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Who doesn’t need an exotic getaway? I guess each one of us longs for at least one in the year. But we all get confused when it comes to choosing the perfect destination. Right?  Same happened with me a year ago when I was planning to go on a vacation with my family. I was in dilemma to choose from a list of destinations. So I randomly chose to visit Pune and that random decision of mine turned out to be the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.  Night view of Pune Yes, finally I reached Pune with my mum and sister out of nowhere. We travelled by plane. After that, we took a taxi and reached our aunt’s house. The ambience of the place was making my heart go crazy!! Beautiful mountains, smooth roads, balmy weather and everything around was making us feel good. As we reached our aunt’s house it was already too dark to go anywhere outside. So we decided to just snooze off. Next morning we headed towards Lavasa, a small city near Pune. The beauty of the place was a treat for eyes to see. There were colourful houses built all around a beautiful artificial lake. We had so many pictures clicked and also did some of the great water sports. It was so relaxing here that we didn’t want to leave this place but had to with heavy hearts.  Lavasa City Next, we planned to see the major tourist attractions in Pune. First, we went to Aga Khan Palace where we got to know everything about Mahatma Gandhi. It was a beautiful museum based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Aga Khan Palace Our next destination was Sinhagad Fort. There was not much to see here except the ruins. But the stories told by the guide about the fort were really interesting. We heard a lot about Dagdusheth Ganesh Mandir so we decided to take the blessings of God. After that, we were lucky enough to visit Infosys Campus as my sister had worked there. It was so beautiful and clean. I wish I would work there at least once in my life! I clicked about 100s of photos in Infosys Campus.                                                                                         Infosys Campus                                We shopped a lot from F.C road. It was a street market consisting of loads of variety and all the latest trends. I shopped my heart out there as everything was so cheap and attractive. As we didn’t travel much in Pune we decided to go to Mahabaleshwar the very next day. It was one of the most serene and calmest hill station I have ever come across in my life.  We visited almost every corner of the place. Elephant point  First, we went to Mapro Gardens, a garden designed by the Mapro brand. We saw the chocolate making process and relished the taste of Mapro juices. Then we saw different points in Mahabaleshwar which is regarded as the ultimate beauty of the place like Arthur’s seat, tiger’s point, Kate’s point, sunset point. I and my sister also had a camel ride. So with this ended our Pune trip. As it was a random selection of the place we enjoyed it even more.  Trips make our life easy going. We should at least go to one such trip every year to spend some quality time with our family.

July 20, 2016 By:
“VOYAGE À UDAIPUR” May 2013! The month that brought the ‘much awaited’ light in the darkness of my life.Yes, my birthday was a week away and I had no shame in telling people that I had never been out of Jaipur. (Guess, all my shame had already gone telling this thing to people all these years while receiving their weird looks as a gift for my horrible confession.)But I was serious people! As they say, there is delay in god’s house but not darkness ....so even my prayers were finally answered (ting!!) in May 2013, when my father told me about this short trip to Udaipur. Still no words can describe the expressions of my face that I had at that time, the rollercoaster ride of emotions that I was experiencing .The first trip of my life!! Not much time was wasted in thinking & packing and in the very first light of the next morning we left for Udaipur. Sitting in the car with my parents and siblings I dreamt of places which I will see for the first time, till now about which I had only heard and read. After hours of travelling we finally reached ‘the white city’ at around 10 a.m. We checked in one of the local hotels, took some rest and got ready for our first destination of the day- Saheliyon Ki Bari. We witnessed the beauty of the most beautiful gardens of Udaipur that day. Famous for its lush green lawns, water pools,flowerbeds,marble art and numerous fountains in the form of various animals; the place truly gives the visitors a sight to behold and get mesmerized. There’s a museum in the gardens itself where you can have a look at the ancient things which only drew us closer to that era of royalty. The place gave us a strong promise for what was about to come next. Also known as the ‘city of lakes’ Udaipur is home to some of the most beautiful lakes and watercourses. Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udai Sagar Lake are few of them. So, now was the time for some boat riding! We hired a motor boat to enjoy a boat ride in the Fateh Sagar Lake. In the middle of the lake is Nehru Park which has a boat shaped restaurant. Also, within the confines of the lake are a public park and the Udaipur solar observatory. But the sad part was that we couldn’t visit them because of the lack of time and just had to hear stories about them from the boat driver. It is a perfectly quiet place for people to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The day came to an end with eating local street food and watching the breath-taking sunset while standing near the Fateh Sagar Pal. The excitement to visit more such places welcomed the arrival of the next day. After having some delicious breakfast we quickly started our car drive to City Palace. The magnificence and the marvellous architecture of the place left all of us in awe. The fusion of different architectural styles has resulted in this majestic piece of art. The divine beauty of this place is inexpressible. It’s a ‘do not miss’ destination in Udaipur. Before heading to the local markets to do some shopping, we paid a quick visit to Pichola Lake. No doubt, the charm of this lake enhances the romantic ambience of the city. Indians never forget their gods....be it even while travelling. In India, a trip is incomplete and worthless if you haven’t visited at least one of the local temples. So, that’s how our journey to Shrinathji Temple located in Nathdwara began. It is an hour travel from Udaipur. The visit to the temple made me familiar with the cultural &spiritual aspect of the place and the city. The architecture of the temple is simple but its spiritual appeal is beyond anything. Again, a ‘must pay visit’ destination. With the sun going down, it was time to say goodbye to Udaipur. With a heavy heart & a bag full of beautiful memories we bid farewell to the city and began our journey back home. The next few days were spent as expected i.e. “me” bragging about my first trip to the city I fell in love with- Udaipur!!

February 15, 2017 By:
That day was a very blessfull day for me when me and my family had gone to visit Puri.We love that place.Because Puri is situated for lord Jagannath.We started our journey from Dhenkanal at 4:00 AM by a car.And that was aenjoyfull moment of my family.We reached Puri at 7:00 AM.After that we went to the hotel to have fresh.Then we went to the Lord Jagannath temple.And visited over their.After that we came back from the temple and went to a restaurant to have our breakfast.And we did a lotof fun over their.Then we gone to the seabeach.And enjoyed a lot.Again came back to the hotel and taken lunch. Then we went to visit Konark Temple.We moved here and their in the temple and we were enjoyed a lot.We saw there broken statue.And we studied those things how it has been made.After that we came back from Konark temple and started going to our home.Betwen this time duration of reached home again we had some snacks with coffee.And after some time we reached our home.Really in my opinion visit any place with my family,friends is very imaginary moment.I enjoyed a lot.

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We are four friends who wants to travel north east with less amount and majorly using public transport!! We would love if anyone of you can join us !!

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A wonderful visit to Devbhumi (literally "Land of the Gods") - Uttarakhand . Planning from the last year to visit a hill station in the monsoon season has come true this year. Dated 5 August 2017 mind set full of positivity filled up with all the positive vibes to spend some time in the cool environment amidst the greenery and the mountain freely all away from home specially parents. Packing for journey in excitement mood had almost caught up all the house ! Actions were speaking louder than our voice. All the necessary things were packed including Clothes , Glasses case , Scarf , Cell phone and Charger , Ear plugs etc. Eatable items Peanut butter Sandwiches , Chips , Chocolates were carried with us. Me and my friends set to our journey by 7 o clock sitting in the Uttarakhand Travellers bus which was well maintained and structured by seeing to it the happiness doubled. The reason behind travelling through bus was to discover all the adventurous things that were undiscovered , it was like we all neither wanted to reach to our destination early nor late. At 10 O clock we had our dinner at the famous spot ‘Gajrola’ and we experienced how much fun it is at night time to have dinner with friends at food stalls outside home. We were even glad to see ‘Pahadi’ dishes that were being served to people we had the taste in our mouth but our stomach were full that why we could not have it. After starting from ‘Gajrola’ we came into the bus took of our ear plugs and all the way we went listening songs. At 3 O clock we reached ‘Ramnagar’ we had heard that sweets of this place are very famous and good in taste so we got done of the bus and purchased 1 box of sweets . We had to wait in Ramnagar for 1 hour as it was mandatory for the bus driver to at least have a rest of 1 hour. Then as soon as we crossed ‘Ramnagar’ the gentle touch of cold breeze touched our face and soul we all were feeling a bit sleepy but after experiencing this we all became active we opened the windows and started looking out and started observing the nature. We all friends together jolie hooted We even came across the way of ‘Jim Corbett National Park’ as it was too early in the morning we were able to see few creatures also like birds , elephant , deer , cows , monkeys etc. We captured all these in our camera including the beautiful scenery of all the way including the most famous ‘garjiya’ mandir too. We even behaved in a crazy manner rest passengers were also amazed to see our happiness. At every spot a selfi of our friends and picture of nature was being clicked we did not stop till the battery got dull. At 11 O clock the bus bored us at our relevant stop in the morning we were soo happy to see our destination . We thanked the driver for being a part of our journey and we moved on…

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Hey friends, just taking your some precious time to share my feelings of my travel experience of a small village near Jaipur. Recently I went to a family wedding in a small village Jeelo,19km away from neem ka thana district Sikar. So we were having all our functions and ceremonies goin on and what gained my attraction was a phelgm near my relatives house. So, this place a "KHNDAR" is a palace of old times built on small mountain.Centre of attraction is a temple situated in this palace.There is one story related to this place that there are haunted souls which appear at night nd worship in the temple. And people used to hear the bells ringing in temple. At first, we didn't paid any attention to this but there is one phrase that when u see by yourself tum only u can belive so in my case I didn't see anything but I heard the temple bells ringing one late night. And the next night we could hear the same sounds again. I was very curious to see those things happening in the temple . So we siblings made a plan and at night when we heard the bells ringing we went to the temple and literally it was an unexpected view to watch and we were dumbfounded by seeing those souls by our eyes. So, in the end I just wanted to say that if anyone visits Jaipur or Neem ka thana you must visit this village Jeelo. There are many other things to watch there like small small temples houses and the haveli's. Sand desserts nd most importantly the handmade or housemade bangles, are the much intresting products to purchase. INCREDIBLE INDIA!💕

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Travelling or seeing places is an important part of our education. One cannot believe a fact to be true unless one sees it. Purpose of travelling is different for different people. Some travel for sake of pleasure,some for expansion of business. Travelling provides the benefit of sightseeing and gives pleasure . I am going to share my travel experience of Uttarakhand. Since,there is direct connection by train to Uttarakhand from Lucknow. So,we first went to Nainital and from there to visit other places we took a bus. Cool climate of hill station is undoubtedly the best option to beat the summer blues.Uttarkhand being blessed with lofty mountain and therapeutic climate is itself a world to explore. Places we visited in Nainital mainly included temples Nainadevi temple,Hanumangarhi,Parshan devi . Then other day was spent for lakes which included Bhimtal,Sattal and Naukuchital. A two day holiday is sufficient to visit Nainital. Another place to visit in Uttarakhand is Mussoorie,a queen of hill station.Places to visit in Mussoorie includes Tibetan temple, lake Mist, Mussoorie Lake,Gun Hill.Mussoorie is blessed with nature. And the last but not the least destination which we visited in Uttarakhand is Dehradun. Dehradun is famous for its architectural display by ancient construction.Some of its famous attraction includes Robber's Cave,Tapovan,Tiger fall,Malsi Deer fall.This was my a week trip to Uttarkhand .

June 5, 2017 By:
“I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up.” - Jack Dawson, (movie “Titanic”) My ideology regarding travelling is similar to that of Jack Dawson’s to some extent. I consider travelling as an escape from my drab life. Though I have travelled a lot the one trip that had always been close to my heart was the Goa trip in 2015. It all started on a hot afternoon of May 2015. We (my family) were making plans for a trip because the heat was unbearable. Since the number of people interested in the trip was huge, there was an obvious conflict of interest. We resorted to the lots system to resolve the issue. As the luck would have it the place picked was Goa. I was a little resentful because I always believed that Goa is a place to be enjoyed with friends. But my resentments proved baseless. Goa is place where you can fun even if you travelled alone. After lots of arguments and fights and tantrums we boarded the flight from Bangalore. We were welcomed in Goa with thunderstorm. The scenic beauty of Goa took my breath away. We were to stay at the Estrella Do Mar beach resort. Had I been in any other place, the traffic would have irritated me. But the picturesque locations of Goa got me so mesmerized that I didn’t notice the jam at all. The resort is located in the Calangute town of North Goa. It is a cosy little town with an amazing beach which is also referred to as “Queen of beaches”. Tourism is the main source of income for the town. It has the perfect blend of antiqueness and modern technology. This town has a lot to offer to the tourists, starting from malls to pubs to temples and churches. We were in Goa for 3 days, 3 amazing, fun filled days. Though most part of our days was spent on the beach, we still made a point to visit the other tourist spots. One such place was the Aguada port. The word Aguada means Water. The fort has a rich history which dates back to 1612. It was used as a port for the ships. The beach offered lots of sports like the Banana ride etc. The 3 days I spent in Goa will always be close to my heart. The entire journey is filled with so many memories which I will cherish throughout my life.

June 15, 2017 By:
Travelling has always been my passion. I always wanted to explore new places and get close to nature. Being a Rajasthani, I always want to run away from this harsh weather. I love hilly areas as they are calm, peaceful, and serene and of course pollution free. So after taking permission from parents, this first cousins trip finally took place in the month of chilling December and we onset our journey to McLeodganj and Dharamsala. We all gathered in Delhi and chose a road trip instead of airways or railways. We wanted to explore each and every new spot on our way so we hired a personal traveller from Delhi. On 24th December, at 7 in the morning we left from Delhi. We took a tea break at 70 Milestone Dhaba and Restaurant near Samalkha. We didn’t stop for lunch break as we packed poori and sabji from our home. It was 5 in the evening and we took another tea break at Zimidara Tourist Dhaba when we entered in Punjab. We crossed two important destinations on our journey i.e. Bhakra Nangal Dam and Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara. I was eagerly waiting for our destination as my legs started to pain and temperature started to fell. I was satisfied as soon as I saw the snow-covered Dhauladhar Ranges shining bright in the night. We reached McLeodganj in the night at 10 p.m. We headed towards our hotel 8 Auspicious Him View and we purposely booked balcony rooms facing snow-covered mountains to embrace the beauty of nature. We all were damn tired that we didn’t have our dinner and slept early that night. View from our room Next morning was a Christmas morning, 25th December. We all got ready early in the morning and took our breakfast in the hotel itself and went for local sightseeing. As it was X’mas, everyone in the city was happy and full of joy. Firstly, we went to St. John’s Church in Wilderness and took part in the special prayer that was going on. Then we went to Dharamsala and visited the HPCA stadium. HPCA Stadium   St. John’s Church in Wilderness It was a beautiful stadium surrounded by snow-covered mountains. After knowing about the history of stadium, we went to the local tea gardens. Tea gardens were so beautiful that the pictures we clicked seemed to be clicked in the hilly areas of Switzerland. Not to be more dramatic, we were in Dharamsala. After doing our time taking photo shoot for our facebook and instagram, we headed to Norbulingka Institute which is totally based on Tibetan culture for preserving the Tibetan artistic skills. Norbulingka Institute Tea Gardens This institute provides employment, education and training to Tibetan refugees. The place was so quiet, calm and peaceful. It was worth knowing about the people working here as they suffered a lot in the past. We had our lunch in the canteen area. We were so hungry that we ordered Chapattis and daal. The chef was so frustrated because we ordered so many Chapattis and he was not habitual to make that many. After having our lunch, we went to the famous Chamunda Mata Temple and praised the idol present here. It was a beautiful temple present on the sides of Ban Ganga River with an idol of Lord Shiva in the backyards of the temple. After spending few hours here, we went back to McLeodganj and visited the local market. We purchased beautiful shawls, hand woven gloves and socks, Himachali caps and few handicrafts. Idol of Lord Shiva inside the Chamunda Mata Temple We had hot sizzling momos, coffee, brownies, patties, etc. in the Main Square market. Temperature that evening dropped to -3 degrees. We had ice cream in that chilly weather. After having all the food we went to our hotel. Who knew that the approaching night would be so happening? We all were tired but danced a lot and slept. At 2 a.m. we suddenly heard birds chirping and dogs barking. Our hotel owner also had a dog and he also started to bark. My 3 brothers who were sleeping in another room thought that the younger brother is shaking the bed to horrify them. They didn’t think that earthquake would take place. Yes! It was an earthquake. Our owner knocked at our doors and said to come out. After minor tremors we all sat in one room and my brothers were so scared that they took a decision to return back to Delhi. But for us sisters it was unacceptable. We told them if you guys want to leave you can. After pleasing them a lot they agreed to stay back. After that horrifying night, next morning, we went to Bhagsu Nag temple and trekked to Bhagsu Nag Fall. The trekking was very adventurous as the path was pebbled and you have to have control on your legs otherwise you can tremble. After seeing the fall, we trekked higher up to Shiva Cafe and had snacks. Trek to Shiva Cafe is a bit difficult but I’m sure that if you want to have a view of whole McLeodganj, you should trek to this place. Due to shortage of time, we didn’t turned up to Triund Trek, but you can go here if you have ample time. Shiva Cafe After spending few hours in Shiva Cafe, we trekked back to our hotel, did our lunch, packed our luggage and came to Main Square to return back. But the journey did not end. While returning back, we went to Kangra Fort. It holds an important historical value. It is said that, ages ago, the earthquake ruined whole of Dharamsala and McLeodganj, but this fort stand still. Here, there is an ancient Jain Temple inside the fort itself. The weather was so amazing and chilly that we were shivering. This was the last spot which we covered on our sweet and short trip. While returning back to Delhi, we stopped at Amrik Sukdev Dhaba at 3 a.m. and had paranthas and safed makkhan. It was heaven. The taste of that makkhan is still there on my tongue. Kangra Fort The trip ended here with an amazing experience which we will cherish lifetime. The memories of the trip are still fresh on my mind and I want to trek back to those beautiful snow-covered mountains.      

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Fort Kochi is the embodiment in bricks and mortar, of what every traveler’s dreams are made of. The beautiful vintage houses, the flower decked balconies with French windows, the inspiring wall art, the colorful streets; it truly is every globe trotters’ paradise. It is a sleepy town set amidst the Arabian Sea and the bustling city life of Ernakulam. I went to Fort Kochi for a one day solo trip, but for those of you planning to visit Kerala, I would suggest to keep a few days just for Fort Kochi. I commuted by bus (public transport is pretty cheap and efficient in Kerala), but there are other options like cab and ferry. Strolling through the stone paved streets, the passing centuries are visible on the standing buildings; which speak in great volumes about the rich history of the place. The streaks of legacies of ancestors passed on to their children are evident in the multitude of ancestral homes turned into hotels, restaurants, art galleries and cafes. It would be of interest to know that Fort Kochi was just a fishing village and this territory was gifted to the Portugese in 1503 by the Raja of Kochi. Since then, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the Britishers have invaded and lived here and left behind a storehouse of heritage. My first stop for the day was St. Francis Church, which was built by the Portugese but remodeled in 1516 to what we know of it today. It is perhaps the oldest church in India. It is a quaint old building with many encryptions telling stories of its affluent past. The grave of Vasco Da Gama was buried here, before being sent to Lisbon and it lies inside the church. Just outside, there are some vendors who sell fridge magnets amongst other stuff. If your fridge adorns the souvenirs from all the places you have traveled to, this is the place to buy them. Then I headed down to the Santa Cruz Basilica, one of the eight basilicas in India. Boasting of a Gothic architecture, it is a magnificent structure and makes your awe over the fact that this excellence was reached in 1558. I then took a walk on the beach, with the sun kissing my skin and the saline air in my mouth and saw the Chinese fishing nets, which date back to the 12th century and are the legacies of the first foreigners that set foot in Fort Kochi. By then it was 1:00 in the afternoon, and I was just mooching around in the streets when I stumbled upon the David Hall. It is a Dutch architecture built in 1695 and has been converted into a beautiful art gallery. There is a pretty little café in the backyard and I had their freshly prepared margherita pizza baked in a hearth oven, with ice tea. It was exceptionally tasty and this is one meal I am going to remember for a very long time. After my yummy lunch, I took an auto to go to the Jew street. Here there are a lot of shops which sell spices, tea, coffee and vintage jewellery and I splurged some money in buying some of these. After which I visited the synagogue, which is a Jewish praying centre (just a heads up, it remains closed on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Jewish holidays). My day ended with a lip smacking coffee at Pepper House, with a book to keep me company, and what a marvelous day it was! There are so many other places that one can visit while on a trip to Fort Kochi. I have enlisted them below: Mattanchery Palace, Dutch cemetery, Bishop’s House, Sree Gopalakrishna Devaswom Temple And do try out the Dal Roti restaurant if you love North Indian food! For the cultural buffs and people who love everything pretty, this melting pot of cultures, Fort Kochi, is the place to be.