Mansi Kapoor
by on March 9, 2020
1)-Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett national park is situated at Nainital and Pauri Garhwal districts at Uttarakhand. Several people like to visit these types of places from different places of India. This park is oldest park in India, which is established in 1936.There are several tigers which are conserve by government. Most of the people like to capture of animals in which they like to participate in saffari with security. In this park there are 488 different kinds of species of plants are exist which attract tourists towards them. some people guide them about these types of species of plants.
2)-Hemis National Park
Hemis national park is situated at Eastern Ladakh. This park is high altitude park where several snow leopards are exist which are the interest of this park and this category of leopards are very rare. Some family members and college friends like to visit there for capturing their snaps for their memories of their journeys. There is a Stock Kangri peak, which look like the milk is fell on mountains and where some people like to do trekking and ice-skiing there which is very fabulous and fun moments of visitors. There are some cute species of mammals by which some people like to enjoy with them.
3)-Great Himalayan National Park
Great Himalayan National Park is situated at Kullu at Himachal Pradesh. Most of the people like to go there like family members, office staffs and collage friends, which is known as heaven park due to the beauty of snowy regions in this park. People like to use horses for wander in this park, which is very adorable place. This park is established in 1984 and this park covered 1171 2 (km) at the approximate altitude of 6000 m. Some people like to choose these types of destinations for their photo-graph which is very awesome. In June 2014 this park is registered in the list of UNESCO which is world best site for tourists.
4)-Valley Of Flowers National Park
Valley Of Flowers National Park valley is situated at Chamoli at Uttarakhand. Some people like to feel the places which is the great bliss of their life and very precious moments of their life. In this valley there are different kinds of species of flowers and animals which are very rare species. Some people like to visit there with their family members and friends and like to go there because the adorable aroma of flowers completely spread everywhere which is most precious gift of nature mother for humans. The altitude of this park is 3658 m approx which is exist above the level of sea.
5)-Pin Valley National Park
Pin valley national park is situated at Lahaul and Spiti at Himachal Pradesh. This place is good for camping and trekking adventure in which some people like to participate in these types of activities with Thiruvananthapuram to Lahaul and Spiti Valley packages. This park is established in 9 January 1987 by India. In this park there are several plants are growing there for medicinal purposes in which several types of medicines, make by them. Most of the people who like to visit Lahaul and Spiti like to reach here for photo-geography of several kinds of species for their memories of their life. This park is very beautiful park of Lahaul and Spiti.