ashutosh kalbande
by on March 6, 2016
Today everyone is busy with there own life. and i think everybody is forgetting the enjoyment. and as per these condition we also decide to do something different with our weekends. that's why we are getting some meetings with friends and we also trying to convince them and then we are ready for our first adventure tour's. which is
rajgad. yes it's rajgad.
The fort is located 60 km to the South West of Pune about 15 km West of Nasrapur, this is one of the most important fort as per trekker's point of view.
and we had also going for trekking.
it was july month's sunday, we are prepair for our one of the best tour's and preparation was just like raincoat and trekking shoes and sports shoes
so that time we had six friends who are starting our journey in three bikes and we start our tour's in the morning of the sunday so we all buddies met on petrol pump to full fill our bikes tank and then journey had begin. we all friends was excited because it was our first tour. so when we had leave pune city then in the mountain we had saw fountain
then we get 10 minutes break and after that we are getting next stop in near about 20 km. ahead so we get breakfast and then near about 1 hour's later we are reaching to the rajgad. but in the road we had seen many romantic locations. and we had also seen rice farm. in the journey raining was start and we also enjoying it. in the journey we had also seen sky which is travelling through the hills. it's superb and exciting feeling. in the rajgad fort when we start to climb fort then many peoples had join us and we also singing with them and chating with them. when we reach to the top of the fort then it's really feel like we won the trophy because climbing these fort is like to be a big achievement. seriously climbing these fort is one of the most horrible but adventurous experience and when we come down from these fort then some collage girls and boys also join us and and at the time of return journey we get tea break and after that we felt cold because whole day we had getting wet so that's why we had driving fast and come home.
In these journey we had enjoying so much and we also learn a lot's of things.we also learn that tour's duration is not important and after the tour we all friends are working with fresh mind, how to make tour's experience best it's depend upon how you can share your thoughts,experience and idea's with your friends.