by on March 8, 2016

I had never thought of going to South India in my life.But I forcefully went to Chennai to my friends place as my exams were over.I reached Chennai at 4 o clock in the morning.My friend was there at the station.As we met each other,the first thing that my friend said was "we'll be leaving for Pondicherry after sometime" .. I was tired,and I told him we will leave tomorrow. We reached at his place,during the whole journey from station to his place my friend somehow convinced me for the road trip. I was too tired and was totally not in a mood for a long long bike ride all the way to Pondicherry. I asked my friend that is the condition of the bike okay,he smiled and replied that we'll be going in a car,ahh!! When I heard that i was very happy,because I thought I can sleep in the car. .

Our breakfast was over,and now it was time to leave.My friend was on the driving seat and I was beside him. We left from Chennai and as soon as we were in the highway,the first thing was the roads. The roads are so well maintained and are soo big.The scenic beauty,we could see the sea sometimes from the road. My eyes we wide open,I felt energetic that time. My friend and I we had a bath in the sea it was near to a small village. The people over there used to catch fish to feed themselves and there family,and they also sold them for money.As their was a communication problem so we didn't wait there for long. We reached Pondicherry,it took 3 hrs or maybe 3 n a half hour. . Roadways in South India is very good. People who love to go for rides and long drives will definitely love this trip.Pondicherry is a nice place. There are many places over there which you will fall in love with.

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