anonya biswas
by on April 3, 2016

4:30 am,Sriparna! Did u call the cab? Its late yaa..we need to reach the Hazrat Nizamuddin Station by 6:30 AM. This is how six of us began our day and finally executed the long time plan to visit Agra. It has been one and a half year in Delhi..we hardly visited any nearby place.Actually the date for the trip was really interesting. 14th Feb, we see couples all over,after all its "their day" to celebrate. We single ladies decided to celebrate the day visiting the place which stands as a symbol of eternal love. A great start to the day,managing all by ourselves. From cab to the station in the early hours of the morning..a time of the day which hardly any of us bother to experience. The beauty of the dawn..the chilling wind..the silent roads..all opposite to the actual scenario of the busy city. We boarded the train around 7 in the morning. The train was on time we started our indefinite journey,as we were uncertain about our return. But none of us seemed tensed or worried we went with the flow. Everything was moving smooth,everything seemed soothing..the train journey felt refreshing,we felt quiet an individual among ourselves. Anyways..time to board down its Agra Cantt. All of us with absolute negative idea of the place stepped out of the station,hired an auto..adjusted ourselves and left for our ultimate destination..The Taj Mahal. Its an eternal beauty indeed.The preciousness of the place cannot be placed into words.One has to experience the beauty..the beauty of the monument can be felt..,can be related to. One would feel the value of LOVE. How priceless the feeling of Love is very well defined by The Taj Mahal. One can fall in love all over again retaining within the peacefulness of the place..thus it is..

THE TAJ !! Spending hours at the Taj Mahal , discussing all optimist opinions about how successful the plan has been as yet,we finally thought over our return. On our way back..all of us kept pondering over the beauty we experienced. May be i was one of them who thought to experience LOVE..

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