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As Shakespeare says, "Rather see the wonders of the world abroad than, living duly sluggarized at home, wear out thy youth with shapeless idleness." The man who sticks to his home has a second-hand knowledge about the world.
My family absolutely loves travelling! I have been to innumerable places in India since my childhood, covering almost entire India. India is a land of variety and each place has certain dazzling features that make you fall in love with that place.
My recent adventure trip was to Kashmir. We visited in the month of April and were greeted by a beautiful spring season and snow in Chandanwadi and Gulmarg.
We commenced our journey from Srinagar also known as the "Venice of the East." Here we stayed for a day on a beautiful houseboat. There are many houseboats situated on Dal lake. We visited local markets through shikaras (wooden boats). Cold weather along with heavy rains in the morning, made Srinagar absolutely mesmerising. :heart:
Next day we left for Pahalgam. On our way to Pahalgam, we visited the Avantiswamin temple, a beautiful historic site founded by King Avantivarman(AD 855 - 883 AD). When we reached Pahalgam, it was the most beautiful and peaceful place I had ever been to. It's an extremely rejuvenating place where I wanted to do nothing and just enjoy the beauty of nature. There were many couples with us and we all left for a pony ride (horse ride). This was the most hilarious and adventurous experience I have ever had. The beginning of our pony ride was easy. My dad and my horse were related and they were handled by the same wrangler. Eventually, the plain land turned into hill and our horses started climbing. Imagine riding on a horse that is climbing a hill and does not choose an easy way rather our horses were walking on the way which was very slippery, filled with obstacles and from the extreme edge of the land! Women were screaming as the horses were advancing upwards on the hill and well I wasn't screaming but secretly reciting Hanuman Chalisa!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: When we had finally reached the mini Switzerland point, it was already raining with hailstones. The place is covered with long dark meadows and snow-capped peaks. After having coffee, snacks and buying a beanie hat (because I had to protect my head from hailstones!), we had to again get back on our horses - the true Khatron ke Khiladi!
My horse's wrangler was walking with me only because my horse was said to be very notorious and so there was no one with my dad, who was leading all of us. At times, I was really scared because that horse was taking my dad from extreme edge of the hill and when I used to say the man with me to go and help my dad, he used to just give my dad instructions to turn right as if my dad is a professional horse rider!!:joy: I mean how would he know to make the horse turn right! But somehow my dad managed.:sunglasses: Anyways the ride was fun and finally we reached our hotel shivering feverishly and had a bonfire night.
Next day we visited Chandanwadi, where there is snow all around. The stretch between Pahalgam and Chandanwadi is half the route to Amarnath yatra. It was a fun place as well. We had to climb the snow clad mountain and it takes a long time because you end up falling many times.:sweat_smile: When we finally reached the top, it's extreme fun to go down on a snow sledge ride.
While returning to Srinagar, we also visited the Betaab Valley. The valley with its bubbling stream got its name from Sunny Deol - Amrita Singh hit debut film Betaab. This valley lies between 2 Himalayan ranges - Pir Panjal and Zanskar. It's a picturesque place covered with green meadows and tall pine trees. In evening, we visited Mughal garden built by Mughals in Persian style of architecture consisting of fountains and variety of flowers. The last day of our trip we visited Gulmarg where all kinds of winter sports take place viz. snowboarding, skiing and scooter rides. Gondola ride is amazing and the view seems as heaven!
My trip to Kashmir was mind blowing and it truly justified the fact that Kashmir is heaven on earth. Travelling is like falling in love. The world is made new. A person becomes happier, knowledgeable and better equipped to deal with a variety of experiences.
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