December 18, 2015 by
Travel word strikes me very much, its like having to explore the world. Much people look travel as a burden or full if hassel. But in real people should look at the other side of the coin. Reading travel books or magazines or watching national geographic is good, but the real experience we get is when we travel and explore places on our own. It brings us to the real feel of nature.
My travel resolution for this year is going to Goa. As listen from many others, that Goa is really good for beaches. I will go there with my family. Want to feel the real nature. Goa is also known for its goan traditions and food. The very famous indialo have made its grip in this place as a moat favored food of all times.
Goa is globally known for its carnival that takes p,lace with elegance and full of enjoyment. It is said that people from different countries visit Goa for the carnival. Another famous thing n Goa is fenny and all types of achohol. Really want to enjoy with my family removing pictures. Visiting all the churches in Goa that resembles the history. Will go on a cruise and enjoy alot.When I be back I'll tell my experience of Goa n the enjoyable and relaxing Goa.
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