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Road-trip! The word itself pulls a lot many strings. When shouted among a crowd of youngsters, an echo is heard pushing the excitement further. The thought of going away for a weekend with just a single backpack and the extra facility of having your own bike or car with you are the perks of a road trip.
I myself am in love with road trips. One such was my trip to Indirasagar Dam located at Narmadanagar, Mundi in the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh in India. Owing its name to the former Prime Minister of India, the dam is largest among its likes. It was built as a joint venture between Madhya Pradesh Irrigation and National Hydroelectric Power Corporation.
Distance from Indore - 130 kilometers
Travel time - 3.5 hours (approximate)
We started our journey in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. By me I mean me and my classmates. Road trips can be long so never leave without satisfying your tummies and since Indore is the food capital of Madhya Pradesh, not letting your taste buds slip into the scrumptious delicacies would be unwise (You can go to for more on Indori food).
The route to the dam is quite smooth. We started at state highway 27 leading to Choral Dam located at the outskirts of the city. Following the highway we reached Barvaha. You'll start loving the trip from this point as the view gets heavenly. The "ghats" (hilly terrains) start from here and it'll help you if you watch your speed since the path consists of sudden U-turns.
Moving further, we reached Omkareshwar. You know you've reached Omkareshwar when you see a bridge with the magnificent Narmada flowing beneath it. If you look to your sides, you'll find a huge Kshipra-narmada pipeline at one side and a dedicated railway bridge on the other. Do see the sunset from this bridge. It's beatifying.
Journeying a few kilometers more led us to a devoted road for the dam.
The enormousness of the dam is spellbinding. Though the location of the dam is at the narrowest part of Narmada, it still looks as vast as an ocean.
PS: If you could arrange for a permission letter from a government official, you could visit the main power plant. It generates 1000 MW of power and is a huge asset to the government of India. And if you're not interested in the technicalities then for an argument, it looks like a giant monster that could suck up all the water and you need to see it to save the world!
After reaching the destination, we all were so exhausted that we all sat watching the magnanimous dam silently. In those moments we were all disconnected. Disconnected from each other and the world around.
Travelling is indeed a bliss. Even the thought of the times I've been travelling gives me strength to go on with my work. Journeying and self-reliance are companions. You get to know yourself the best when you're alone and in chartless conditions. It's when you are in the dark, the light inside you shines the brightest.!
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