiences. Share your travel thoughts on travel blogs and if your planning a trip you can join travel forum to get more info.